IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 09 1999

CableLabs Releases PacketCable 1.0 Specs

CableLabs reported that it has completed work on the PacketCable 1.0 specifications. The organization has released sixteen documents that provide the fundamental requirements for call signaling, QoS, media stream, client provisioning, billing event message collection, PSTN interconnection, and security interfaces necessary to implement a PacketCable solution for residential voice services. The specs define the implementation of residential services as a set of CPE that can be controlled by a single call management server or cluster of servers on a network (between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of subscribers). CableLabs plans to further develop the specs to include the protocol technology necessary to provide interoperability across service provider boundaries, and to define additional feature capabilities, such as PBX extension and multimedia conferencing.

PacketCable is a CableLabs-led initiative aimed at developing interoperable interface specifications for delivering real-time multimedia services over two-way cable plant. The initiative is focused on using cable modem infrastructure running IP technology to provide an array of multimedia services including IP telephony, multimedia conferencing, telecommuter services, as well as other integrated multimedia applications.

PacketCable 1.0 Specs



Videotron Prepares to Launch VoIP Services

Videotron Communications announced that it has teamed with Cisco and Telcordia to develop an IP telephony service over its Quebec cable system. The operator has already deployed the needed infrastructure in the market, and has been testing the services with a limited group of 200 users in Montreal since July of this year. The service is currently in the final stages of preparation, as it has tested internally successful, and it has completed interconnections with Bell Canada’s traditional telephony networks. In addition, it complies with all of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s requirements (links to emergency services (911), directory assistance (411), operator (0), and assistance for the hearing impaired (711)). The operator is also planning to guarantee number portability. Videotron will be able to offer the services to the nearly one million homes passed via its Quebec system.

In other news, Videotron said that U.S. investment firm Carlyle Group will pay approximately $200 million to acquire convertible preferred equity in Videotron Telecom, a wholly owned subsudiary of Videotron Groupe Lte. The $200 million is expected to give the Carlyle Group about a 29 percent vested interest in the company, which has a value of approximately $700 million. Videotron will use the funds to extend its present Quebec based telecommunications network throughout Canada.

Le Groupe Videotron


Telcordia Technologies

Startec Secures Hong Kong Internet License

Startec Global Communications announced that it has launched Internet and telephony services in Canada and Hawaii. The provider intends to market these services to its Russian, Polish, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Philippines and Japanese communities. In addition, the provider has just secured a license to offer Internet services in Hong Kong. The company just acquired select assets and operations from Worldwide Telecommunications, a provider of voice and data services in Hong Kong, with intentions to use the Hong Kong facilities to launch VoIP services throughout the region as soon as possible.

Startec is in the process of building a global IP telephony network. Its Clarent equipment based VoIP network currently consists of over 20 POPs, with eight switches, 20 IP gateways and 50 international interconnectivity agreements that enable it to route traffic to more than 44 countries.



Pacific Access & Congruent to Offer FastComm’s Products

FastComm Communications has announced that both Congruent International and Pacific Access Technology Holdings will distribute its line of voice, fax and video data networking and data center routing products. Congruent will distribute FastComm’s products throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. Pacific Access and its subsidiary, PAKETS.com, will offer FastComm’s array of networking products throughout the U.S. All three entities will market FastComm’s line of data networking products including the GlobalStack and MetroLAN VoIP and VoFR networking devices, the WebRouter Internet access device, the EtherFRAD and RingFRAD line of products, and the GUI-based network management system, GlobalView.


Pacific Access

CSII to Use Nortel’s Equipment for Service

Cable Satisfaction International has announced that it is planning to use Nortel Networks’ equipment to upgrade its network to support IP multimedia and information services including VoIP, FoIP, VPN and video transmissions. The 3 year deal is valued at about 60 million euros.

Nortel Networks

Cable Satisfaction International

Tekelec Offering TALI Software Free Of Charge

Tekelec said that it is offering the protocol source code for its open systems platform, TALI (transport adapter layer interface), to OEM developers at no charge. The technology is a protocol software solution that provides signaling between voice and packet networks. It allows operators to support call set-up and tear-down, access full-featured service platforms, and perform diagnostics and monitoring on SS7 or IP networks. It can also be used to migrate traditional circuit-switched and wireless networks to next-generation packet networks such as IP telephony networks.



3Com to Acquire LANSource Technologies

3Com announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire LANSource Technologies. The deal has an estimated value of approximately $26 million, specific details were not disclosed. The companies expect to complete the transaction this month. 3Com plans to leverage LANSource’s FoIP technologies to develop FoIP products and to further enhance its existing products.

The companies have been co-developing FoIP and integrated messaging solutions since 1997.


LANSource Technologies

Critical Path Completes FaxNet Acquisition

Critical Path announced it has completed the acquisition of FaxNet’s assets and operations. Financial details were not disclosed. Critical Path plans to integrate FaxNet’s array of FoIP technologies into its line of corporate Internet messaging solutions.

Critical Path


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