IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 11 2004

1. Mera Networks Introduces Family of IP PBX Systems
Mera Networks has introduced Mera Voice Key Systems (MVKS), a family of IP PBX systems targeting small to mid-sized enterprises. The systems include traditional telephone system feature sets as well as advanced features such as conferencing, unified messaging, click to dial, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

The MVKS Lite is a pure software based SOHO IP PBX solution that supports up to two concurrent calls. The MVKS Standard is a software based solution that supports up to five concurrent calls. The MVKS Professional is a software and hardware system that also supports five concurrent calls. MVKS Enterprise is the company’s high end IP PBX, supporting ten simultaneous calls.

In a separate announcement, Mera has said that it has introduced a new program for its softswitch clients that provides members with enhanced tech support and along with co-marketing initiatives.

Mera Networks

3. BAFO Unveils Technology that Relays Voice IMs to Standard Phones
BAFO Technologies has introduced Messenger Call Box, a USB device that relays voice calls intiated via instant messenger programs such as those offered by AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, and ICQ to a standard phone. Users can configure incoming calls to go to any phone number, including cellular numbers or to voicemail. The device includes two RJ-11 ports, providing connection to a phone and wall phone jack.

Messenger Call Box will be available in Q2 of this year.

BAFO Technologies

5. McLeodUSA to Launch VoIP Based Business Services
McLeodUSA, a facilities based integrated communications service provider, is in the process of migrating its network from TDM to IP, with plans on offering IP-based local and long distance services to select markets in Q2 of this year. The service will feature dynamic selection and management of calling packages, features, rate plans, and service characteristics as well as the ability to add or change a service profile through a web interface. Customers will be able to adjust bandwidth utilization on each Integrated Access T-1 facility across voice and data services.

McLeodUSA plans to migrate its entire network, which spans 25 US. states, to VoIP over the next 18 months. In the near future, the company has said it intends to launch residential VoIP services.


7. DSL.net Launches Converged Voice & Data to NYC Businesses
DSL.net has launched its NETgain One converged voice and data solution to businesses in New York City. The service, offered over DSL and T-1 platforms, provides plans with unlimited local, regional, and long distance calling.

The service was launched in the metro Washington D.C. area last year.

DSL.net uses Cisco’s softswitch routers and gateways and BroadSoft’s software applications.


9. Primus Launches VoIP Solution to Telecom Providers
Primus Telecommunications has launched a turnkey reseller program that will provide broadband service providers with a solution for offering business and residential VoIP services. The solution includes connectivity to its global IP network, web based customer management, provisioning, and an end user billing module. The company already offers VoIP solutions in Canada, India, and Puerto Rico.

Primus’ IP network reaches 125 countries via 250 PoPs.

Primus Telecommunications

11. Brekeke Introduces SIP-Based SOHO IP PBX
Brekeke Software has introduced OnDO PBX SmallOffice, a SIP based SOHO IP PBX that supports up to 10 users and 4 simultaneous sessions. The system features auto attendant, call transfer, voicemail, and email notification. The system includes a SIP Proxy Server that enables users to develop an intercom network of IP phones. The system works on Windows and Red Hat Linux operating systems.

OnDO is available for $300 per installation.


13. Global IP Enhances Echo Cancellation for Softphones
Global IP Sound has released version 1.3 of its Acoustic Echo Cancellation. The new release reduces echo and clipping of softphone communications when double talk occurs. The enhanced product also includes refinements to comfort noise and switching.

Global IP Sound

15. Brooktrout Unveils Analog and BRI Versions of Development Platform
Brooktrout Technologies has introduced new low density versions of its TR1000 development platform including two and four channel BRI versions and four and eight channel analog versions. The technology supports a wide range of configurations for development of IBR, ASR, voicemail, and unified messaging applications. The company already offers the platform in 24, 30, 48, and 60 channel T1/E1 versions.

Brooktrout’s product line supports up to 240 channels per system. All models share a single API.

Brooktrout Technologies

17. ViDe to Host Workshop on H.350
Video Development Initiative (ViDe) will host Workshop on H.350, a one day event to be held on March 25th at the University Place Conference Center and Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sessions will cover development and deployment scenarios, early implementation experiences, and functions of the technology.

H.350 is a newly ratified ITU standard for multimedia directory services that enables automated, accurate and manageable service creation and provisioning.

Registration is $350.

Workshop on H.350

19. Viper Networks Acquires Adoria Communications
Viper Networks, an IP network operator and supplier of a USB IP phone, has acquired Adoria Communications, a Boston-based VoIP carrier with PoPs in 16 countries.

Viper Networks

21. UCN Completes $1 Million Upgrade to VoIP Network
UCN, a Utha-based business telecom services company that specializes in contact center software applications, has completed a $1 million upgrade to its nationwide VoIP network. The provider upgraded the network to meet the G729A standard for compression and the RTP standard for IP data packet formatting.


23. VoIPStore to Distribute AltiGen’s IP PBX and Contact Center
VoIPStore will distribute AltiGen’s IP PBX and IP contact center solutions in the UK.


AltiGen Communications

25. Sigma Systems Introduces VoCable Provisioning Solution
Sigma Systems has introduced Voice Service Management Suite v2.3, a platform for creating, configuring, and automatically provisioning VoIP services for cable operators. The system provides APIs for integration with third party billing and customer care systems.

Sigma Systems

27. NASA Using Shoreline’s IP PBX
NASA has deployed Shoreline Communications’ distributed IP PBX, providing the infrastructure to link the Utah desert site with the Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California and the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.


Shoreline Communications

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