IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 17 2003

1. Atmel Introduces VoIP Chip for Wi-Fi Phones
Atmel has introduced AT76C901, a VoIP chip designed for wireless applications. The technology is capable of running VoIP software, firmware enabling 802.11b and voice compression and decompression, on a single chip. It requires only an SDRAM, flash, LCD display, keypad, battery, 802.11b baseband and RF front-end to comprise an entire wireless VOIP phone.

The AT76C901 consists of an ARM7TDMI RISC processor for running VoIP protocol stacks and two subsystems. One subsystem consists also of an ARM7 and 802.11b MAC and implements the 802.11b capability. The second subsystem consists of an OakDSPCore and integrated voice CODEC. The Oak performs voice compression and decompression to G.711, G.723.1 and G.729ab.

Atmel’s chip supports e-DCF (enhanced Distributed Coordinated Function) for QoS. The chip is run by the VxWorks RTOS from Wind River. The RTOS supports the TCP/IP stack used on the phone as well as several other networking protocols such as TCP, and UDP DHCP client.

A complete reference design kit (AT76C901-DK) using the RF Micro Devices baseband, single-chip RF transceiver and power amplifier is available to qualified customers. Included with the kit are complete schematics, Bill of Materials, gerbers and software. The software includes a SIP stack, firmware for the 802.11b, voice CODECs (G.711, G.723.1 and G.729ab) and the VxWorks real-time operating system. Some software requires a license.

The AT76C901 is packaged in a 217-pin uBGA. Pricing starts around $22 in quantities of 50,000.


3. Suburban Telecom Deploys Mind CTI’s VoIP Billing Solution
Suburban Telecom, a telecom service provider based in Nigeria, has deployed Mind CTI’s iPhonEX, a billing and customer care solution that will be used for interconnect billing for its domestic and international transit network services.

Suburban Telecom

Mind CTI

5. Datalogic to Develop Videoconferencing for Mortgage Industry
Datalogic has been commissioned by Epic Financial and Paramco Financial to develop a custom videoconferencing system for the mortgage industry.


7. Avaya to Integrate Polycom’s Videoconferencing
Avaya and Polycom have strengthened their strategic partnership to include a new initiative to jointly develop and market videoconferencing solutions that will be integrated into Avaya’s converged voice and data systems. The agreement also calls for Avaya to resell Polycom’s products globally, building on a reseller agreement that had been confined to North America.

The new collaboration will combine Avaya’s MultiVantage Communications Application suite including Communication Manager, with Polycom’s ViaVideo desktop solutions, group video systems, MGC family of unified conference bridges and voice terminals. Ultimately, The new system will combine voice calls and conferencing, instant messaging, speech access and mobile communications as well as video enabling Avaya’s desktop phones.

The companies plan a single network management system for voice and video that includes common signaling, a standardized dial plan, common directories, and common authentication and authorization procedures.

The joint solution is scheduled for availability in mid 2004.



9. TechTerra Launches SIP based PC to Phone Service
TechTerra has launched TerraCall, a prepaid SIP based PC to phone service. The service, available to consumers with a broadband connection, utilizes Xten’s softphone. Rates start at 2.9 cents per minute.

TerraCall employs ComWest’s switching and billing platform and Xten’s firewall traversal solution.


11. AT&T Extends Partnership with Cisco to Include EMEA
AT&T and Cisco will work together through their direct sales forces in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) to develop joint marketing programs that support the delivery of end to end managed services to enterprises and multinational companies including IP VPNs, managed Internet services, managed security services, and hosting services.

Cisco Systems


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