IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 20 2002

1. VeriSign Adds Toll Bypass to Softswitch Services
VeriSign has launched a domestic and international termination service using SS7 over IP. NovaTel, a San Antonio-based long distance wholesaler, is using VeriSign’s service to complete calls to Mexico and India for 2 large U.S. long distance companies.

VeriSign Telecommunication Services


3. AudioCodes Introduces High Density VoIP Processor
AudioCodes has introduced AC491, a high density VoIP processor designed to be implemented around Texas Instruments’ TMS320C55x architecture. The technology integrates 6 C55x cores, on chip memory and peripherals. The processor has a density of more than 1000 channels of G.723, and G.729A/B vocoders. It features a G.168 2000 compliant echo canceller with up to 128ms echo tail, T.38 fax relay, signaling support, RTP/RTCP packetization and media encryption (AES).

The AC491 uses Utopia Level 2 for glueless interface to multiple network processors. The processor uses no external memory for its full spec operation.

AudioCodes’ new product is available with a suite of vocoders and features for wireless and cable applications.

The processor is being tested by multiple tier one OEMs. Samples and an evaluation board are currently available. Volume production is planned for Q3 2003. It is packaged in a 16×16 mm BGA and priced at $400 each in quantities of 10,000.


5. UTStarcom’s Softswitch to Include Spectrum’s Module
UTStarcom will include Spectrum Signal Processing’s aXs 620 within its mSwitch softswitch solution to provide media gateway handling of voice calls. The module will convert and process voice traffic between IP and TDM-based networks. The processing includes voice compression, echo cancellation, fax relay, and other services.


Spectrum Signal Processing

7. ElephantTalk to Acquire Hicent Telecom
ElephantTalk Communications has signed a LOI to acquire Hicent Telecom, a medium sized international exchange carrier with PoPs in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and PRC China. In addition to picking up new clients, the buy will provide ElephantTalk with direct routes into China and Vietnam.

Hicent records over 1.8 million calling minutes per month to Vietnam and has a traffic termination agreement with Saigon Post Telecommunications (SPT), one of three providers holding an international telecom license in Vietnam.


Hicent Telecom

9. Clarent to File Bankruptcy; Verso to Buy Company
Clarent, supplier of converged enterprise, long distance bypass and VoB solutions, has announced plans to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and to sell all of its assets to Verso Technologies for $9.8 million.

Verso Technologies


11. IBM Launches Enterprise VoIP Service
IBM has launched its Network Consulting, Integration, and Deployment package, a managed enterprise VoIP solution based on Cisco’s gear.


12. Ixia Using NetIQ’s Testing Software on Load Modules
Ixia has integrated NetIQ’s Chariot testing software within its TXS family of load modules. Through the inclusion of NetIQ’s technology, Ixia’s traffic and transaction generators will be able to simulate full scale enterprise networks with a mix of traffic types including VoIP, multicast, Oracle and SAP business transactions, combined with wire-speed Layer 2-3 traffic.

Ixia’s load modules feature a processor per port running Linux. A single chassis can support up to 128 individual ports.



14. Buyers United to Buy I-Link’s VoIP Network
Buyers United will acquire I-Link Communications’ VoIP network, its customer base and a license to use the company’s proprietary software platform in a deal that calls for Buyers to assume I-Link’s liabilities and pay $3 million in stock. I-Link will retain ownership of its VoIP technology and patents, as well as keep WorldxChange, its wholly owned subsidiary that provides international and domestic long distance services.

I-Link Communications

Buyers United

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