IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 31 1999

Sprint to Trial Net2Phone's VoIP Technology

Sprint to Trial Net2Phone's VoIP Technology
Net2Phone has announced that Sprint is planning to trial its VoIP technology and international network to launch a service, Callternatives, that will enable users to originate and terminate calls in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Japan. Financial details were not disclosed. According to the terms of the agreement, Net2Phone will offer the users Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean language customer service operation centers, on a 24 x 7 basis. In addition, Net2Phone will also allow the users to view online calling details, in real time, at its web site.

In a separate announcement, Compaq will bundle access to Net2Phone's Internet telephony services with its new Presario PCs offered in the Asia-Pacific, Canadian, Japanese and Latin American markets. Compaq has developed a keyboard button that will direct users to a web page that will offer Net2Phone's PC to phone client software and information on using the VoIP service. Net2Phone has also developed country specific web sites for each of the markets where the PC is available.




Country Specific Net2Phone Web Sites

Multitude Adds Voice Enabled Browsing to Client
Multitude reported that it has added web browsing with automatic voice chat capabilities to its VoIP client, FireTalk. The product now enables users to click a button within the application to launch a voice enabled Internet browser window that provides a listing of other Firetalk users that are visiting the same web site. Users can then initiate VoIP communications by just speaking to the other users. The product, which can also be used for text chat, features user directories, full duplex communications, incoming call notification, multiple phone line support, and call mute and hold capabilities. In addition, it can support full duplex conference calls of up to 1,000 participants.

The beta release of the product is currently available for download.



Lucent & InterSoft to Use Natural MicroSystems' Technology
Natural MicroSystems has announced that InterSoft and Lucent will use its Fusion IP Telephony Development platform in their respective products. InterSoft will use the technology to integrate analog configurations for PSTN connectivity with loopstart, subscriber loop/DID and E&M interface options into its VirConn platform. The company also plans to utilize the technology to add digital configurations supporting PSTN connectivity with quad 24 channel TDM T1 streams. Lucent plans to use the technology to provide connectivity and translation between the PSTN and its soon to be released 8 to 96 port IP ExchangeComm V/FoIP platform.

The Fusion technology enables developers to create gateways that can support from 4 to 60 ports of simultaneous V/FoIP communications. It is available in PCI and CompactPCI versions that support H.323, H.323 v2, MGCP and SIP protocols such as G.727.1, G.711, G.729a, T.37 and MS-GSM. The product ships with gateway reference code and sample-applications.

The InterSoft product will make its debut at the Internet Telephony Expo this October. Lucent's product offering is scheduled for a November release.

Natural MicroSystems

InterSoft Technologies


Teltran to Host FoIP Chat – September 2
Teltran is teaming with Brooktrout, LANSource and TelephonyWorld.com to hold a live Internet chat entitled, Fax Over IP – A Carrier Grade Solution. The chat, which is expected to last approximately 20 minutes, will feature executives from Brooktrout, Shockey Consulting and LANSource to field questions about utilizing FoIP technologies as a carrier grade solution.

The program is scheduled for September 2, 1999 at 2:00 PM EDT within the web integrated chat area on Teltran's web site. Transcripts will be made available after the event.




Access Power to Launch Flat Rate Phone to Phone Service
Access Power has announced that it is planning to expand its flat rate PC to phone VoIP service, Net.Caller, to include flat rate phone to phone connectivity for U.S. subscribers. The service will allow users to place an unlimited amount of calls to and from any phone in the continental U.S. for $49 per month, with calls placed to Alaska, Canada or Hawaii charged an additional .07 CPM, and calls placed to international markets billed an extra .29 CPM.

The flat rate phone to phone service is expected to be available by September 1.

Access Power recently expanded the reach of its flat rate PC to phone VoIP service to include markets in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland the UK and the U.S. For $10 a month an unlimited amount of calls can be placed to Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S., calls placed to all pan-European countries are billed at $15 a month, and for $20 a month, calls can be placed to all markets.

Access Power

TEK DigiTel to Release Dual Ethernet VoIP Gateway
TEK DigiTel has announced that it is developing a dual port Ethernet version of its SOHO VoIP gateway, the V-Server iGate. The new product will combine data, voice and fax traffic over a single Internet connection for Ethernet attached computers, traditional phones and PBXs. It will connect between computer and telephone equipment to manage the traffic flow by providing a single prioritized voice over data packet stream to the modem. It will also ship with DHCP technology to enable the device to automatically learn IP addresses, and a network address translation package to allow multiple PCs to share a single IP address. In addition, the product will support H.323 protocols and the T.38 specification for real time fax transmissions.

The new version of the gateway is expected to be available, on a limited basis, in early October, with commercial shipments scheduled for November. It has a target price of US$1,299.

TEK DigiTel


Netrix & AG Team to Develop Centrex VoIP Solution
Netrix reported that it is teaming with AG Communication Systems to market its Network Exchange 2200 VoIP product line with AG's iMerge Centrex Feature Gateway (CFG). The integrated offering will enable users to extend Centrex functionality such as call waiting, call hold, call forwarding, call transfer, caller ID, three-way calling, etc. to VoIP calls.

The 2200 line of products consists of two gateways, the 2201 and the 2210, that provide voice over frame relay or VoIP capabilities. The 2201 can support up to 4 simultaneous calls and the 2210 can support up to 180 simultaneous calls. Both units can individually assign compression rates from 4.8 kbps to 12 kbps to each call, on a call by call basis, and they feature call prioritization technology on an individual channel basis. In addition, both gateways have the ability to detect fax modem tones at any stage of a call, on any port and then route the traffic to its destination.

The CFG can extend Centrex functionality to VoIP calls from any Class 5 switch over IP networks. The H.323 compliant product will leverage the 2200 series as a customer premises gateway to enable providers to offer VoIP with Centrex services.

In a separate announcement, Netrix and OpenROUTE Networks have signed a LOI to merge. According to the terms, Netrix shareholders will retain their shares, and one share of Netrix's common stock will be traded for each share of OpenRoute's common stock. The deal has an estimated value of $114 million. The merger will allow the companies to integrate Netrix's Internet telephony solutions with OpenROUTE's security, firewall, VPN and enhanced IP performance products and technologies.

AG Communication Systems



Clifton Digital to Distribute Rapid Link's Calling Cards
Rapid Link Communication Services (RLCS) reported that Clifton Digital Corporation will distribute prepaid calling cards for its services targeted at customers calling Brazil, Egypt, Europe, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland and throughout the U.S. The companies expect, over the next six months, to develop 10 additional prepaid calling card programs that will offer calling deals throughout New Jersey, Ohio and Detroit.

Rapid Link uses both VoIP gateways and circuit switches to route traffic over its international network, which has POPs in New York, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Okinawa, and Kuala Lumpur. The provider uses Clarent's VoIP technology.

Rapid Link

Clifton Digital

RadiSys & HSS to Develop VoIP Gateway
RadiSys announced that it is planning to integrate Hughes Software Systems' (HSS) VoIP software solution and communication protocol stacks into its telecom gateways to provide an application ready VoIP gateway product. HSS' portable, value-added gateway software, which uses MGCP/MEGACO protocols, is being integrated with RadiSys' development platforms to provide developers with the tools to develop VoIP applications and services.

In other news, RadiSys said that it has completed the stock for stock merger with Texas Micro, a provider of computer systems and single board solutions for communications products. According to the terms of the deal, Texas Micro's stockholders will receive one RadiSys share for every 4.96 Texas Micro shares owned, thus increasing RadiSys' fully diluted shares to approximately 11.5 million shares.


Hughes Software Systems

BroadSoft Introduces Enhanced Services Creation Platform
BroadSoft has announced the introduction of its open, hardware-independent communications development software suite. The solution is designed to enable providers to develop enhanced services for converged, multi-service public networks. Its architecture, which supports protocols such as SIP, H.323 and MGCP, operates independent of network technologies and can be implemented with services utilizing IP, ATM and xDSL technologies. The system offers service management, control and configuration via a web browser interface, which also allows end-users to configure and manage their own services.

The vendor is offering a white paper entitled, The Need for an Enhanced Services Architecture, to further illustrate the product's capabilities.


The Need for an Enhanced Services Architecture

Talk City to Offer ZeroPlus' PC to PC VoIP Service
Talk City, an Internet community provider, has announced that it will offer ZeroPlus.com's PC to PC Internet telephony services to its more than 3 million members. According to the terms of the agreement, ZeroPlus.com will provide Talk City with a co-branded version of the VoIP software for distribution and build a service registration/information page for the Talk City web site. In return, Talk City will include information about ZeroPlus.com in its monthly email newsletter, which is deliver to over 600,000 of its members. In addition, the companies plan to host online chat events at the Talk City web site to educate users about Internet telephony.

The ZeroPlus.com Internet telephony service provides users with VoIP software that enables anyone with Internet access to place and receive calls via a permanent phone number. All participants in a call must be logged onto the Internet before a call can be connected. The provider also offers an online white pages section at its web site that allows a user to list their phone number and search for other users' phone numbers by name, city, state or nickname.

Talk City expects to begin offering the service early next month.


Talk City

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