IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 12 2002

1. Cisco Names Customers of its BLISS, VIA, and MVS Systems
Cisco has named a string of customers that use its technology to deliver services based on the company’s Broadband Local Integrated Services Solution (BLISS), Voice Infrastructure and Applications (VIA) transport services, and Managed Voice Services (MVS) solutions.

FastWeb and Bredbandsbolaget are using BLISS. The BLISS metro Ethernet enables service providers to deliver high- speed Internet, local and long distance voice, video, and hosted services such as network-based file storage. Key components of the technology include the access infrastructure, call control servers, PSTN interconnect through SS7, and CPE.

ITXC and SingTel are using VIA, a solution for delivering IP-based voice transit services over a core IP transport infrastructure. The technology has recently been enhanced with the integration of Cisco’s PGW 2200 softswitch into the H.323 architecture, enabling full MGCP based call control and support of 90 SS7 variants. In addition, the company’s SIP proxy server has been incorporated, adding support for SIP based applications such as MSN Messenger Voice service.

Equant and Sprint are using MVS to deliver bundled managed voice services. Service providers are able to offer inter- site voice, video, and data over a QoS network and provide closed user group dialing services as well as off-net long distance via SS7 and ISDN. Providers are able to provide support services such as configuration management, performance and capacity oversight, fault monitoring, help desk, and reporting.

Cisco Systems

3. Proxim Adds VoIP Support to Wireless WAN & LAN Products
Proxim has added VoIP support to its Tsunami point to multipoint wireless WAN and LAN products. The VoIP capabilities will available as a free firmware upgrade for existing customers and will ship as a standard feature for new units.


5. Fujitsu Using Ulticom’s Signaling with Softswitch
Fujitsu Limited is using Utilicom’s Signalware software in its GeoServe signaling gateway server, a part of Fujitsu’s softswitch solution. The signaling gateway enables interworking between the PSTN and IP networks that terminate SS7 and control the H.248 media gateway. It also provides the SIP interworking function.

Macnica Networks resells Ulticom’s products in Japan.



Macnica Networks

7. TDK Unveils Software Enabling VoIP on Bluetooth Devices
TDK systems has introduced Bluetooth application version 1.3, software that allows Bluetooth devices to exchange voice, images and data including support for VoIP. The software supports the latest MMS mobile handsets. Version 1.3 is packaged with the company’s new Bluetooth PC cards and USB adapters. TDK’s existing Bluetooth customers can download a free version of the upgrade.

TDK Systems

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