IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Dec, 23 1999

Charter and HSA to Trial VoIP in Georgia
High Speed Access is teaming with Charter Communications to trial a VoIP service in Georgia. Initially, the firms will use Lucent's PathStar system (with Motorola's CMTS), with plans to eventually incorporate support for equipment from multiple vendors. The companies plan to begin offering voice services over two-way cable plant by next summer.

High-Speed Access

Charter Communications

Charter and HSA to Trial VoIP in Georgia
High Speed Access is teaming with Charter Communications to trial a VoIP service in Georgia. Initially, the firms will use Lucent's PathStar system (with Motorola's CMTS), with plans to eventually incorporate support for equipment from multiple vendors. The companies plan to begin offering voice services over two-way cable plant by next summer.

High-Speed Access

Charter Communications

Bell South & US West to Use Critical Path for FoIP
Critical Path has announced that both U S WEST and Bell South are planning to use its technologies to offer FoIP capabilities to their respective subscribers. In the multi-year US West agreement, US West will provide its 25 million small business group customers with access to Critical Pathís email and fax services. The services/products will be offered under US WEST's brand. The Bell South deal will offer users a personal fax number which will enable the users to send and receive faxes from PC to email or vice versa. Broadcast fax capabilities will be supported. Critical Path will provide Bell South with a turnkey, outsourced, private Internet fax and messaging service, including hardware installation, equipment maintenance, activation, marketing, sales support, customer service, billing and collections.

US West

Bell South

Critical Path

PacketPort to Develop VoDSL Applications
PacketPort.com, formerly Linkon, announced that it is developing two Linux-based VoDSL devices: an IAD Internet appliance for SOHO users, and an applications server that will be located at remote premises. The SOHO IAD (which can be licensed or purchased separately) will support one line of Internet access and four lines of voice or fax over DSL connections; and the office IAD will provide one line of high speed Internet access and up to 24 lines of voice or fax.

The company expects the products to be available by next summer.


FNET Expands Network Throughout U.S.
Franklin Telecom announced that its provider subsidiary, FNet, has expanded its network into 22 U.S. markets including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Newark, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh/Durham, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Tampa, and Washington DC. FNET utilizes the network to route VoIP and traditional telephony traffic to its Westlake, California NOC and then onto its destination. The provider is currently expanding the capacity of the NOC to handle the expected additional traffic.


Franklin Telecom

Lucent & GI Team for Cable VoIP
Lucent has announced that it is teaming with General Instrument to develop IP telephony products that will operate over cable systems. The solution will be based on the interoperability of GI's CPE and Lucent cable system gear. It is expected to enable cable operators to deliver incoming and outgoing telephone calls, with CLASS features such as call waiting. In addition, the vendors plan to integrate their respective product management software.

The solution is currently being tested by an undisclosed provider, with several other trials planned before commercial availability.


General Instrument

Rapid Link Expands VoIP Network into Germany
German based Rapid Link GmbH said that it has obtained a license to provide nationwide telecommunications from the German Regulatory Authority, and it has installed Clarent's VoIP gateways at its NOC in Frankfurt. The provider is using the license and equipment to provide voice, fax and data services throughout the European market. The license will also enable the company to expand its interconnection agreements with Deutsche Telekom AG to allow the services to further penetrate the German market.

Rapid Link

Deutsche Telekom


Belle Systems Receives $36 Million in Investments
Belle Systems A/S, an IP based billing and management solution provider, announced that it has received US$36 million in investments from General Atlantic Partners, LLC, Cisco, Index Ventures and Vertex Management. The vendor plans to use the capital to expedite global expansion and distribution plans.

Belle Systems

Mail, ShopNow & Qualcomm to Offer Net2Phone
Net2Phone has reported that Mail.com, ShopNow.com and Qualcomm are planning to distribute its IP telephony products and services. In the three year agreement with Mail.com, Net2Phone's Click2Talk technology will be integrated into Mail.com's email account address book to enable users to place phone calls, with both U.S domestic and international connectivity, by clicking on an address book entry. The service will enable users to place calls from PC to phone, phone to PC, phone to phone and PC to PC. ShopNow.com will offer Net2Phone's services and product from its web site. The company plans to integrate the technology into its network and develop a communications center page for its web site that will enable visitors and online businesses to send and receive voice mail, faxes, email and phone calls. In addition, the provider will also market Net2Phone's Click2Talk ecommerce technology to its base of 40,000 online business customers. Qualcomm will bundle the latest version of Net2Phone's VoIP client software and a co-branded calling card with the latest version of its email software, Eudora. The email client will feature Net2Phone as a sponsor on the user interface.





PhoneFree Teams With Access Power For Service
PhoneFree.com said that it is teaming with Access Power to launch a flat rate, unlimited PC to phone service based on its VoIP client using Access Power's IP telephony network. All PhoneFree users can now pay $15 per month to place an unlimited amount of calls from any PC in the world to any phone in the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada or Puerto Rico.

Access Power also offers its own flat rate, unlimited PC to phone VoIP service, NetCaller, in the U.S., Canada and throughout 12 pan-European markets including Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden. The provider offers two calling plans: for $10/month calls can be placed from any PC in the world to any phone in the U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada; and for $20 a month users anywhere in the world can place calls from a PC to any phone in the 12 European markets, the U.S, Puerto Rico or Canada. In addition, the provider offers a flat rate phone to phone IP telephony service package that enables subscribers to place an unlimited amount of calls to and from any phone in the continental U.S. for $49 per month, with calls placed to Alaska, Canada or Hawaii charged an additional 7 CPM, and calls placed to international markets billed an extra .29 CPM.


Access Power

IDT to Offer Free Internet Communication Services
IDT has announced that it is developing an interactive online add web portal, ZeroDinero.com, that it plans to use to offer Internet access , VoIP and Internet facsimile services at no charge. Users will earn credits toward placing calls by clicking on ad banners.

The services are scheduled to be launched next month.



Bell Atlantic & ITXC Expand Termination Agreement
ITXC said that it has expanded an earlier termination relationship with Bell Atlantic to include terminations to Baltimore, Boston, North Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Bell Atlantic currently terminates calls in New York City for ITXC's interconnectivity service, WWeXchange.

Bell Atlantic


Videotron to Launch Service Next Summer
Videotron Group Ltd. said that it plans to launch residential telephone services based on Internet technologies by next summer. Earlier this month the cable operator announced that it has teamed with Cisco and Telcordia to develop an IP telephony service over its Quebec cable system. The operator has already deployed the needed infrastructure in the market, and has been testing the services with a limited group of 200 users in Montreal. Videotron will be able to offer the services to the nearly one million homes passed via its Quebec system.

Le Groupe Videotron

InterVoice Receives VoIP Order
InterVoice-Brite announced that it has received an order to develop VoIP capabilities for an undisclosed providerís network. Financial details were not disclosed. The order calls for InterVoice to develop applications that will enable the carrier to migrate existing traffic from the PSTN to an IP network. InterVoiceís VoIP solution acts as an IP media server that can route traffic over either the PSTN or IP networks.


Data Race to Receive $4 Million Private Equity Investment
DATA RACE announced that it has closed a $4 million private equity placement. The company will use the funds to further develop and launch new VoIP products.

Data Race

Tellabs to Acquire Salix for $300 Million
Tellabs said that it is planning to acquire SALIX Technologies for approximately $300 million in stock. The transaction is expected to close early next year. Tellabs plans to integrate Salix's telephony equipment, including the ETX5000 unit, into its offerings to further enhance its position in the VoIP industry. The ETX platform connects to TDM voice networks via DS3, E3 or STS-1 electrical interfaces, or OC-3/12 SONET optical interfaces, and it connects to IP based networks via 100 Base-T Ethernet interfaces that connect with backbone routers and OC-3c/12c SONET interfaces to support both ATM and packet over SONET data communications. The product supports H.323 compliant codecs including G.711, G.723.1 and G.729A, and T.38 real time fax protocols including V.21, V.27 and V.29. It can also implement IPDC, SGCP and MGCP technologies for call control. In addition, the unit offers service management capabilities via SNMP, common management information protocol/common management information service, Telnet and FTP applications.




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