IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 20 2004

1. AT&T Extends VPN Capabilities and Adds New CallVantage Features
AT&T has announced new capabilities and features for both its global IP VPN service and its residential CallVantage VoIP service.

The new VPN features include support for digital, analog, and IP PBXs; a VoIP SLA; customer reports including CDRs and summaries; advanced routing features; dynamic real-time bandwidth allocation/prioritization; in-region, in-language, global customer support; unified billing for voice and data; and a new capability known as hoot and holler. The latter creates a conference bridge with IP multicasting to connect infinite endpoints from anywhere at anytime. The automatic ring down feature enables two phones to be instantly connected just by lifting the handsets.

AT&T is currently offering a promotion for new VPN customers that provides free off-net calling to locations worldwide for 60 days. As always, read your fine print, especially with AT&T. The promotion is subject to set call volumes and limited to no more than the equivalent of $1,000.

New calling features and capabilities have been added to CallVantage including the option to have 9 different phone numbers with distinctive ring served by the same line with separate call logs and voicemail; and support for a second VoIP line, fax machines, Do Not Disturb, record and send, advanced find me/follow me (selective & automatic when VoIP connection goes down), select calling features for international calling (call forwarding, click to dial, find me/follow me, phone book, and speed dial); support for phone book importation of 250 names in either Outlook, Outlook Express or Palm powered handhelds; and the ability to set a time zone for call logs and conference calling.

Additional phone numbers to be used with a single VoIP line is $7.49 per month per number. A dedicated second line is only available for subscribers that pay $29.99 for their initial VoIP line or $19.99 for a local only plan. Do Not Disturb is $1.99 per month. Record and send, which allows a person to record a message and then quickly send it to up to 20 phone numbers is 49 cents per use. Conference calling is 35 cents per minute.

Automated Find me/Follow me when the VoIP system goes down is only available to users with a D-Link 1120 terminal adapter connected directly to a modem.

All of the new features and capabilities are currently available.

CallVantage is available in 170 markets in 39 states and Washington D.C.


3. VoiceGlo’s Consumer VoIP Service Extends Area Code Options to 219
VoiceGlo, a consumer VoIP service provider, has extended its area code options to its GloPhoe subscribers to include 219 possible area codes in North America. Thirty one new area codes were added for areas in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Fourteen new area codes were added for the Canadian areas of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec.


5. Ace*Comm Introduces Mediation Platform for VoIP Networks
Ace*Comm has introduced Convergent Mediation Service Delivery Platform, a modular, configurable, J2EEE based platform that provides service implementation and control capabilities for VoIP, 3G, and IP services.

Convergent Mediation consolidates core service delivery OSS functions at the network’s edge.

The platform features real-time event management and service logic execution. The event processing platform enables deployment of new services and servers; facilitates the integration of new services with an existing OSS/BSS; and supports multiple interfaces to different OSS and CRM applications such as fraud, scoring, customer profiling, and provisioning.

Other features include real-time credit checking, supplemental subscriber information management, real-time rating and balance management, converged pre and post paid voice and data services, and real-time provisioning.

The platform will be available in Q1 of next year.


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