IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 06 2002

1. Broadcom Introduces VoIP DSP SoC
Broadcom has introduced BroadVoice BCM3341, a VoIP DSP SoC with software based voice compression codecs. The technology combines seven chips into a single integrated IC. The chip includes a dual multiply and accumulate 200+ MIPS DSP, a DSP memory system, a POTS codec, a packet syncronization processor, a telephony PLL, a battery voltage sensor, an internal voltage regulator, a telephone ring generator controller, and a TDM expansion interface. The BCM3341 also includes an expansion interface that enables cascading four or more lines for MDU applications, as well as VoIP solutions across an entire line of broadband modems, residential gateways and set-top boxes.

Broadcom’s VoIP solution includes xChange, a suite of DSP software that includes automatic voice, fax, and modem call detection; AGC, VAD, CNG, call conferencing, G.168 echo cancellation, and popular G.7xx voice compression codecs.

The codecs are available in two versions including BroadVoice 16 and BroadVoice 32. BroadVoice 16 is a 16Kbps voice codec that provides standard toll quality telephony service. BroadVoice 32 is a 32 Kbps codec that provides enhanced quality telephone service near natural voice or CD quality. In addition to the BCM3341 IC, the codecs are also incorporated into Broadcom’s Calisto VoIP PSTN access gateway processors.

Broadcom claims that its solution uses 50% less bandwidth than standard 64 Kbps G.711 or standard telephone solutions.

To aid developers, the company offers a 2-line POTS VoIP DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS cable modem reference design with 10/100 Ethernet and USB interfaces, along with a complete PacketCable software solution.

The chip and codecs are currently available in a 256-pin PBGA for $19 in volumes of 50,000 pieces.

In other news, Broadcom has said that it will be the primary supplier of chips for Motorola’s DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0- based SURFboard cable modems through 2003. Broadcom’s chips will provide the MAC and PHY, a MIPS based processor, and peripheral communication interfaces supporting 10/100 Ethernet, USB, HomePNA 2.0, and VoIP. Specifically, Broadcom’s chips will be in Motorola’s SB4100, SB4200, SB4101, and its DOCSIS 2.0-based cable modems, as well as Motorola’s SBG1000 wireless cable modem gateway.

In another development, Broadcom reported that Cedar Point will integrate its BCM1510 Calisto VoIP DSP and BroadVoice 16 codec within its Safari C3 Media Switch, a VoCable solution. The DSP will enable Safari to support more than 100,000 telephony lines on a single shelf.



Cedar Point Communications

3. 8×8 Introduces Stand-Alone SIP Device
8×8 has introduced DTA-310, a SIP desktop telephony adaptor that connects a standard analog telephone handset to the Internet. The device, measuring 4 x 5 by 1.5, supports CallerID, ringing, digital voice conversation and voicemail message waiting indicator.

The DTA-310 is driven by Netergy’s single Audacity T2U processor.


5. TelcoBlue Launches Prepaid Voice from N.A. to Philippines
TelcoBlue has launched Connectivity+, a VoIP network that will deliver prepaid PC-to-phone traffic from North America to the Philippines for a flat 15 cents per minute. Customers will be able to use their computers to recharge accounts, check balances, and access details of their call history.

According to the FCC, U.S. callers spent nearly $500 million annually on long distance calls to the Philippines.

TelcoBlue will use SysMaster’s VoiceMaster as its calling card billing platform. VoiceMaster supports H.323 with Radius/AAA authentication. It includes Radius, IVR, SQL database, and web servers on a Linux Unix platform.



7. BullDog Teleworks to Offer BroadSoft to SMEs
Bulldog Teleworks will use BroadSoft’s Broadworks platform to provide integrated voice and business process solutions to law firms. Broadworks will be integrated with CRM and ERP features to deliver advanced call screening and billing integration with the phone system.

Broadworks is an integrated system of voice applications and servers that deliver IP Centrex, hosted PBX, voice VPN, and enhanced network applications.


Bulldog Teleworks

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