IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 22 2004

1. McLeodUSA Launches IP Business Services in 4 U.S. Markets
McLeodUSA has launched Preferred Advantage Dynamic Integrated Access, a converged IP based voice and data service to businesses in Denver, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit. The service includes 17 local calling features, abbreviated dialing, and free site to site calling between other service locations.

The provider plans to extend the service to 35 U.S. markets by the second half of 2005.


3. LineSider Introduces Suite of IP Voice and Data Services
LineSider Communications has introduced a suite of IP voice and data service including IP VPN, VoIP, storage and Wi Fi network applications. The VoIP services will be driven by BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platform.

LineSider Communications

5. IPcelerate Enhances Application Server for Cisco Based VoIP Systems
IPcelerate has introduced version 4.0 of IPsession, an application server that adds telephony features to Cisco’s VoIP system. The new release is now equipped with 802.11 and RFID interfaces, enabling it to operate in wireless environments. New features in 4.0 include:

* Status Alerts including emergency notification
* PreScheduled Zone Paging for pre-recorded messages
* Radio on Idle, streaming radio or CD music to IP phones when inactive
* Time Management, allowing employees to visually ‘clock-in’ and ‘clock-out’ from their IP phone
* Facilities Scheduler, allowing employees to visually schedule company resources, such as conference rooms, projectors, etc.
* Conference Assistance, connecting employees to pre-scheduled conference calls
* Phone Buddy List, allowing employees to visually indicate their status (Out of Town, Off-Site Meeting, Meeting in Conference Room 12, At Lunch, etc.)
* IPsession Cafe, a menu ordering system for companies with employee cafeterias.


7. Evolving Systems Introduces a Mediation and Usage Analysis Solution
Evolving Systems has introduced Mediation Central, a network data mediation solution, and NetVantage, a network usage analysis solution. The mediation system provides a common data collection layer across a carrier’s entire network, eliminating the need for multiple mediation systems. It includes billing data management for voice, data and content services over fixed and mobile networks. The analysis solution allows fixed line carriers to perform customer level SLAs as well as real-time performance management and capacity planning for narrowband and broadband networks.

The new products support DSL, IP and broadband network elements.

Evolving Systems

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