IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 04 2000

CableLabs Releases Second Phase of PacketCable Specs
CableLabs has announced that it has just released the second phase of PacketCable interim specifications and technical reports. The newly released interdomain specs detail the call signaling, QoS, and event messaging extensions of the PacketCable architecture that will enable cable operators to directly exchange multimedia traffic over managed-IP backbone networks. The documents build upon the capabilities defined by the initial PacketCable suite of specifications, which offer the fundamental requirements necessary to implement a single-zone (A zone is expected to typically support from the tens of thousands to a few hundred thousand subscribers) PacketCable solution for residential IP voice services, and extend the capabilities to facilitate communications between PacketCable zones, either within one cable operator’s network or between the networks of various cable operators.

PacketCable is a CableLabs led initiative aimed at developing interoperable interface specifications for delivering real-time multimedia services over two-way cable plant. The initiative is focused on using cable modem infrastructure to develop IP based technologies that will support an array of multimedia services including IP telephony, multimedia conferencing, telecommuter services, as well as other integrated multimedia applications.

PacketCable Specs



MacCentral Survey Finds VoIP Compatible With Mac
MacCentral reported that it recently conducted a survey of its readers to find information on free Internet telephony products for the Mac, and found that there are a variety of products and services either currently available or in the planning stages. The survey indicated that Big Zoo.com Worldwide Telephone Service is offering a service compatible with the Macintosh OS, and various vendors have compatible software clients including VocalTec Internet Phone 3.5 (which is no longer available from or supported by VocalTec), Dialpad’s technology and service, Clear Phone’s Clear Phone Pro, PCCALL.COM’s PCCALL product, and ReallyEasy.com’s Really Easy Voice. It also found that Net2Phone is developing a Mac client, with a beta version currently available, and plans to introduce a commercial product sometime next year. Other responses indicated that Hottelephone.com, Go2Call.com, dialpad.com, PhoneFree.com, TheStream.com and deltathree.com may also be planning to develop Mac support. In addition, the survey found that the About.com web site has a telephone software and reviews section that details Mac VoIP products.


MacCentral’s PC Telephony Listings

About’s Listings

Big Zoo.com Worldwide Telephone Service


Clear Phone



Net2Phone’s Beta

Samsung to Integrate Trillium’s H.323 IP Telephony Software
Samsung Electronics has announced that it is planning to integrate Trillium Digital Systems’ H.323 IP telephony software solution into the Internet telephones, web videophones, gatekeepers, gateways and other next gen Internet-based products that it is developing. The H.323 v3 compliant technology enables OEMs to develop a variety of IP telephony equipment from Internet telephones to carrier class systems. It consists of H.225 RAS, H.225 call signaling, H.245 control signaling, H.450 support for supplementary services, ASN.1 Encoder/Decoder-PER TCP/UDP convergence and RTP/RTCP source-code software implementations. In addition, it is based on the vendor’s TAPA (Trillium Advanced Portability Architecture) technology and coding standard to support the seamless integration of Trillium’s other solutions without significantly changing design, implementation or testing procedures.

Samsung Electronics

Trillium Digital Systems

IDC to Host Web Telephony Show in California
IDC said that it is hosting the Web Talk Forum: Defining the Future of Web-Powered Communications conference at the Santa Clara Marriott in California on December 5 and 6, 2000. The show will enable attendees to explore and examine web based telephony opportunities and garner a better understanding of non-traditional telephony business models. It will also showcase a variety of web based voice service delivery platforms and applications.

Pricing for the show begins at $1,165.

Web Talk Forum: Defining the Future of Web-Powered Communications


North American Telecom to Deploy Jetstream’s VoDSL Technology
North American Telecom (NAT) said that it is planning to deploy Jetstream Communications’ VoDSL technologies to develop support for bundled voice and data services throughout the U.S.’ eastern seaboard. The provider intends to install Jetstream’s CPS-1000 broadband voice platform throughout its central office locations in New York City and Southern Florida by the end of the year, and expand the offering into the Washington DC and Philadelphia markets by at least next summer.

North American Telecom

Jetstream Communications

IndustryClick Launches Online Telecom Market Resource
Primedia’s subsidiary IndustryClick said that it has launched TelecomClick, an online telecommunications resource portal. The web site features industry news, market intelligence, vendor and product information, event calendars, webcasts, and auction and exchange access for various telecom markets including broadband, IP telephony, ICPs, wireless, satellite, Internet and cable networks. In addition, it also offers feature articles, interactive message boards and discussion sessions, and a career center section that will offer listings of jobs and recruiters.



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