IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 06 2000

Net2Phone Teams With Motorola and Broadcom for Cable VoIP Solutions
Net2Phone has announced that it is teaming with both Motorola and Broadcom Corporation to develop VoIP solutions for two way cable plant. According to the terms of the Motorola agreement, the firms initially intend to further develop Motorola’s DOCSIS 1.1 compliant SURFboard model SB3500 cable modem to support Net2Phone’s VoIP technologies and provide connectivity over Net2Phone’s VoIP networks based on the latest PacketCable protocol technologies. In the Broadcom deal, the companies have integrated support for Net2Phone’s VoIP technologies into Broadcom’s xChange line of software solutions and residential gateway reference designs. The combined solutions will enable operators to deploy Broadcom based residential gateways that can provide VoIP connectivity from traditional telephones over Net2Phone’s IP telephony network.


Broadcom Corporation


Interoute Paris Connects With ITXC
ITXC reported that it has expanded an existing network interconnect agreement with Interoute to include Interoute’s Paris based subsidiary routing traffic over its global Internet telephony network. The Paris subsidiary has deployed ITXC’s SNARC VoIP enabling device to directly connect its networks to ITXC’s IP telephony network, which has 309 POPs in 168 cities and 74 countries. The network enables providers to route traffic to any telephone in the world via the infrastructure, ITXC’s affiliate provider’s networks, the public Internet or the PSTN. The company also implements its own patent pending BestValue Routing technology to control the quality of calls. The SNARC device is V/FoIP CPE that can be attached to a traditional switch, via T1/E1 interfaces, to convert traditional traffic to an IP format for routing over ITXC’s IP network. It ships as a plug and play product that ITXC retains ownership of and maintains.

Interoute hosts its own switches in London and New York, and has operations in 12 countries throughout Europe and the U.S. It is also in the process of building a network throughout Europe that is expected to have the capacity to support over a petabit (a billion megabits per second) of traffic. The initial phase of the European network is expected to interconnect 46 European markets in 9 countries via approximately 14,500 route (18,000 cable) kilometers of fibre.



Anatel to Host Online VoIP Seminar
Anatel Communications has announced that it is hosting an online seminar entitled, New Easy-to-Use VoIP Gateways, at its web site on December 14, 2000 at 1:20 PM EST. The hour long webcast will focus on exploring gateways that can be used right out of the box, offer tips on how to use VoIP in familiar installations and examine various VoIP business models, with a QandA session scheduled to wrap the session up. It will also feature information on Anatel’s own soon to be released H.323 Media Bearer ITG gateway.

Participation in the program is offered on a no charge basis, and the vendor will award a free Palm Pilot to a randomly selected registered participant at the conclusion of the seminar.

New Easy-to-Use VoIP Gateways

Anatel Communications

Lipstream to Integrate dynamicsoft’s SIP Technology
Lipstream Networks has reported that it is planning to integrate dynamicsoft’s SIP based infrastructure solutions into its Live Voice service to develop support and interoperability with other SIP enabled products and services. The Live Voice technology/service is based on Lipstream’s client software (a SDK or browser plug-in) that routes traffic over its H.323 compliant network, which consists of a system of servers hosted throughout Qwest’s network and connected to several tier-one backbone providers. The company monitors and manages the service/network on a 24 x 7 basis.

Lipstream Networks


SaskTel to Trial VoDSL With MetaSwitch’s Equipment
SaskTel has announced that it is planning to deploy MetaSwitch’s model VP3000 broadband voice platform to trial a VoDSL service. SakTel is in the process of testing an array of next gen services including broadband switching, service creation, enhanced services (such as directory, messaging and conferencing), management and operations, and examining how the technologies integrate with the existing network infrastructures, as well as how the technologies facilitate a controlled migration to packet voice and distributed next gen services. Upon successful completion of the trial, SaskTel intends to begin planning the deployment of various packet voice and next gen services over its network.

The MetaSwitch system combines broadband voice and Class 5 switch functions in a carrier class system. It can support VoDSL technologies and provides an optional migration path for developing support for VoIP and other broadband voice services including wireless.



LAE Renews License to Vend Calling Cards for Ursus
Latin America Enterprises (LAE), an Ursus Telecom subsidiary, has reported that it has renewed its contract with Brazilian agency INFRAERO to continue marketing Ursus’ pre-paid calling cards from booths located at the Rio de Janeiro airport. In addition, it is also in final negotiations with INFRAERO to place calling card booths at the Sao Paolo airport. Ursus acquired LAE’s assets earlier this year, and plans to market calling card in all markets that LAE has operations in, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Key West, Miami, New York, Orlando, Peru, Pittsburgh, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Spain the University of Central Florida and Uruguay.

Ursus Telecom

Arbinet’s Capacity Exchange Service Exceeds 100 Members
Arbinet has reported that its telephony bandwidth exchange service, thexchange, has exceeded 100 members. The service enables users to physically interconnect networks at one of the Exchange Delivery Points, which then automatically performs the real time capacity exchange. Members pay an upfront application fee to join, and a fixed monthly access fee based on usage.

In other news, Arbinet said that it has launched thexchange bandwidth trading service in the UK.


Polycom Licenses CopperCom’s Technology to Ensure Interoperability
Polycom reported that it licensed CopperCom’s gateway interface specification to develop interoperability between its NetEngine line of four port IADs and CopperCom’s VoDSL gateway technology. In addition, Polycom has joined CopperCom’s affiliate partner program to ensure that all of its IADs will interoperate with CopperCom’s line of VoDSL technologies including the CopperComplete architecture.



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