IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 13 2001

1. Arris Introduces VoIP over Cable Planning Solution

1. Arris Introduces VoIP over Cable Planning Solution
Arris has introduced CompleteVoice, a suite of programs for planning, installing, and supporting VoIP networks over cable networks. The technology assists in developing business models, identifying HFC plant upgrade requirements, providing network and product level integration services, implementing integrated OAM&P solutions that address mixed networks, accelerating deployments to the subscriber base with training and service programs, and providing IP, circuit-switched or mixed network telephony hardware and software solutions.

CompleteVoice includes Integrated Solutions Testing, an interoperability verification tool for high-speed data solutions, Arris' VoIP over cable solution, and third party VoIP systems. The technology includes a documented system of version and change control for all operator configuration submitted to the Integration Solutions Testing service and provides the ability to track version and change control throughout the lifetime of the deployed solution. Systems integration testing is provided on three levels including demonstration and evaluation, ready for initial deployment, and ready for commercial deployment.

Arris has said that Frankfort Plant Board, a utility based in Frankfort, Kentucky, has deployed ToP, its VoIP over Cable solution. The provider will deploy the company's Cornerstone IP access system, CPS 2000 ElementPro, Touchstone Telephony Port and TollBridge TB200 PSTN gateway. Arris will also provide training, installation, and support services. The deal, valued at $2 million, calls for initial equipments shipments to begin this quarter and extend through Q'2 of next year. Telephony services are scheduled be launched at the end of that quarter.


3. Comdial Introduces IP Phone
Comdial has introduced iPrimo SCS, an IP phone that features a LCD display with 13 interactive soft keys, automatic DHCP support, multi-line and intercom busy lamps, a dozen user-programmable buttoms, advanced dialing options, and hands free communication. The business-class product is Class B certified by the FCC for residential use.


5. Performance Technologies Introduces Telecom Adapter
Performance Technologies has introduced the PC1384, a T1/E1/J1 adapter that operates as a fully programmable communications subsystem. The technology includes an embedded Linux OS and optional communications protocol software. Applications for the adapter include SS7 network elements, wireless infrastructure equipment, media and signaling gateways, and telecom switching and routing equipment.

The PC1384 is currently available. Pricing begins at $3295.

Performance Technologies

7. Mitel Introduces Small Business Networking Solution
Mitel Networks has introduced the 3100 ICP, a small business IP networking solution that provides a LAN infrastructure, router, IP voice and data communications, WAN and public network connectivity, in-line powering for IP phones, auto-attendant and voicemail, and support for up to 24 IP and 10 analog users.

The 3100 IC with a 24-port configuration is priced at $13,440.

Mitel Networks

9. DSP Group Introduces VoIP Design
DSP Group has introduced VoPKey, a licensable VoIP design that includes DSP software for speech compression/decompression, echo cancellation, associated signaling functions, interfaces to microprocessors, A/D converters, D/A converters, TDM ports, and general purpose I/O ports. The technology is can handle up to four full-duplex, echo-cancelled VoIP channels.

VoPKey is targeted at semiconductor companies and OEMs developing residential and SME VoIP and VoB gateways.

A reference design is offered with VoPKey including designs developed with NEC, Agere, Intersil, and Legerity.

DSP Group

11. Russia Broadband to Deploy Motorola's VoB Solution
Motorola has announced that Russia Broadband Communications' subsidiary, PentaCom, will deploy its CMTS, cable modems, optical transmitters, cable television decoders, and VoIP residential gateways to offer voice and data services. PentaCom is developing a 27 city network in the Moscow region that will serve approximately one million homes over the next four years.



13. Cisco and Verizon to Use Genuity's VoIP System
Genuity has said Cisco and Verizon will internally deploy its Back Rocket Voice, an IP voice and data enterprise business solution. Cisco will be deploying the system including 35,000 IP phones to 41 U.S. sites. Verizon will be testing the system at several West Coast sales branches.




15. NetTest Introduces MGCP Testing System
NetTest has introduced a MGCP testing system, the MGCP Functional and Performance Test Suite, that that provides emulation of a VoIP network including up to 20 media gateways and thousands of endpoints. The technology provides characterization of MGCP network devices under extreme signaling loads.


17. Frost & Sullivan Releases VoIP Market Study
Frost & Sullivan has released World VoIP Equipment, a market study that tracks the demand and deployment plans of service providers and trends admist a weakening economy. The firm finds that the industry generated more than $1 billion in revenues in 2000 and that it will exceed $14 billion by 2006. The report is part of Frost & Sullivan's Global VoIP Equipment Market, a service that includes market analysis of European VoIP equipment markets, U.S. IP cable telephony markets, and world VoIP telephony service markets.

Frost & Sullivan

19. CrystalVoice Launches VoIP Service
CrystalVoice has launched a PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone VoIP service featuring 3-way conferencing, presence management, and call waiting. The PC-to-PC service provides unlimited worldwide calling for $1 a month and PC-to-phone at 3.9 CPM from anywhere to the U.S. CrystalVoice is providing a free 30-day trial of the PC-to-PC service and 5-minutes of free PC-to-phone calls.

CrystalVoice has said that its service requires less than 8 kbps of throughput to deliver calls.


CrystalVoice Live!

21. BRC to Distribute CommWorks' IP Fax Products
CommWorks has announced that BRC Communications has become the company's exclusive worldwide distributor for its Faxport and Winport IP fax messaging software. BRC will service the estimated 25,000 Faxport customer sites and will develop new features for the products. The CommWorks products integrate with LAN messaging systems including Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Lotus Notes/Domino, Thin Client/Server and POP3.


BRC Communications


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