IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 06 2005

1. Motorola Unveils Open Application Enabling Platforms

Motorola has introduced VoIP open application enabling
platforms for the development of products such as IP PBXs
and VoIP access gateways. The platforms are based on
FACT-SIP software and ComStruct CompactPCI voice boards.

FACT-SIP integrates with codecs, tones, and echo
cancellation. It includes a management interface that
enables a board to be configured via a web browser.

ComStruct’s boards support 384, 672, or 2,016 voice
channels. The boards support a wide range of I/O
capability via the inclusion of in-shelf or external
Gigabit Ethernet ports, local OC-3 ATM and DS3 or DS1
line termination, and a full H.110 implementation for
additional voice traffic.


3. Sprint Nextel Enters Joint Venture with Big U.S. MSOs

To accelerate the development and deployment of multimedia
services to the cellular phone and to give cable companies
a quadruple play opportunity, Nextel Sprint has entered
into a joint venture with Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, and
Advance/Newhouse. The venture is mutually exclusive for
3 years and has an overall 20-year term. Sprint has
committed $100 million to the company, and the group of
MSOs have committed a combined $100 million.

Products and services developed from the new company will
be marketed and sold through Sprint’s 1,600 stores, cable
retail outlets, Radio Shack stores and third party

Collectively, the cable companies serve 41 million
consumers and pass approximately 75 million homes.

Sprint has proposed several new services and applications
that could be used with the combined technologies
including remotely programming DVRs, integrating home
and wireless voicemail boxes, using the phone as an
Internet device, and accessing streaming television
programming, music, video clips, games, and pre-recorded
DVR programs.

Under the terms of the deal, each cable company will be
responsible for billing and for customer service.

Other cable companies are invited to join the venture.

Oddly, AT&T (SBC) chose not participate in the effort.

The new venture likely influenced Cisco’s recent
acquisition of Scientific Atlanta.

Sprint Nextel



Time Warner


5. InfiniRoute Launches VoIP Peering Service

InfiniRoute Networks has launched VoIP Direct, a
managed VoIP peering service that offers tier 1
carriers single aggregated connections to carriers
in regions such as Latin America, Asia Pacific,
and Eastern Europe. The service provides intelligent
dynamic routing decisions for every packet throughout
a call, based on pre-set thresholds.

The peering service is driven by a source and
destination based routing engine that acts as a
call authentication engine and uses a hierarchical
scheme based on load balancing, line quality, and
capacity. The optimization engine uses algorithms
that engineer routes based on latency, packet loss,
and jitter.

Service offerings range from 8 T1 or E1 ports up to
multiple DS3s connections in North America and E-3
connections in Europe. VoIP Direct comes with a

InfiniRoute Networks

7. Samsung Introduces Wireless Version of its IP PBX

Samsung has introduced OfficeServ Wireless, a new IP
PBX based on the OfficeServ 7200 platform, that runs
on Samsung’s model 100 and 500 iDCS’. The system
consists of a WLI card, a wireless access point, and
the WIP 500M wireless IP handset. The system operates
at 2.4 GHz via a WLAN.

The IP PBX can support up to 240 wireless handsets.
OfficeServ Wireless is programmable through the keyset
or a networked PC.


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