IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 19 2003

1. Ixia Unveils VoIP Test Software Based on NetIQ’s Chariot
Ixia has introduced IxChariot 5.0, an IP network testing solution that assesses a network for multicast, video on demand, and VoIP services and emulates the transaction environment found in an enterprise network to verify performance characteristics of devices in real-time. Users can simultaneously generate and measure the impact of Ixia’s Layer 2/7 traffic generation concurrently with IxChariot’s VoIP, Cisco IPTV, Oracle, SAP or other customer specific enterprise application traffic. IxChariot offers expanded IPv6 functionality and operates on Ixia hardware, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and PC platforms.


3. ADC Introduces Cable Modem Termination System
ADC has introduced Cuda 3000, a CMTS for cable systems that pass less than 50,000 homes. The headend is capable of supporting residential cable modem service, business data services, and voice services. The technology is not DOCSIS 2.0 qualified.


5. Cabovisao to Launch VoCable Services in Portugal
Cabovisao, Portugal second largest cable operator passing more than 770,000 homes, plans to rollout VoIP services in a trial of 4,000 customers. The operator already provides circuit switch phone services over its network to 160 subscribers.

Cabovisao will deploy Nuera’s ORCA RDT 8v VoIP gateways.



7. ICG Expands Managed VoIP Service to Include More Large Markets
ICG Communications, a facilities based communications provider, has expanded its hosted IP PBX service to include Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Washington DC. The service, driven by VocalData’s VOISS platform, offers IP PBX and IP Centrex, with features including private dialing plans and call feature configuration via a web portal.

ICG already offers VoicePipe in 23 markets in California, Colorado, the Ohio Valley, Texas, and within the Southeast. VoicePipe operates over ICG’s nationwide MPLS-based IP network.

ICG Communications

9. UTStarcom Plans Expansion into North American Market
UTStarcom, a leading IP systems solution provider in Asia, has established 20 direct sales offices in 15 major U.S. markets, with plans to aggressively market its IP systems solutions to North American service providers. The company will be pitching end to end IP connectivity for wireline, wireless, and optical access deployments including its family of DSLAMs and BRAS, CDMA 2000 Packet Data Serving Nodes, OC-3 and 10G optical solutions, and unified messaging and softswitch products.


11. EDS to Resell 3Com’s VoIP Products
EDS will resell 3Com’s portfolio of switches, routers, and VoIP enterprise networking products and will work together to jointly develop new technologies. Initially, EDS will offer 3Com’s products in the U.S. and the UK, and in vertical markets such as retail and finance.



13. Iwatsu Introduces SIP Based VoIP System
Iwatsu Electric has introduced NetSpeak, a SIP based VoIP platform that consists of a call control server, key phones, PSTN gateways, and wireless handsets. The technology uses Iwatsu’s own echo cancellation. The platform supports Iwatsu’s Executive and Base model SIP station hardware.

NetSpeak supports up to 1,000 voice terminals. The phones are $500 each in quantities of 500.

Iwatsu America will release a version of NetSpeak for the North American market next year.


15. Level3 to Terminate Traffic for T-Systems in North America
T-Systems will launch a MPLS based enterprise voice and data service between Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Level3 will be providing termination for T-Systems in North America.



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