IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 13 2000

CUseeMe Networks Introduces New Conference Server
CUseeMe Networks has announced the introduction of a new version of its MeetingPoint conferencing server product dubbed the CUseeMe Conference Server. The product will include the vendor’s CUseeMe Web client to provide an end to end multimedia conferencing solution for Microsoft NT/2000, Sun and Linux operating environments. It will be available in configurations that can support 10, 25 and 50 simultaneous users, and the server can be linked together for larger operations. It is based on H.323 and T.120 conferencing protocol technologies to provide interoperability with other clients, and/or it can ship with an integrated Microsoft Exchange environment option, which will enable Outlook 2000 users to schedule, start, stop, manage, update and connect to videoconferences from the desktop interface. In addition, it can be configured to interface with gateways connected to IDSN based H.320 networks and videoconferencing clients as well as traditional telephones.

The CUseeMe web client has been recently improved with a new user interface, enhanced audio and video capabilities and integrated T.120 data collaboration capabilities (via Microsoft NetMeeting). It supports full CIF video technologies as well as QCIF and sub QCIF. Users can utilize the product in H.323 mode, for use with other H.323 compliant clients, or in CU-SeeMe mode, where users can view up to 12 simultaneous video windows in a group conference setting.

The conferencing product is expected to be available by the end of the year. Pricing is based on user configuration, with a 10 user system priced at $8,995. Pricing for the Exchange option begin at $3,995.


Quicknet Integrates Black Ice’s Email/Fax Viewer Technology
Quicknet Technologies has announced that it has integrated Black Ice Software’s Tiff Viewer technology into its MicroTelco application to enable users to view TIFF based fax documents sent to an email account. The MicroTelco application is an online VoIP account portal that provide access to various IP telephony carrier’s networks. It enables users of the vendor’s hardware products (Internet PhoneJACK-PCI, Internet PhoneJACK-ISA, Internet LineJACK and/or the Internet PhoneCARD) and Internet Switchboard software, to initiate calls from a PC to a traditional phone or fax machine (fax to email also). It can be configured to allow users to find a local VoIP provider, and choose which provider to use based on various criteria such as quality or least cost. In addition, other providers can private brand the system, and develop revenue sharing arrangements for the calls that its subscribers initiate. The system also includes an online billing section that allows users to access calling details such as calling history, provider used, call duration, view billing details, and recharge accounts.

In other news, Pagoo said that it has integrated Quicknet’s Open H323 VoIP software stack into its VoIP service/application development tool, Voice Express. Pagoo offers the private brandable Voice Express technology on an ASP or licensed basis. Under the ASP model, Pagoo will host and manages all components of the VoIP system including the application, VoIP network, call signaling and service operations. With the licensed solution, Pagoo provides and manages the software application and the customer hosts various parts of the system.

The Open H323 is an open source implementation of H.323 that provides interoperability between users, gateways and gatekeepers.


Black Ice Software




Eicon To Augment Card to Support VoIP Technologies
Eicon Networks has announced that it is planning to further develop its DIVA Server T1/PRI card to support VoIP technologies. The product currently offers up to 24 ports that can be used for simultaneous fax, unified messaging, voice mail, email and remote access services. It offers support for a variety of technologies including ISDN, V.90, analog, fax and GSM technologies, and the vendor is in the process of enhancing the unit to support additional technologies such as H.323 (G.165, G.711 and G.723.1), RTP and anti-jitter technologies to provide VoIP functionality.

The enhanced product, which will be branded the DIVA Voice Server T1/PRI, is expected to be available by next February. Pricing was not disclosed.

Eicon Networks

La Jolla Country School Deploys Alcatel’s VoIP Technology
La Jolla Country Day School said that is it planning to deploy Alcatel’s IP Telephony Starter Kit technology to build a VoIP network that will interconnect the buildings on its 24-acre campus. The education institution intends to install Alcatel’s OmniPCX 4400 units in its existing PBX infrastructure to develop IP telephony connectivity with the vendor’s Reflexes IP phones, which are being installed in approximately 80 percent of its classrooms. In addition, the institution is also planning to deploy Alcatel’s OmniStack model 6024 data switches to develop the option of deploying a separate LAN for voice, which will ease traffic congestion as new endpoints are added. Alcatel landed the deal through Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), which was in the process of surveying, proposing and implementing a network for the campus, and will provide ongoing maintenance and support services.

Alcatel recently introduced the IP Telephony Starter Kit, which consists of OmniPCX 4400 IP based voice communications solution, OnmiStack 6024 Workgroup Data Switch and 10 IP Reflexes desktop telephones. The UNIX based 4400 can support from 50 to 50,000 users, and features one-number mobility, unified messaging, VoIP networking, QoS management, a web based customer contact center, and network management capabilities. The 6024 unit is a 24-port 10/100 Ethernet switch that can be stacked four high to support a total of 104 ports. Each unit features two optional slots for stacking modules, fiber-optic Fast Ethernet modules (100BaseFX), or Gigabit Ethernet uplink modules (1000BaseSX, 1000BaseLX).

La Jolla Country Day School


Science Applications International

Intuit Integrates j2’s Fax Technologies
Inuit has reported that it has integrated j2 Global Communications’ IP fax technologies into its QuickBooks for the Web and QuickBooks 2001 applications. The products will now enable users to send documents (such as invoices or estimates) directly from the software as a facsimile to any email account in the world. Traffic will be routed to Intuit’s QuickBooks gateway, and then onto j2’s networks, which has operations in 157 cities and 14 countries.


j2 Global Communications

Mediatrix Telecom Secures US$14.5 Million in First Round of Funding
Mediatrix Telecom said that it has closed a US$14.5 million first round financing with Mustang Ventures, which is the corporate venture arm of Siemens’ Information and Communication Networking groups. The company intends to use the funding to further develop and market its line of IP communication solutions, which includes its recently introduced APA-III IP access gateway, a product that can support up to four analog phones and/or G3 based fax machines connected to IP networks, or up to three devices connected to the PSTN. It supports communications technologies including SIP, MGCP, H.323 (G.711, G.723.1 and G.729) and T.38 fax.

Mediatrix Telecom

First Capital to Acquire Estonian ITSP, TGK-LINK AS
First Capital International has announced that it has signed a LOI to acquire a majority interest in TGK-LINK AS, an Estonia based VoIP operator. First Capital is in the process of building and expanding its ISP and VoIP infrastructures in Central and Eastern European markets. It has also recently acquired an Estonian based ISP, Anet Eesti, which will aid in the development of the offerings.

First Capital International

Anet Eesti

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