IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 20 2005

1. Ceva Introduces Solution for Developing VoIP SoCs
Ceva has introduced Ceva-VoP, a semiconductor package that consists of tools for developing VoIP functionality into SoCs. The tools include a fully programmable 200 MHz DSP engine and xpertteaklite 2, an integrated subsystem with cached memory, peripherals, and system interfaces. The solution also includes software modules for voice coding, echo cancellation, and telephony interfaces. In addition to the set of tools, Ceva offers a reference board and various application utilities.

Ceva-VoP is available in 2 configurations including a version that depends on the DSP to handle voice processing and networking support and a co-processor version that uses a host CPU for voice processing.

The development kit can be configured to develop chips with support for 1 to 8 voice channels along with support for multiple protocols such as G.711, G.726, G.729AB, and G.723.1. The technology also supports echo cancellation, fax relay, a full set of telephony features (such as tone generation/detection and caller ID), and RTP. In addition, Ceva-VoP delivers functionality for signaling and terminal user interface management.

Ceva specifies the kit would be ideal for developing dual mode VoIP/cellular phone applications and residential gateways.


3. NetZero Licensing CrystalVoice’s Tech to Offer VoIP
NetZero is licensing CrystalVoice’s acoustic QoS technology to support its new phone to phone VoIP service. The software monitors Internet voice flow and makes real-time data and acoustic adjustments to compensate for low bandwidth availability or variable Internet conditions.

http://www.netzerovoice.com target=_top>http://www.netzerovoice.com


5. Adtran Unveils 4 and 8 port VoIP Gateways
Adtran has introduced Total Access 904 and 908, 4 and 8 port gateways respectively that combine the functionality of a SIP gateway, an IP router, a firewall, QoS, IPSec VPN, remote survivability, IP phone provisioning and management and call admission control. For carriers, the gateways can deliver VoIP, SIP trunking, and hosted legacy and IP PBX applications.

The gateways provide a T1 port for WAN connectivity, a 10/100 Base T Ethernet port for connection to an Ethernet switch, a PRI/T1 port for PBX connectivity, and voice ports to support a variety of analog devices.

Customers get 24×7 toll free tech support, free firmware updates, and 10-year warranties.

The 4 port gateway is available for $1,025 and the 8 port goes for $1,150. Adtran also offers gateways with 12, 16 and 24 voice ports.


7. AirGate Introduces VoIP Solution for Prisons
AirGate is marketing VoIP modules for phones used by inmates to make collect calls from correctional facilities. The offering includes a wired module that requires PoE or a wireless module that requires a power line capable of voltage and current to the units. AirGate is pitching the prison phone gadgets via a model that will provide AirGate with a cut of collect call charges.

AirGate Technologies

9. FaxBack Introduces Boardless T.38 Fax Server
FaxBack has introduced Net Satisfaxtion IP, a T.38 boardless fax server that can be implemented with existing IP routers or in a legacy PBX with dedicated fax hardware.


11. Quintum Enhances Software for Tenor Switch Products
Quintum Technologies has enhanced the software that drives its Tenor MultiPath switches and gateways. The new release includes a configuration wizard that automatically deploys when a new Tenor is added to the network. Other improvements include support for DNS addressing, new failover capability and automatic load balancing, and support for IP Discovery protocol. The software also offers support for more mapped ports, allowing large branch offices to have PBX extension functionality.

The Tenor DX models now offer support for up to 96 SIP user agents, and Tenor Carrier MultiPath Switch supports up to 192.

The new software can be downloaded from the company’s web site.

Quintum Technologies

13. Cablemas to Launch VoCable Services in Tijuana
Cablemas, Mexico’s 2nd largest cable operator, plans to launch VoCable services in Tijuana, where its network passes 1.5 million homes. The service will be driven by Arris’ Cadant 4 CMTS and TM402G e-MTAs.

Cablemas provides video and cable modem services in 46 cities.


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