IP Telephony news wrap-up for Aug 9 – 2006

Time Warner (TW) has signed a 5-year agreement with Sprint Nextel that calls for Sprint to carry TW’s long distance VoIP calls as well as provide e911 management, new and ported management, directory assistance, operator services and a suite of local exchange services. The deal applies to Time Warner systems with VoIP service, with the exception of its systems in New Hampshire and Maine.

Sprint will be establishing interconnection facilities at TW’s regional data centers, where it will pick up VoIP calls from TW’s network and carry and terminate them on Sprint’s network.

Sprint Nextel
Time Warner Cable
RNK Telecom, a telecom service provider that offers wholesale VoIP through RNKVoIP, has signed a letter of intent to acquire iOnosphere, a South Carolina based international long distance wholesale carrier and supplier of VoIP products. iOnosphere terminates traffic to 200 destinations, generating annual revenue of around $60 million. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

RNK processes nearly 10 billion minutes of voice traffic annually for more than 200 carriers. The company’s service is resold by a network of more than 110 resellers.

RNK Telecom
Integration Associates (IA) has introduced IA3222 and IA3223, a silicon direct access arrangement (DAA) chipset with an analog interface for VoIP, modem, and line monitoring applications.

The chipset employs a high outpout transmit mode for voice applications and uses the company’s patented isolation technology to eliminate the need for discrete capacitors, transformers, or optocouplers. The V.92 capability of the chipset offers an analog interface with an internal or external DC reference for interfacing to multiple system types. The chipset can integrate with standalone CODECs integrated into DSPs asuch as FXO channels in VoIP equipment. The chipset can also be used for alarm systems and PBX FXO interfaces.

The new product features programmability for additional AC line terminations; a set of line monitoring functions such as caller ID, DTMF, and continuous line in use monitoring; a programmable ring detection threshold; pulse-dial spark quenching; line voltage and loop current monitoring; and line reversal detection, both for on and off hook.

The chipset is available for less than a dollar in volume quantities. Samples are available in 10-pin MSOP for the line side (IA3222) and 16-pin QSOP for the modem side (IA3223).

Integration Associates
NetGear has introduced DG834GV, a SOHO gateway that provides the functionality of a ADSL2+ modem, a router, a 10/100 wired LAN switch, a 802.11g wireless access point, a VoIP terminal, and a SPI double firewall. The gateway is currently available through engin in Australia, privately branded as Voice Box Series 3.

Alcatel will use Xtend’s e911 technology with its OmniPCX enterprise communications server and OmniVista 4760 network management system. Xtend’s Basic e911 server is a PC-based solution that provides the conduit for sending ELIN?ERL to the 911 service provider’s ALI database.

Unique features include end point location tracking and automatic location information database, multiple on-site event notification methods, real time audio recording of 911 calls in progress, and video monitoring through Alcatel’s phone XML-enabled display.

The two companies have worked together in the past, developing user centric IP applications for various vertical enterprises.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ordered the FCC, Department of Justice, and other government agencies to address an appeal based on petitions filed by the American Council on Education and on a paper written by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) that identifies the difficulties of supporting CALEA. In addition to these, multiple lawsuits have been filed regarding the legality of requiring CALEA for certain types of networks.

A hearing date has not been set.

U.S. Appeals Court – District of Columbia
MetaSwitch has introduced Compete, a VoCable solution that supports both business and residential telephony as well as hosted PBX, unified communications, and converged T1 services. The PacketCable 2 compliant offering combines Cisco’s CMTS units, telephony adapters and set top boxes, all driven by Cisco’s SEF, with MetaSwitch’s multimedia session control and application server.

The combined VoCable solution is being deployed by more than 10 cable operators in the U.S. such as Clear Creek Telephone and Television, Cunningham Communications, Penasco Valley Telecommunications and Vidia Communications.

Cisco Systems
Frost & Sullivan’s Information and Communication Technologies Practice will present its quarterly analyst briefing presentation on August 10 at 3:00 pm EDT. The event will cover the strategic implications of recent mergers and acquisitions as well as trends in the carrier IP infrastructure market.

To participate, email Mireya Castilla at mireya.castilla@frost.com with your name, company name, title, phone number, email address, city, state, and country. Upon receipt, she will email you back a registration link for the briefing.

Frost & Sullivan
Microsoft has negotiated deals with multiple U.S. electronics retailers (Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA) to have endcaps placed within their stores that are solely dedicated to displaying Live Messenger periperals including Plantronics’ headsets, Uniden’s dual mode phones, and Microsoft’s own webcams.

IDC has recently released The Shot Heard Round the VoIP World: Microsoft Targets the IP PBX Market via Unified Communications, a study that examines Microsoft’s approach to unified communications and its VoIP intiatives.

Cable & Wireless Jamaica have deployed Veraz’s softswitch and media gateways along with Verso’s application server and revenue assurance platform to deliver a prepaid telephony service.

ASiQ is developing Safecell, a dual mode Wi-Fi and cellular phone that operates not only in a FMC environment but also with aviation communications systems, enabling in-flight VoIP-based phone service.

Live Messenger
Cable & Wireless Jamaica
Veraz Networks
Verso Technologies

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