IP Telephony news wrap-up for Dec 1, 1998

Multiservice Switching Forum to Promote ATM-Switching Standardization. 

A new consortium, the Multiservice Switching Forum (MSF) has been created to promote the standardization of ATM-capable multiservice switching systems that support voice, video, private line, and data services such as ATM, Frame Relay, and IP. The MSF will focus on protocols and interfaces used within switching systems and promote the specifications of industry associations such as the ATM Forum, IETF, ITU, Frame Relay Forum, and Bellcore's Generic Requirements process. The group will also contribute to the IETF's activities in the standardization of MGCP (media gateway control protocol) for VoIP and VoATM. The forum's working groups for architecture, switch control, and voice have proposed provisional implementation agreements for the architecture and the virtual switch interface protocols for switch control. For information about joining the MSF, contact 510-608-3990 or info@msforum.org. Founding members of the MSF include MCI WorldCom, Cisco, Bellcore, AT&T, Alcatel, Ascend, British Telecom, Fujitsu, Lucent, Nortel Networks, Siemens, Telecom Italia, Telia AB, and US West. The Multiservice Switching Forum http://www.msforum.org

VIP Calling & Microworld Team to Provide VoIP Services in Hong Kong

VIP Calling has announced that it is teaming with Microworld Limited to form a new entity to offer wholesale international origination and termination services to carriers in the Hong Kong market. VIP Calling Hong Kong Limited expects to receive its public non-exclusive telecommunications service license next month, just after Hong Kong's telecommunications market is deregulated. Microworld Limited provides systems integration and support services for V/FoIP, call center integration, conference bridging, telecommuter access, calling card and video.

VIP Calling http://www.vipcalling.com

Microworld Limited http://www.microworld.com.hk

Telia Light Uses VocalTec Products for VoIP Services

Telia Light has announced that it will use VocalTec's Ensemble Architecture (VEA) line of VoIP products to expand an existing phone to phone pilot with the addition of PC to phone and web-based call center services. Users will be able to sign up for service and download the co-branded version of the IP telephony software at Telia's web site. The web based call center solution will utilize VocalTec's Surf&Call plug-in, which works in conjunction with the VocalTec Gateway. Telia plans to deploy the new services next month.

VocalTec http://www.vocaltec.com

Telia Light http://www.telia.se

Level 3 Launches VoIP Services

Level 3 has announced that it will provide telecommunications services in the Philadelphia and Houston markets as it begins building its international IP based network. Initially, the provider will use leased network capacity to route traffic. Level 3's network is expected to provide both local and long distance services in dozens of markets, connecting users throughout the US, Europe and Asia. The company expects that it will offer service in 15 US markets by year's end, with ultimate plans to offer service in 50 US markets.

Level 3 http://www.l3.com

Dacom to Use Cisco Equipment for IP Network

Dacom, a South Korean telco, has announced that it will utilize Cisco's equipment to build an IP based multiservice network. Cisco will also provide consulting services for network optimization, traffic modeling and network management for the network. In addition, the companies will jointly develop and market IP/VPN and ATM telecommunications solutions to business customers in South Korea and other Asian markets. Dacom will utilize VIP Calling's global IP telephony network to provide international interconnectivity for its IP services. VIP Calling's network has gateways and switching facilities in New York, Los Angeles, a NOC in Burlington, Massachusetts, and high capacity POPs in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America.

Cisco http://www.cisco.com

Dacom http://www.dacom.co.kr/home.html

VIP Calling http://www.vipcalling.com

Netrue and Tangsheng Investment to Develop IP Telephony Switch

Global Light has announced that Netrue and Tangsheng Investment and Development Co (an affiliate of Shanghai Bell) is planning to further develop and market NeTue's existing IP telephony offerings as well as develop a carrier-grade, large-port capacity IP telephony switch. In a separate announcement, Global Light has just acquired an additional 4 percent equity stake in NeTrue, increasing its equity ownership interest to 55 percent.

Global Light http://www.ggbtelecom.com

Netrue http://www.netrue.com

Protonet Introduces Internet Fax Web Development Tools

ProtoNet has announced the introduction of web development tools that will enable web developers to integrate ProtoNet's Internet fax technology, ProtoFax, into Cold Fusion and Active Server Pages. ProtoFax is a server software package that enables PCs to send faxes and alphanumeric pages over the Internet via e-mail, the web, Windows applications as well as Cold Fusion and Active Server Page applications. The software is designed to run on Windows 95, 98 and NT Internet and intranet servers. ProtoFax v3.1 is priced at $295.00. The web tools and an evaluation version of ProtoFax 3.1 are available for download at ProtoNet's web site. ProtoNet http://www.protonet.com

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