IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 13 2002

1. City of Houston to Deploy Cisco’s AVVID
The City of Houston will deploy Cisco’s AVVID system to support voice, video and data networking among 400 city facilities. The project, slated for completion by the end of this summer, will include 25,000 Cisco IP phones. The new IP-based system will support five-digit extensions, 9-11, and feature a centralized call processing architecture that will include a centralized messaging voicemail system.

The contract win for Cisco follows a trial of VoIP that included 600 IP phones deployed throughout the 35-facility Houston Public Library system last August.


City of Houston

3. Eagle & Path 1 Team to Deliver Video over IP
Eagle Broadband and Path 1 Network Technologies have signed a MOU to market and develop technologies that enable long distance, real-time, DVD quality video distribution over IP VPNs. Eagle will contribute to the design, build and operation of the headend and content portion of the system. Path 1 will enable content distribution from the headend over broadband IP networks nationwide without having to duplicate facilities in each new location.

Eagle Broadband

Path 1 Network Technologies

5. Tandberg Introduces Wireless Set Top
Tandberg has introduced Tandberg 880, a set top box that allows the connection of up to 10 video and four audio sites through cascading, with any mix of IP and ISDN endpoints in a single videoconferencing call. The technology features Duo Video, allowing the remote site to simultaneously watch the presenter on one screen and view the live presentation on the adjoining screen; Digital Clarity, the automatic transmission of live images from PCs and document cameras with great quality; and PC Presenter, a direct access plug into the PC. The technology includes a slot for a wireless LAN card, enabling customers to use it as a shared office resource in a wireless LAN environment.

The 880 also features embedded encryption, RSVP, and bandwidth capabilities of 384 kbps on ISDN BRI and 768 kbps on IP and wireless LAN.

The set top is currently available with pricing starting at $9,990.


7. World Wide Packets Using Netergy’s ICs
World Wide Packets is using Netergy’s voice processors in its LightningEdge access gateways to support VoIP. Netergy’s Audacity processor combines a single RISC processor with DSP intruction set extensions that accelerate voice processing functions, with a 32-channel memory controller and on-chip SRAM. The company’s Veracity software stacks implement H.323v2, MGCP, SIP and MEGACO. The software also includes a POSIX-compliant OS, TCP/IP stack, network services and a audio codec library.

Netergy Microelectronics

World Wide Packets

9. Symphony Telecom to Acquire Netsoft Canada
Symphony Telecom has said that it will acquire Netsoft Canada, a developer of VoIP software, in an all cash transaction. The two had been working together on a joint venture to develop VoIP solutions.

Symphony Telecom

11. Polycom Introduces New IP Desktop Phone
Polycom has introduced SoundPoint IP 500, a full duplex desktop phone that supports IETF MGCP V1, ITU H.323 V3, and Cisco SCCP. The phone features a 2-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, support for XML, a 160 x 80 display, one button access to phone features, 11 feature keys, four content sensitive soft keys and a lighted message indicator. The endpoints are software upgradeable via the network.

General availability of the phone is scheduled for March.


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