IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 31 2002

1. Polycom Enhances Videoconferencing Solution
Polycom has added MPPlus features to its ViewStation FX and VS4000 videoconferencing systems, enabling on-demand multipoint calls over both IP (H.323) and ISDN network (mixed protocol dialing), and allowing additional parties to dial into an active conference without interrupting the call (dial-in calling). The internal MCU can support up to 4 endpoints (video, POTS voice and VoIP) including the host videoconferencing system and can be accessed via a web dialer user interface. Dial-in calling supports up to 4 total participants and one analog line (audio only).

Other new features include downspeeding, which automatically adusts call speeds to accommodate different connection rates; password protection of inbound calls; a do not disturb setting to eliminate unwanted inbound call interruptions; flexible dialing, which enables users to dial from a manu entry, an address book or from a web UI or API; and support for multiple, simultaneous inbound calls.

The MPPlus features will be available in September.


3. RioLink to Offer VoB Using Gemini’s Managed Service
RioLink, a telecom provider, will market and sell Gemini’s managed VoB service to its residential and business customers in New Mexico. Gemini’s solution includes all-distance telephony, complete back-end services and OSS/BSS, a proprietary softswitch/ call management server, and CPE. The any distance voice service features local service numbers for inbound calls as well as Class and custom calling features. RioLink will offer the services in combination with its high-speed wireless DSL offering.

In a separate announcement, Gemini said that SwitchPoint Networks used its managed service as an overlay to their LEC service in a 1,000+ home trial in Springville, Utah.

Gemini Voice


SwitchPoint Networks

5. VoIP Vendor Assets to be Auctioned
U.S. Bankruptcy Court has ordered the sale of all of IPAXS’ assets to the highest bidder, regardless of price, through an auction slated to end on September 10. Tranzon Driggers will conduct the event on-site, at 5005 Laurel Street, Suite 206, in Tampa, Florida. A working demonstration and preview of the property will be provided on September 9 from noon til 2:00pm, or by appointment. Absentee bids must be received by the auction firm on or before September 6 at 3:00pm.

IPAXS’ product line consists of an IAD, a voice gateway, and a softswitch. The sales includes the complete business line including copyrights, software, source codes, and associated documentation, inventory, work-in-process, components, computers, test equipment, and furniture. Account receivables and debtor’s rights under real estate leases, if any, are excluded from the sale.

Tranzon Driggers

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