IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 08 2000

China Unicom to Deploy NetSpeak’s VoIP VPN Technology
NetSpeak announced that it has secured $1.9 million in orders from China Unicom for customized versions of its VoIP VPN solution. The vendor has extended the capabilities of the VPN system to enable China Unicom to serve a broader range of enterprise customers by supporting individual telephone handsets via PSTN connections and supporting multiple enterprises from a single trunk gateway. Unicom intends to deploy the VPN systems as a part of its 319 market, 30 province national IP network in a configuration that will initially enable it to offer service to approximately 5000 corporations (assuming 10 users per enterprise placing 5, three minute calls during peak calling hours). NetSpeak landed the contract through its Asia Pacific based VAR/Integrator partner, Datacraft Asia.

The Voice VPN solution supports IP based communications including voice, fax and data between headquarters, and remote and branch offices. It can also be used to provide global long distance call termination services by routing traffic to remotely located Voice VPN POPs or by using a service provider’s infrastructure. One H.323 compliant Voice VPN unit can be deployed at a central office to support multiple enterprise locations, and/or private dialing plans across multiple domains. A Voice VPN POP can also be accessed using a calling card to enable remotely located workers to access the network to place calls. In addition, the unit enables users to route calls via a least cost method by offering the option of routing calls over the public Internet or the private VPN.

Last month, China Unicom also said that it is teaming with both NetSpeak and Cisco to install Cisco’s VoIP equipment in the IP infrastructure.


China Unicom

Datacraft Asia


edge2net and China Motion Team for Services
edge2net has announced that it has reached an agreement with China Motion Telecom (CMT), in which the firms intend to develop and offer VoIP and related services in mainland China. According to the terms of the deal, the companies plan to interconnect networks to trade voice, fax, video and fax traffic, and edge2net will supply CMT with integrated IP and switching platforms to support both the origination and termination of voice and fax traffic. In addition, CMT will also distribute pre paid calling cards that will enable users to access services such as Internet roaming and voice from anywhere in the world.

edge2net is in the process of building a VoIP infrastructure that will enable it to offer global wholesale VoIP communications with a focus developing operations in Asia Pacific and U.S. markets. It currently has NOCs in Hong Kong and Kirkland (Canada), international gateway hubs in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London and New York City, and POPs in Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

China Motion Telecom


PhoneFree Teams With iDial to Develop Phone to Phone VoIP Service
PhoneFree.com has announced that it has teamed to iDial Networks to develop a web portal based phone to phone VoIP service branded Global WebOperator. Users will need to access the service’s web page, enter account information, their phone number, and the phone number of the person being called, and the service will automatically place a call to the caller’s telephone and then connect the call, over iDial’s infrastructure, with the called party’s telephone.

iDial is in the process of developing a global VoIP/TDM network based on a combination of Cisco’s and Microsoft’s technologies. The firm has operations in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and the U.S. It has also recently reached an agreement with GRIC Communications, in which it will route Internet telephony traffic over GRIC’s global IP network to expand its service’s connectivity.


iDial Networks

Genesys Adds Optional VoIP Module to Contact Center Product
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories said that it has developed an optional VoIP module, VoIP Option, for its G6 contact center line of products. The module, which can be integrated into an existing PBX infrastructure, can route IP based voice, video and data directly to an ACD/PBX agent’s PC, IP phone and/or digital phone from an H.323 compliant gateway. The company is also in the process of further developing the system to support SIP technologies.

The product is currently available for Windows NT and Unix based systems. Pricing was not disclosed.

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

AB Lietuvos telekomas and Nexcom Team to Develop VoIP Services
AB Lietuvos telekomas has reported that it is partnering with Nexcom Telecommunications to establish a joint venture that will develop Internet telephony (voice and fax) and other value added IP based offerings in the Lithuanian market. Nexcom is in the process of constructing an IP telephony network throughout Central and Eastern European markets. It currently has operational POPs in six markets, with plans to expand its networks into at least eight additional countries by the end of next year. AB Lietuvos telekomas offers a variety of services throughout Lithuania including fixed telephony services, network and data communication services, Internet related services, provision of wholesale services.

AB Lietuvos telekomas

Nexcom Telecommunications

Odigo to Integrate eYak’s VoIP Technology
Odigo has reported that it is planning to license eYak’s IP enhanced services platform for integration into its messaging solution, PhoneDate, to enable users to initiate IP calls with other users, or users of various other instant messaging systems such as AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ. eYak’s platform can be used to develop converged applications that require audio mixing, IVR, DTMF detection, web control, streaming audio, shared visuals, data collaboration, speech recognition, and/or recording and playback. The system is also interoperable with a variety of signaling protocol technologies including SIP.

Odigo expects the integrated product to be available by next month. In other developments, Polycom said that it has teamed with eYak to develop interoperability between eYak’s IP conferencing and enhanced services platform and its existing and developing SoundStation voice communications products to add voice service capabilities to the solutions.




Cadant, Clarent and Future Network Team For Cable VoIP System
Cadant, Clarent and Future Networks have teamed up to configure interoperability between their respective products and develop a telephony solution for cable operators. The system features a DOCSIS 1.1 and PacketCable compliant CMTS designed by Canant, which can support both on-net and off-net call traffic from Clarent’s technologies and Future Networks’ Multimedia Terminal Adapters.



Future Networks

Gilat Satellite to Deploy comMatch’s Voice Gateway Technology
Gilat Satellite Networks said that it is planning to integrate comMATCH’s Duet 3000 Voice Gateway products into its DialAw@y VSAT solution to connect with the PSTN and develop support for telephony services over its satellite infrastructure. Gilat initially intends to deploy the technology in various markets throughout Asia and Latin America.


Gilat Satellite Networks

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