IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 06 2004

1. SunRocket Introduces New Promotion; Names Technology Partners
SunRocket, an emerging primary line residential VoIP service provider, has launched Annual Gift Edition, a new calling plan that provides consumers with the option to get 12 months of unlimited U.S. calling and 100 free minutes of international calling, plus a Uniden cordless phone with 2 handsets, all for a flat net fee of $199 (no activation fee, no equipment charge, no shipping charge, or additional taxes). The plan includes 2 phone numbers and a dozen calling features.

The service is currently available in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Boston. It will be available in 50 U.S. markets on December 25th.

The calling plan represents, by far, the best value proposition for consumers for a phone to phone VoIP than anything else ever offered.

SunRocket has selected a set of vendors to support the delivery of its VoIP services including Sylantro, Convedia, Telegea, uReach and Telco Systems.

Sylantro will be providing the provider with its application feature server capable of delivering calling features such as distinctive ring, find me/follow me, do not disturb, click to call, anonymous call rejection, smart call forwarding, and a browser based web account manager.

Convedia will provide media servers for value added services media processing. TeleGea will provide its VoIP Delivery Management Solution, and uReach will provide its Oryx/Next messaging technology to deliver enhanced voicemail. The voicemail system is capable of providing voicemail alerts via SMS, email and instant messaging as well as delivering voicemail by email.

Telco Systems will provide SunRocket with its Access211 residential gateway. The CPE supports distinctive rin, Internet faxing, 2 phone ports that concurrently support compresion for different phone numbers, integrated routing, and traffic shaping.






Telco Systems

3. TeliPhone Launches VoWireless in 7 Major U.S. Markets
TeliPhone, a subsidiary of United American Corp, has launched VoWireless services in New York, Newark, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago. The service is available to consumers served by 35 area codes.

The service, available for $19.95 per month, includes 60 minutes of long distance calling and a suite of calling features including caller ID, conference calling, call transfer, online account management, and voicemail to email. Mobile phones for the service start at $99.


5. Interstar Introduces Boardless FoIP Solution for SMBs
Interstar Technologies has introduced xMediusFax, a boardless T.38 fax over IP server solution that provides up to 4 channels for simultaneous fax transmission. The technology offers controlled, centralized faxing from the desktop or multifunction device, as well as automatic inbound routing.

Sensitive documents can be transmitted in TIFF or PDF format, and employ security from the VoIP network and VPN encryption.

The product is supported by 3Com, Cisco, and Alcatel gateways, as well as Microsoft Exchange/Windows/Office 2003.

Other features of xMediusFax include support for SIP and H.323, SMTP clients, G4 fax, and HTML email notification.

Interstar Technologies

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