IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 12 2001

Dial-Thru Forms JV With PT Ambhara Perdana to Offer Services
Dial-Thru International has announced that it has entered into an agreement with PT Ambhara Perdana, a Jakarta based telco, which calls for the firms to create a joint venture named PT DTI-Perdana, that will offer Dial-Thru’s array of VoIP services including ISP, ASP, unified messaging and enhanced Internet telephony services via Ambhara’s distribution channels in Indonesia. The JV will also offer a calling card product, DTI-TelePIN, that will enable users to place calls to and from the Indonesian market via Dial-Thru’s IP telephony networks. In addition, Ambhara has already secured licensing from the Indonesian Government to market the TelePIN products, and the JV is planning to immediately begin offering the cards from web sites as well as a variety of brick & mortal locations such as post offices, universities, airports, bookstores, and other retail outlets.

Dial-Thru is in the process of developing a private IP telephony network to support a variety of international telecommunications services including wholesale carrier, international dial thru, re-origination, FoIP, eCommerce and prepaid calling card. It utilizes oceanic cable transmission facilities, international satellites, and the Internet to transport traffic. The company also recently began deploying Mockingbird Networks’ VoIP equipment to develop a global clearing house service, and it has recently reached agreements with Global Crossing and Gigabell AG, in which it will use capacity on both carrier’s infrastructures to route services and develop an array of additional service capabilities. It has also just launched services in Buenos Aires and recently formed a subsidiary in the Venezuela to offer services.

Dial-Thru International

CTI2 Teams to Integrate MIND’s CC&B Technology
CTI2 announced that it is teaming with MIND CTI to develop and market a turn-key product solution for nextgen services. According to the terms of the agreement, the firms intend to integrate MIND’s billing and customer care technology, MIND-iPhonEX, with CTI2’s unified communications platform, World Wide Virtual Office (WWOffice ).

The iPhonEX technology is designed to provide billing and call traffic analysis for IP services such as VoIP. It features web interfaces for providers and subscribers that can be used to register, verify credit cards and perform a variety of other customer care functions. The product also provides call management, fraud detection and convergent IP services billing capabilities.

CTI2 recently partnered with RADVision to integrate RADVision’s V2oIP (SIP & H.323) technology into the WWOffice system to develop support for voice, fax, and video communications over packet networks. The WWOffice system, which includes applications for unified messaging, presence management, instant messaging, and push/pull content delivery, enables providers to develop support for a variety of IP-based unified communications services. With RADVision’s technology integrated, the system will support IP-centric services that can interoperate with existing telephony systems, providing call control and mobility capabilities.




Cooperative to Deploy Jetstream’s VoDSL Technologies
Jetstream Communications reported that Cooperative Communications is planning to deploy its VoDSL technologies to develop both VoDSL and voice over T1 services in New England, New Jersey and New York. According to the terms of the approximately $8 million agreement, Cooperative intends to install Jetstream’s line of CPX-1000 broadband services platforms, and offer Jetstreams IADs with service bundles that will include both high speed DSL based Internet access and voice services.

Cooperative offers an array of products and services in the Northeastern U.S. including cellular, toll-free calling, Internet access, local toll, long distance, video conferencing, high speed data transfer, as well as a variety of other enhanced offerings.

Cooperative Communications

Jetstream Communications

Access Power to Market MHL’s VoIP Enabling Device
Access Power has reported that it has reached an agreement with MHL Communications, in which it is planning to market MHL’s VoIP enabling device, PhoneBridge, to its FreeWebCall.com PC to phone VoIP service subscribers to enable the subs to use a traditional telephone to place calls. Users can plug a traditional phone, including cordless models, into the PhoneBridge unit, which connects between a PC’s or MAC’s speakers/microphone and full duplex soundcard, to place calls over the Internet.

The FreeWebCall.com service is an unlimited, no charge PC to phone VoIP service, based on Microsoft’s NetMeeting client, that enables users to place calls from any PC in the world to traditional phones throughout Canada and the U.S. The provider uses Cisco’s AccessPath-VS3 IP telephony gateway units to route calls to the destination telephones via Sprint’s networks. The company also recently reported that it has signed up more than 250,000 users for the service.


Access Power

MHL Communications

Indigo Develops SIP-Based Interoperability System for Level 3
Indigo Software has announced that it is supplying Level 3 with an SIP-based testing solution for Level 3’s (3)Works voice certification program that will enable third party software/equipment vendors to test and develop interoperability with Level 3’s SIP network interface. The (3)Works voice certification program is designed to ensure interoperability between third-party IP voice applications/equipment and Level 3’s (3)Voice services, which enable users to route voice traffic over Level 3’s IP-based networks.

Level 3

Indigo Software

Chincom Teams With NEC to Develop VoIP Service
Chincom Group said that it is teaming with NEC Soft to develop a VoIP service. According to the terms of the deal, NEC is providing Chincom with technical assistance to develop the service based on its own VoIP software technologies. Chincom expects to launch the service next month.

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