IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 13 1999

Spread the Net Coalition Merges with Voice on the Net Coalition

The Spread the Net Coalition announced that it has merged with the Voice on
the Net Coalition (VON) to create a larger organization focused on
educating regulators, legislators, the media and consumers about Internet
telephony technologies. The organization features an active membership and
a board of directors to recommend action on the regulation and legislation
that effect Internet telephony public policy.

With the merger, the VON Coalition is now comprised of over 30 company
members including 3COM, Brooktrout, Cisco, Clarent, Dialogic, Delta Three,
Dynamicsoft, e-spire, GTE Internetworking, Intel, IDT, ITXC, Level 3,
Lucent, Microsoft, Natural Microsystems, Net2Phone, NeTrue, Netspeak,
Polycom, PakNetX, Poptel, Portal Software, pulver.com, SALIX Technologies,
Solect Technology Group, TeleDanmark R&D, USA Global Link, VocalTec,
Vienna Systems and VIP Calling.

VON Coalition


Piper Jaffray Releases VoIP Projection Report

Piper Jaffray has just released The IP Telephony Report – Driving The Open
Communications Revolution. The 170-page document provides an examination
of six separate areas of the IP telephony industry including enabling
technologies, enterprise solutions, carrier-class solutions, applications,
service providers and professional end-to-end services. It includes
projections in each area for revenue growth, size of the industry
opportunity, business models and potential catalysts and restraints. In
addition, the report discusses the technology behind IP telephony and the
new network architectures upon which new communication networks will be

To obtain a copy of the report, call 612 342-6594.

Piper Jaffray


Crys-Tel Gearing Up to Become Major International ITSP

Crys-Tel Telecommunications is preparing to become a major provider of
international Internet telephony services, with the release of a series of
announcements indicating that it is aggressively expanding its network and
on track to providing service. The provider just announced an agreement
with Academy Network Solutions (ANS), an Italy-based ISP, in which ANS will
offer Crys-Tel’s Internet telephony services from its network of 200 POPs
in Italy, and interconnect the network with Crys-Tel’s U.S. and Canadian
VoIP Networks. According to the terms of the agreement, Crys-Tel will
purchase a 20 percent ownership stake in ANS.

Last month, Crys-Tel Italia S.P.A., another Italian ISP, began testing
Crys-Tel Telecommunications’ Internet telephony services in and between its
POPs in Rome, Milan, Florence, and Crys-Tel Telecommunication’s main hub
located in Vancouver. Crys-Tel Italia owns 70 percent of this venture, and
has committed to purchase and install at least 100 gateways in Italy over
the next 18 months.

The companies have all indicated that after the service is established in
and between Italy, the U.S. and Canada, the network will be extended to
provide service in select Asian, Australian and European markets.

Crys-Tel Telecommunications ultimately plans to build a VoIP network that
will connect over 200 global markets.

All providers are utilizing Nokia/Vienna Systems’s Internet telephony
hardware and software to provide services including single number access
long distance and prepaid calling cards. The companies will also utilize
Crys-Tel Telecommunications’ proprietary technologies to route phone and
fax calls over the Internet.

In a related announcement, PacRim Information Systems, an international
mining and technology company, has acquired a 25 percent ownership stake in
Crys-Tel Telecommunications.

Crys-Tel Telecommunications


VIP Calling to Provide VoIP Interconnectivity Service in Latin America and

American Internet Communications (AIC) has announced that it will use VIP
Callings’ phone to phone Internet telephony network to offer services in
Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Services are expected to
commence this summer. The companies also plan to launch the services in
seven other Latin American markets over the next 18 months.

VIP Calling currently provides IP telephony services in and between Asia,
Latin America, the Middle East, and North America.

In a related announcement, VIP Calling has set up an office in Taiwan to
offer its wholesale IP telephony services to and from that market.

VIP Calling


American Internet Communications


PSINet to Use Cisco’s Equipment in Backbone

PSINet has announced that it will use Cisco’s equipment to expand both its
dialup services and Internet telephony service known as PSIVoice. PSINet
will deploy Cisco’s AS5800 access units and related services throughout its
core backbone network. Each AS5800 unit will allow simultaneous access for
multiple individual users supporting more than 180 Mbps of data throughput
on the PSINet network.

The companies will also co-market the voice services.





Natural MicroSystems Introduces New Telephony Boards

Natural MicroSystems has announced the availability of its 2000 and 4000
line of Alliance Generation PCI voice processing boards. The AG 2000 line
is comprised of eight-port analog boards with up to 200 MIPS of DSP power.
The AG 4000 line embodies T1/E1 boards that can be configured with up to
4,000 MIPS to support up to 120 ports. Both products utilize Texas
Intrument’s 320C549 DSP chips, with 100 MIPS of performance, and 486 CPU
controller chips to increase on-board processing efficiency and to provide
high-speed communications with the host PC through the PCI bus. In
addition, both boards can support different telephony signaling protocols
(ISDN, digital channel associated signaling (CAS), switching, IVR, fax and
IP telephony/fax) on each port.

Availability of the AG 2000 and AG 4000 boards is expected this month.

Natural MicroSystems


elemedia Offers H.323 Protocol Software at No Cost

elemedia has announced that it is offering industry researchers and
developers no charge access to its PX3230S H.323 version 2 protocol stack.
The unit is designed for general-purpose processors and desktop
applications. It utilizes the C++ programming language and higher-level API
access functions. It also incorporates support for H.323 v1 and v2
protocols including H.263 and H.263+, H.450, G.723.1, and G.729/G.729A,
plus support for other capabilities including Q.931/2, RTP/RTCP, RAS
signaling and H.450 Supplementary Services.

The stack is available for HP Unix, Solaris, UnixWare, VxWorks, and
WindowNT platforms.

To acquire copies of the H.323 version 2 protocol stack for evaluation,
development or commercial licenses, call 888-353-6334.



RealNetworks to Market Net2phone’s VoIP Software and Services

RealNetworks has announced that it will market Net2Phone’s IP telephony
services and software to its more than 50 million users from its web site.





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