IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 04 2000

Clarent Introduces 360 Port Gateway
Clarent has announced the introduction of the Carrier Gateway 1200. The product can support 8, 10 or 12 T1/E1 spans in a single chassis, for a total port capacity of up to 360 simultaneous calls. It can provide voice, real time fax and data connectivity over the Internet or a TCP/IP based Intranet. The product supports H.323 compliant protocols including G.711, G.723.1 and G.729a codes and Q.931 signaling, as well as G.165 echo cancellation. It offers signaling support for SS7/C7, PRI-ISDN, T1, E1 and PBX interfaces. It also employs the vendor’s ThroughPacket technology to aid in voice packet recovery and aiding in the efficiency of transmissions. In addition, the gateway provides optional PSTN reroute capabilities should the IP network become unavailable or too congested.

The product is engineered to operate with the billing, call routing and network administration in Clarent’s Command Center software package which is designed to provide a centralized system for the management and control of a network. The solution provides a web interface for access to routing and rating tables, subscriber information, dialing rules and billing records. It is capable of billing and managing a network of over 1,000 gateways, which can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous calls. The product also allows gateways and subscribers to be added, rating tables to be modified, and routing tables to be reconfigured without affecting existing services.

The product is scheduled to be available this month. Pricing was not disclosed.


AudioTalk Introduces Web Based VoIP Technology
AudioTalk Networks announced that it has developed an ecommerce application that allows users to integrate VoIP capabilities into web sites to enable visitors to initiate communications with customer service reps by clicking a call icon. It is based on the vendor’s thin client application which automatically installs on the visitors PC when the call icon is clicked as an OCX plug in for IE and Netscape. The technology supports both SIP and H.323 based call signaling. In addition to PC to phone connectivity, it can also be used for phone to phone communications.

Technology Demo

AudioTalk Networks

IpVerse Integrates Tekelec’s TALI Technology
ipVerse has announced that it is planning to integrate Tekelec’s TALI (transport adapter layer interface) software based signaling technology into its traditional and VoIP capable software based ControlSwitch product.

The TALI technology is a protocol software solution that provides signaling between voice and packet networks. It allows operators to support call set-up and tear-down, access full-featured service platforms, and perform diagnostics and monitoring on SS7 or IP networks. It can also be used to migrate traditional circuit-switched and wireless networks to next-generation packet networks such as IP telephony networks.

The ControlSwitch provides interoperability via SS7, Q.931, H.323, MGCP and SIP signaling technologies. It can support more than one million busy hour call attempts, and it employs web based tools and an XML language to enable services to be developed without interrupting existing services.




Info Directions Integrates XACCT’s IP Billing Technology
Info Directions has announced that it is planning to integrate XACCT’s IP based customer care and mediation solution, XACCTusage, into its own CostGuard line of customer care and billing solutions.

XACCTusage enables providers to define the exact IP session information that they would like to be captured. It collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar to CDRs. It can create usage-based bills using a range of parameters. The CostGuard products offer convergent, usage- based billing solutions for multi-service applications including local, long distance, data, wholesale long distance, VoIP, utility, conference calling, frame relay, international callback, wireless and xDSL services. The integrated product will enable providers to create usage-based billing models for IP- based services.

Info Directions


DirectNet to Build Eastern European VoIP Network
DirectNet Telecommunications announced that it is in the process of building an Internet telephony network. The firm has just completed the first phase of deployments, in which it installed VoIP equipment at a POP in New York City and in several undisclosed regions in the former Soviet Union (FSU). The provider will offer termination services to select FSU markets, with plans to expand the network throughout the FSU and into several other European countries.


Frost & Sullivan Released Market Report
Frost & Sullivan announced that it has released a VoIP market research report entitled, Global IP Telephony Service Markets. The report analyzes the markets for IP telephony services in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and other select global regions, presenting regional information including demographics, teledensity and economic conditions. It states that the IP telephony market grew from $60.7 million in 1998, to $263.7 million in 1999, and projects revenue growth through 2006. It goes on to evaluate market drivers/restraints and discusses industry challenges, indicating that as PSTN rates decline, value-added capabilities will take on increased significance for VoIP services.

The report is expected to be available this month. It is priced at $3,950.

Frost & Sullivan

The Netplex Group Lands Solution Deployment Deals
The Netplex Group reported that two undisclosed corporations will deploy its proprietary technologies in their respective networks to implement VoIP based video, data and ecommerce services.

The Netplex Group

Cable & Wireless to Use Clarent’s VoIP Gear
Cable & Wireless reported that it is evaluating the feasibility of deploying Clarent’s VoIP equipment to offer services. According to the terms of the recently signed non-exclusive agreement , Cable & Wireless and select affiliates will be able to purchase and implement Clarent’s VoIP products in their respective telecommunications networks.


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