IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 04 1999

GTE Activates V/FoIP Network Using Cisco’s Equipment

GTE has announced that it is using Cisco’s equipment to launch V/FoIP
services over its network, the Global Network Infrastructure (GNI).

The planned services include an IP fax and Internet call waiting service.
The IP Fax service will enable users to send or receive fax documents from
PC to fax, fax to e-mail, fax to PC or fax to fax. It will feature
broadcast fax and confirmation capabilities, and allow users to access the
service from anywhere in the world via an Internet browser. The Internet
call waiting service will enable dial-in users to manage incoming phone
calls while online. Incoming calls will trigger a screen pop-up informing
the user that a call is waiting. The user will then be given the option to
answer the call, notify the caller to call back or ignore the call.

GTE will use Cisco’s AS5300 VoIP gateways and gatekeepers, and the ACS
management product line to provide the services. The H.323 compliant AS5300
gateways provide support for up to 2T1/E1 digital trunks, delivering as
many as 60 voice sessions or 240 concurrent analog modem calls and ISDN B
channels over a single dial-in telephone number. The units can also connect
with existing telephones and fax machines via the PSTN, key systems or
PBXs. The IOS software-based, H.323 compliant, gatekeeper provides
address resolution, bandwidth management, user authorization, and policy
management capabilities for H.323-based traffic on LANs and WANs. The unit
also generates accounting records and supports H.323 terminals, gateways,
and Multipoint Control Units. The CiscoSecure ACS (access control server)
product line consists of servers that can determine who is authorized to
access a network and for what services. An access control server can be
used simultaneously with dial up access servers, routers and firewalls. In
addition, each network device can be configured to communicate with an ACS
to enable the centrally located provisioning of services.

Two-thirds of GTE’s planned 17,000 mile U.S. domestic network have been
activated, with Internet and voice traffic services available major markets
such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Chicago,
Washington, DC, New York and Boston. The network is expected to be fully
operational sometime this year. The U.S. network will connect with GTE
Internetworking’s European POPs via undersea fiber to provide international

In a separate announcement, Cisco Taiwan has launched an Internet telephony
trial that will allow participants to place calls from any phone in Taiwan
to any phone in the U.S.. Cisco will issue 10,000 free calling cards
during the trial, which will end this June, to enable users to call a
toll-free number, enter a PIN number, the U.S. destination phone number and
converse for up to 10 minutes per card.

The trial is based on Cisco’s VCO/4K programmable switch from Summa Four.
The network will be directly connected to the PSTN on both ends and to the
Internet via Cisco’s AS5300 access servers.





I-Link Launches 4.9 Cents Per Minute VoIP Service in Seattle-Tacoma Market

I-Link announced that it has launched its IP telephony service, V-Link, in
the Seattle-Tacoma metro market. Customers within the 206, 253, and most of
the 425 area codes can now locally access I-Link’s enhanced IP services to
place U.S. domestic long distance calls at 4.9 cents per minute. In
addition to the Seattle-Tacoma market, I-Link has established the V-Link
service in more than 200 communities in the greater Los Angeles/Orange
County, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Phoenix and Salt Lake City metro areas.
The provider plans to activate its IP telephony network in the New York,
Chicago, Orlando and Pittsburgh markets within the next few weeks.

The V-Link services include unified voice, fax, email, conference calling
and one-number call routing. The services are routed over a private IP
based network to provide better QoS. MiBridge and ViaNet, wholly owned
I-Link subsidiaries, are working with the parent company to develop better
communications technologies and optimize the IP network’s performance which
uses MiBridge’s IP gateway subsystem.





Crys-Tel to Provide Vienna Systems’ Based VoIP Services in Italy

Crys-Tel Italia S.P.A. has announced that its will provide Crys-Tel
Telecommunications’s Internet telephony services in the Italian market.
Crys-Tel Italia has been testing the VoIP services between gateways
installed in Rome, Milan, and Florence since last November. The provider
has just introduced testing between the three sites and the main Crys-Tel
Telecommunications hub located in Vancouver. The services are expected to
be commercially available next month.

Crys-Tel Italia will own 70 percent of the Italian venture, and has
committed to purchase and install at least 100 gateways in Italy over the
next 18 months.

The Crys-Tel companies are utilizing Nokia/Vienna Systems’ Internet
telephony hardware and software to provide services including single number
access long distance and prepaid calling cards. Both providers will utilize
Crys-Tel Telecommunications proprietary technologies to route telephone and
fax calls over the Internet.

Crys-Tel Telecommunications ultimately plans to build a VoIP network that
will connect over 200 global markets.

Crys-Tel Telecommunications




Vienna Systems


ComTouch to Integrate Net2Phone’s VoIP Technology into Email Service

CommTouch has announced that it is integrating Net2Phone’s PC to phone
technology into its email software and services. The Net2Phone technology
will enable email users to place a PC to phone call rather than communicate
via email.

CommTouch provides email software and services to web site owners that wish
to integrate mailing list capabilities into a web sites’ content . Mailing
list subscribers can also download the email software, which is company
branded, for personal use.





HP’s Scanners to Use FaxSav’s Network

Hewlett-Packard has announced that it will use FaxSav’s Fax Launcher Pro
software to enable users of its latest color desktop scanner, the HP
ScanJet 5200C, to access FaxSav’s Global Internet fax network to send
documents directly from the scanner. The software will also allow users to
send documents from a PC to any fax machine in the world. In addition, the
software will enable users to create a fax and queue it for later delivery,
confirm a fax delivery through email notification, preview and archive a
fax for records, and render or store any document in a .TIF format before

The fax launcher software is available in Brazilian, Chinese (both
simplified and traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian,
Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish versions.



Hewlett Packard


StrataTech to Distribute Mediatrix’s Internet Telephony Products

Montreal-based Premier StrataTech has announced that it will distribute
Mediatrix Telecom’s Internet telephony products including the Audiotrix
Phone Adapter. StrataTech will focus its efforts on introducing the
products in the markets of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland,
Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and
the U.S.

Audiotrix Phone Adapter is a plug’n’play audio adapter designed for network
audio communications. It houses a dedicated programmable DSP to support
voice compression technologies including Microsoft DirectX 3 (Direct Sound
and Direct 3D Sound), ACELP and G.729. The unit is capable of maintaining 8
Kbps fixed bandwidth by employing 16:1 ACELP voice compression technology.
In addition, it supports all legacy audio standards. An expansion adapter
is available with a dual-line PSTN interface.



FutureOne to Use $11.25 in Financing to Buld VoIP Network

FutureOne (FO) has announced that Blackwater Capital and Ascend will
finance the development of FO’s IP network. FO has already received $3
million out of the $10 million in equity financing committed by Blackwater
Capital. Ascend has extended a credit line of up to $1.25 million.





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