IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 08 2001

Jaguar Communications To Deploy Integral Access’ Equipment
Jaguar Communications has announced that it is planning to deploy Integral Access’ PurePacket platform to build next gen last mile networks that will support IP based converged voice, data, and multimedia services on a single access link. Initially, the provider intends to use the PurePacket platform’s GR303 capabilities to develop integrated voice and broadband data services in at least 40 residential and corporate markets throughout Minnesota. The company also plans to eventually expand the offerings into the various second, third and fourth tier markets throughout the Midwest.

The PurePacket solution consists of central office equipment, operations management systems and network control and services management applications, and the Outburst CPE, which can support from 2 to 24 simultaneous lines of VoIP, VoDSL, traditional telephony services, Internet access, LAN Interconnect and frame relay at speeds of up to 2.3 Mbps. The system is based on an MPLS-based architecture to route, transport and switch voice and data transmissions in packet format, and to guarantee QoS levels, enable various CoS levels, and maximize the capacity of access networks.

Integral Access

Jaguar Communications

CDI Telecom to Resell ZeroPlus’ VoIP Services
CDI Telecom, a Worldwide Consumer Direct subsidiary (WCD), has reported that it is planning to market and resell ZeroPlus.com’s VoIP services. According to the terms of the deal, the firms just successfully completed a pre-paid service trial, in which CDI generated approximately 13 million minutes over a four-month time frame, and now intend to enter into a one year service resell agreement.

ZeroPlus offers a variety of IP based services that provide connectivity from PC to PC, PC to phone, phone to PC and phone to phone. The company has teamed with Broadwing Communications to co-market the services, and to expand the service’s reach throughout Broadwing’s U.S. domestic infrastructure. In addition, it also offers services in select European markets, including PC to PC, PC to phone and phone to phone VoIP services, in Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK), with plans to expand the offering throughout Europe.

CDI markets a variety of flat rate telephone services to U.S. domestic consumers via direct marketing channels.

CDI Telecom


Synergia to Deploy VocalTec’s Technologies to Develop Service
Synergia 2000, an Italy based systems integrator/service provider, reported that it is has signed an agreement with VocalTec, in which it intends to deploy VocalTec’s VoIP to develop a variety of VoIP services. According to the terms of the initial phase of the approximately US$4 million agreement, Synergia plans to purchase and deploy about $2 million in VocalTec’s web/VoIP enabled call center technology. The contract also calls for Synergia to deploy VocalTec’s SS7 based VoIP equipment to expand its existing IP telephony network throughout Italy, pending that the equipment gain homologation certification from the Italian Ministry of Communication and Telecom Italia. In addition, the firms are also exploring the feasibility of Synergia becoming a VocalTec equipment distributor.


Active Communication International to Host IP Cable Telephony Show
Active Communication International has announced that it is hosting the IP Cable Telephony Show at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas on March 14 and 15, 2001. The exhibition will focus on cable telephony issues as related to the implementation and deployment of IP telephony systems. It will feature an array of information about transitioning to an IP based network and hybrid alternatives, cost analysis of a VoIP network vs. traditional telephony, VoIP protocols and specifications, and enhancing both the user experience and QoS of IP telephony services, as well as explorations into a variety of other issues.

Pricing for the two-day event begins at $1895.

IP Cable Telephony

Active Communication International

Vocalscape Offers VoIP eCommerce Service to Non-Profit Organizations
Vocalscape Communications has said that it is offering its web based, VoIP enabled customer relationship management system and service, VocalConnect – Live Help NOW!, to charities and non-profit organization at no charge. The solution can be integrated into call centers and/or web sites to enable web site visitors to communicate with CSRs via text chat, scheduled callback or real time VoIP communications. In addition, it allows a CSR to manage communications with up to four visitors simultaneously, and it supports push technologies to allow the CSR to steer the visitors around a web site.


NMSS Teams with Surf to Develop V.34 Modem for VoIP Platform
Natural MicroSystems has reported that it is teaming with Surf Communication Solutions, to develop a V.34 software modem for the TI ‘C5420 DSPs in its Convergence Generation (CG 6000) IP telephony platform. The companies intend to further develop the CG 6000 platform to support up to 32 V.34 modems, which will be specifically designed to carry mixed voice and data traffic.

Natural MicroSystems

Surf Communication Solutions

Alcatel Introduces New Capabilities for PBX Equipment
Alcatel said that it has enhanced its OmniPCX 4400 IP-based private communications exchange product to include support for web-based network management and PC telephony capabilities. The UNIX based 4400 unit can support from 50 to 50,000 users. It ships with Reflexes IP telephone handsets, and features capabilities such as one-number mobility, unified messaging, VoIP networking with QoS management, a web based customer contact center, and network management capabilities. In addition, it be configured to interconnect multiple branch offices via a LAN, and enable the offices to access its functionality.

In related news, Alcatel reported that it has reached an agreement with Fuentez Systems Concepts (FSC), in which FSC will sell, install and service the OmniPCX 4400 and related line on Omni data products to the federal, state and local governments that it does business with.

Fuentez Systems Concepts


Sylantro and Polycom Team For Voice Over Broadband System
Sylantro Systems has announced that it is teaming with Polycom to develop a voice over broadband solution. According to the terms of the agreement, the firms intend to integrate the line of VoIP desktop telephones that Polycom is developing with Sylantro’s line of managed telephony applications to offer an end to end next gen managed telephony services platform that will enable broadband operators to offer an array of IP based enhanced services.

Initial offerings are expected to be available by Summer.

Sylantro Systems


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