IP Telephony news wrap-up for Dec 29, 1997

GTE & Bellcore to Offer IP Services

GTE & Bellcore are preparing to offer a mess of IP technologies such as
Internet telephony

GTE has announced that it will be introducing IP fax services in April of ’98
and voice messaging in July. IP telephony services are pending GTE’s ability
to establish QoS for the offering.

Bellcore is scheduled to offer turnkey Internet telephony services through a
new business unit to be known as Soliant. Soliant is also developing Internet
telephony software.

GTE Corp.


Soliant Internet Systems


Qwest Enters ITSP Battle at 7.5 Cents per Minute

Qwest Communications will offer phone to phone Internet telephony long
distance at 7.5 cents per minute in nine markets including Anaheim,
Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Fransisco, San Jose, Denver,
Kansa City and Salt Lake City.

Users of the service will be required to dial a local number and enter an
access code before dialing the number to be called.

Qwest has interconnected its networks to create a virtual private network
to use with the service.

Qwest Communications


Fujitsu/DualStar to Offer IT Services to MDUs & Institutions
DualStar and Fujitsu will introduce high-speed Internet access, audio
and video conferencing, caller ID, messaging services, and advanced call
handling to about 20 MDUs including a school in New York.

Citylights was named as one of the apartment complexes expected to receive a
Fujitsu F9600 Multimedia Platform private branch exchange and DualStar’s
high-speed access.



Nortel Invests in ArelNet

Nortel has invested $5 million into ArelNet for 20% of outstanding shares in
a deal that calls for Nortel to acquire ArelNet’s real-time fax and voice

The agreement also provides Nortel an option to acquire Elron Electronics.




Lucent and I-Link Release Multi-point Conferencing Software

I-Link and Lucent have introduced two multi-point audio-conferencing applications.
The CX1000S will run on the host supporting up to 50 users. The CX2000S will run on
DSP boards and support 100’s of users.

Lucent Technology


Bertelsmann to Offer IT Services in Europe

Bertelsmann has announced that it will offer an IP telephony service known
as Avanti in Q’1 of ’98. The service will allow PC to phone communications.

Bertelsmann is also developing a video phone that will allow the service to be
offered to folks that do not own a computer.

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