IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 21 2000

Inter-Tel to Purchase Network Services From Level 3
Inter-Tel.net has reported that it has reached an agreement with Level 3 Communications, in which it will lease capacity and collocate equipment at Level 3’s facilities to expand the reach of its transport and termination, VoIP, voice, fax and modem services. According to the terms of the deal, Inter-Tel plans to purchase Level 3’s network services in New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Inter-Tel offers 1+ dialing access for its phone to phone, PC to phone, fax and PC to PC VoIP communications services via a network that has operations, interconnected via dedicated leased capacity, deployed throughout the U.S., Mexico as well as in select international markets. The provider uses the PSTN to both originate and terminate calls, which are routed to its gateway network, converted into data traffic for transport to a gateway located near the call’s destination, where it is converted back into traditional traffic and transferred to the PSTN for termination. The company has also recently reported that it is planning to deploy Cisco’s gateways to expand its VoIP network, and to enable other providers to access its network and offer its services.

Level 3



Telocity and Villa Montage Team for Broadband Video On-Demand Trial
Telocity, a broadband service provider, has reported that it is teaming with Villa Montage Systems, a developer of broadband content delivery systems, to trial a video-on-demand service. The test, which is based on Telocity’s VelocityPort gateway and Villa Montage’s home subsystem, enables users to download a variety of motion pictures over Telecity’s DSL service to the Montage CPE, where the movie can be stored and viewed at the user’s leisure.


Villa Montage Systems

Vpacket Communications Introduces Business Class Voice/Data Router
Vpacket Communications has announced the introduction of the 6100 Series voice/data platform, its IP based multi-service router for converged networks/services. The unit is expected to enable providers to leverage existing broadband equipment to offer voice and data services directly to subscriber’s premises. It can support for up to 24 VoIP ports, via WAN interfaces for DSL, T1/E1, Frame Relay, etc., and traditional telecommunications/PBX/LAN communications via FXS, or T1/CAS, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interfaces. In addition, the product ships with the vendor’s Voice Network Management System to support QoS measurement and reporting features (packet loss, latency, jitter, etc.) on a customer and network basis, and to implement QoS capabilities for packet shaping and policy control which will identify and prioritize voice packets.

Vpacket Communications

Allied Business Intelligence Releases VoDSL Market Report
Allied Business Intelligence said that it has just released a VoDSL market report entitled, Voice Over DSL SME Markets for Integrated Access Devices and Voice Gateways. The study examines the worldwide and regional markets for VoDSL voice gateways and IADs from 1999 to 2006, including shipment figures, installed base, and average equipment selling prices. It also evaluates the small to medium enterprise (SME) market, projecting that the worldwide market for VoDSL voice gateways will increase to over 3 million ports by 2006, which is a compound average annual growth rate of 95 percent from last year.

Allied Business Intelligence

WebDialogs Introduces VoIP Enabled eCommerce System
WebDialogs has announced the introduction of WebIntertalk, its VoIP enabled eCommerce technology. The solution will enable users to upload a call button icon to a web site that can be clicked by visitors to initiate communications with a CSR. Once the button is clicked, the visitor will have the option of requesting connecting live with a CSR via VoIP technologies, or requesting a callback via the PSTN and the traditional telephone.


IntelliNet to Launch Educational/News Portal for SS7, VoIP and 3G
IntelliNet Technologies has reported that it is planning to launch a web portal, dubbed SS7oIP, that will provide educational information about SS7, VoIP, Softswitches and 3G networks and technologies, as well as related information about the companies own products. The site will feature an array of tutorials, links to other Internet resources and glossaries for the different technologies, and it will offer an industry related news section.

The portal is scheduled to be operational by January 1, 2001.


IntelliNet Technologies

First Capital Teams With CATV Operator to Develop Services
First Capital International reported that it has entered into an agreement with an undisclosed cable operator in Estonia, in which the firms intend to develop a variety of Internet related services including Internet access and VoIP. According to the terms of the agreement, the cable operator will supply all of the technical support and CATV equipment needed to develop the ISP and VoIP services, which will be offered by the cable operator’s to its more than 12,000 subs in partnership with First Capital’s ISP/VoIP subsidiary, Anet Eesti.

First Capital is in the process of building ISP and VoIP infrastructures throughout Central and Eastern European markets.

First Capital International

Anet Eesti

Siemens to Deploy Wireless/VoDSL Technology For Windstar
Winstar Communications reported that it is planning to deploy Siemens’ equipment to develop broadband wireless/VoDSL services. According to the terms of the two-year approximately $150 million agreement, Winstar will purchase Siemens’ Quickstream technology, which is a last mile broadband solution that combines an in-building VoDSL access distribution platform with Accelerated Networks’ ATM-based multiservice edge system including broadband voice gateways, and P-Com’s point to multipoint wireless access radio technology. Siemens will install and deploy the system and service for Windstar in various markets throughout the U.S., and it will also provide systems management services. The solution is expected to enable Windstar to offer services such as local and long distance telephony, Internet access, video conferencing, as well as a variety of additional broadband applications/services.

Winstar Communications


Accelerated Networks


Two Organizations Deploy eStara’s VoIP eCommerce Technology
eStara has announced that both SeeClearly Vision, a laser eye surgery center in the Washington DC market, and the Washington Capitals, a NHL hockey team, are planning to deploy its web based eCommerce VoIP technology, OneClick Contact, to enable web site visitors to initiate communications with a CSR. The technology enables users to embed a button on a web site or email that can be clicked by visitors/recipients to initiate VoIP communications. When the button/link is clicked, an SIP compliant client automatically downloads to the user’s PC as a thin Java client, then automatically connects the call. In addition, the vendor has configured the technology to interoperate with its Cisco voice gateways.


SeeClearly Vision

Washington Capitals

3Com to Integrate HearMe’s VoIP Technology
3Com reported that it is planning to integrate HearMe’s VoIP SoftPHONE client technology into its SIP Solutions. The SIP compliant client replicates the functionality of IP phones, enabling PC users to place and receive calls via a data network. It features traditional telephony functionality such as call transfer, call hold, call forward, caller ID and last number redial, and it is designed to be used with HearMe’s VoiceSERVER solution, a VoIP platform that supports VoIP connectivity from PC to phone, phone to phone, and PC to PC.



Access Power Sign-Up Over 150,000 Users For PC to Phone Service
Access Power announced that it has signed up over 150,000 users for its VoIP service, FreeWebCall.com. The provider recently launched the unlimited no charge PC to phone service, which is based on Microsoft’s NetMeeting client to enable users to place calls from any PC in the world to traditional phones throughout Canada, the UK and the U.S. The provider uses Cisco’s AccessPath-VS3 IP telephony gateway units to route calls to the destination telephones via Sprint’s networks.

Access Power

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