IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 03 2004

1. Infonetics Releases Quarterly Study of PBX Market
Infonetics has released its Q3 version of Enterprise Telephony, an ongoing study that tracks TDM, hybrid, and pure IP PBX systems, providing forecasts and regional breakdowns. Companies tracked in the report include 3Com, Aastra, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, EADS, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, ShoreTel, Siemens, Sphere, Swyx, Toshiba, Vertical Networks, and Zultys.

The firm finds that worldwide PBX line shipments totaled 6.5 million in Q3, up 10% over the quarter and 16% over the year. Q3 revenue totaled $1.5 billion, up 6% over the quarter and 5% for the year.

For Q3, worldwide, Alcatel generated the most revenue for IP PBX systems, followed by Avaya, and Cisco. In North America, Avaya led revenue market share, followed by Cisco, Nortel, and Mitel.

During the quarter, half of the PBX line shipments were for hybrid PBXs. Pure IP PBX systems accounted for 10% of lines shipped. North America generated the most revenue for PBX systems and lines in Q3, with a 44% share, followed by EMEA (39%), Asia Pacific (13%), and CALA (4%).

Infonetics Research

3. Appear & Peer2Phone Introduce VoWiFi PC to Phone Service Solution
Appear Networks and Peer2Phone has introduced a VoWiFi service solution that uses a WiFi system to deliver a VoIP service icon on the desktop of laptops accessing the WiFi network. Upon clicking the icon, VoIP client software is downloaded, installed, and executed on the user’s computer without the need of any user configuration. Once downloaded and initiated for calling, the WiFi network operator can then bill the user for calling services.

The platform is based on Appear’s context aware software platform, which provisions services and applications and screens content based on time, location, user profile, and the type of device.

Peer2Phone’s technology includes back-office architecture and a softphone (Wingman) that embeds audio compression technology and a peer to peer technology layer.

Neotilus developed interoperability among the two vendors’ technologies.

Appear Networks



5. Azimuth Unveils VoWLAN Testing Solution
Azimuth Systems has introduced a VoWLAN test platform that validates VoWLAN endpoints, access points, and the network infrastructure.
The VoWiFi Benchmark Test for Wireless VoIP Handset validates the 802.11 behavior of the client handset during motion, ranging and roaming; and analyzes this behavior relative to the voice quality as measured by both MOS and R-Factor. The tests can be run with or without background data traffic.

The VoWLAN Benchmark Test for Wi-Fi Infrastructure tests wireless access points by emulating multiple voice calls in conjunction with best effort traffic, and studies the ability of the WLAN backbone to deliver QoS and protect to voice call integrity.


7. BT to Deploy Nortel’s IP Virtual Contact Center with Near 10K Agents
BT is replacing Nortel’s Meridian 1 PBX and Meridian MAX call routing technology with the vendor’s Symposium Call Center Server, 5 Communication Server 1000 units, and nearly 10,000 IP phones, in an effort to migrate BT’s call center to IP. The new technology will enable real-time data and host exchange; advanced call handling with the capability of multimedia transaction handling; and web enabled functionality.

BT’s call center serves more than 500 businesses across 124 sites in the UK.

The deployment represents one of the largest IP based call centers in EMEA.


Nortel Networks

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