IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 03 1999

ITXC Acquires OzEmail’s VoIP Service

ITXC announced that it has purchased the intellectual property
and contractual rights of MCI WorldCom’s Internet telephony
service provider subsidiary, OzEmail Interline. Financial
terms were not disclosed. The acquisition of OzEmail’s
contractual rights will enable ITXC to route calls to and from
OzEmail’s global IP telephony POPs, and via the networks of
OzEmail’s affiliate providers. In addition, with the acquisition,
ITXC will be able to collocate VoIP equipment throughout
MCI WorldCom’s Australian facilities. The company will also
continue to purchase connectivity and traditional call
completion capacity from MCI.

ITXC’s network and interconnectivity service currently has
125 POPs in 81 cities and 38 countries. It enables providers to
route VoIP traffic to any telephone in the world via ITXC’s
other affiliate providers, the public Internet or the PSTN.

In related news, Teltran International, as an OzEmail Interline
affiliate provider, reported that it will both originate and
terminate VoIP traffic for ITXC. The provider recently
expanded its services into several European markets via the
acquisition of Channel Net’s POPs in the UK and Ireland. The
company also offers V/FoIP and traditional telephony services
throughout the U.S.

In addition, Teltran just landed a deal with UK based Norweb,
in which it will route 3.5 million minutes of VoIP traffic per
month throughout the world for Norweb. After a 90 day ramp
up period, the contract calls for Norweb to provide Teltran
with 5 million minutes in traffic per month.

The contract is expected to go into effect this month.




Proxima Integrates XACCT’s IP Billing Technology

Proxima Systems reported that it is planning to integrate its
customer management and billing software, Mystral, into
XACCT’s IP based customer care and billing platform,
XACCTusage. The integrated solution will enable users to
create usage based pricing models for multiple IP-based
services including IP fax, VoIP, video and data.

XACCTusage enables providers to define the exact IP session
information that they would like to be captured. It collects
usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network
elements and application servers and performs policy-based
filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar
to CDRs. It can create usage-based bills using a range of

XACCT Technologies

Proxima Systems

ePHONE Telecom to Use UUNET’s network

ePHONE Telecom reported that it has signed an agreement
with UUNET, in which it will collocate VoIP servers
throughout UUNET’s global IP network to expand the reach of
its IP telephony service. Details of the transaction were not

Last month, the provider announced intentions to use Array
Telecom’s 3000 line of VoIP gateways to build an IP
telephony network. Array will assist in the design,
implementation and technical management of the network as it
is rolled out globally. ePhone initially plans to deploy at least
120 V/FoIP POPs throughout Europe, the far east and the
U.S., with ultimate plans to launch services on a global basis
early next year.

Earlier this year, the company teamed with TEK DigiTel to
launch a SOHO IP telephony service based on Tek DigiTel’s
V-Server iGate gateway. The provider allows subscribers to
place an unlimited amount of V/FoIP calls to the 25 most
frequently called numbers at no charge in return for selecting
ePhone as the long distance carrier for all other
telecommunications needs. The company bundles the gateway
with subscriptions to the services.

ePhone Telecom


Array Telecom

TEK DigiTel

Ericsson Secures $9 Million in Orders from Coyote

Ericsson has announced that it has secured $9 million in IP
telephony product orders from Coyote Technologies. Coyote
is planning to offer a carrier class VoIP system based on a
combination of Ericsson’s IPT 1.6 IP Telephony solution and
its DSS Switch. The integrated solution will enable users to
route voice, fax and data traffic over legacy and IP networks.

The DSS switch is designed for central office value-added
services and Internet access solutions. The unit, which
includes SS7 technologies, can support from 100 to 10,000
lines or 160 T1s to 120 E1s. It enables users to offer a variety
of services with debit and credit card support including local
and long distance, operator assistance and toll free 800 lines.

The IPT VoIP platform provides support for phone to phone,
fax to fax, PC to phone and PC to PC communications. The
product offers port capacities of to 780 ports of simultaneous
voice or fax communications per chassis, with a maximum of
six chassis per rack for a total port capacity of 4,680. The
gateway uses low bit-rate codecs including G.729.A and
G.723.21. It is designed to be compatible with SS7
technologies to enhance its ability to transfer calls to both the
PSTN and between multiple applications. The system features
technologies for LCR, multiple IP network management, both
validated and un- validated traffic, echo cancellation, real-time
billing systems, itemized accounting, central CDR collection,
IVR, SNMP remote management and configuration, and
supports both multiple languages and foreign currency


Coyote Technologies

Mediatrix Licenses VoIP Technology to Yamaha

Mediatrix Telecom announces it has signed a non-exclusive
licensing agreement with Yamaha Corporation, which will
allow Yamaha to integrate Mediatrix’s IP telephony
technology into its telecommunications products. Yamaha will
also resell Mediatrix’s products in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Mediatrix’s VoIP technology is implemented in its plug’n’play
audio adapter, the APA. The product is designed to connect
from one to four conventional telephones or G3 fax machines
to a LAN. It houses a dedicated programmable DSP chip to
support voice compression technologies including H.323
(G.711, G.723.1 and G.729) SIP, MGCP, T.38 (IP fax) and
ACELP. The unit is capable of maintaining 8 Kbps fixed
bandwidth by utilizing 16:1 ACELP voice compression
technology. In addition, it supports all legacy audio standards.


Bristol to Use Brooktrout’s VoIP Technology

The Bristol Group has announced that it is using Brooktrout’s
TR2001 line of VoIP boards to develop a Solaris/Window NT
compliant gateway named the.phone.

The TR2001 IP telephony platform provides port densities of
up to 60 channels of voice and/or fax per PCI slot. The
Windows NT/UNIX based product supports H.323 v2
protocols including G.723.1, G.729a, G.711, and T.38 for real
time fax. It ships with Brooktrout’s BTGateway Developer’s
kit, which includes SpeechPac voice compression software
based on the G.723.1 vocoder, FaxRelay technologies (the
company’s real time FoIP software), a protocol software suite,
DSP resource boards and sample gateway applications.


Bristol Group

Phillips Group Releases Internet Growth Report

The Phillips Group has just released a telecommunications
market report entitled, Net Pressure. The study assesses
current Internet backbone ownership, routes and control, and
assesses how the Internet will change international and
national traffic patterns through 2005. It projects what the
changes will mean to current telecoms, what technologies will
place demand on carrier infrastructure, and the speed and
direction that the industry will take in the future.

The report is currently available. It is priced at 4795 Pounds

The Phillips Group

Net Pressure

D2 Introduces Telephony Processor Technology

D2 Technologies reported the introduction of the vCore, its
product that can provide voice processing for a variety of
network solutions including DSL integrated access devices,
packet cable voice terminals, wireless PBXs, IP phones, LAN
PBXs and gateways. The product ships integrated with MGCP
and H.323 protocol stacks that run on a host CPU via D2’s
voice programming interface. The software can implement
optional feature support for technologies such as voice coders,
IP fax, caller ID, line echo cancellors, jitter buffer
management, traditional switching, conferencing and speaker
phone. Its open architecture allows users to port the DSP
software to various vendors hardware platforms.

D2 Technologies

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