IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 14 2000

Videotron Receives CLEC Status
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) said that it has granted Videotron ltee CLEC status, which will enable the cable operator to offer local telephony services to its residential customers. The provider recently teamed with Cisco and Telcordia to develop an IP telephony service for its Quebec cable systems. It has already deployed the needed infrastructure in the markets, and has been testing the service with a limited group of users. In addition, the service has been interconnected with Bell Canada’s traditional telephony networks, and it is compliance with the CRTC’s CLEC requirements (links to emergency services (911), directory assistance (411), operator (0), assistance for the hearing impaired (711) and number portability).

Videotron expects that once testing has been successfully completed, it will offer the services to the nearly one million homes passed via its Quebec systems. The service is slated for launch next summer.

Videotron Ltee

PowerNet to Use Cisco’s Gear to Build U.S. Network
Cisco has announced that PowerNet Global Communications is planning to use its equipment to build a VoIP network over an ATM backbone. The network is expected to consist of Cisco’s VCO/4K open programmable switch (for enhanced services switching), AS5300 voice gateways (for local loop bypass, managed services, international toll arbitrage and fax relay), and 3600 series multiservice platforms with voice/fax network modules (to consolidate voice, fax and data traffic onto a single network). In addition, PowerNet also plans to contract with SynapSys, a Cisco reseller, to develop a variety of enhanced services for the network/services.

The provider plans to launch services this month, initially from POPs in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, with ultimate plans to expand the offering throughout the U.S.

PowerNet Global



MaxBill & Comtel to Integrate XACCT’s CC&B Technology
XACCT Technologies has announced that both MaxBill and Comptel are planning to use its IP based customer care and billing solution, XACCTusage, to develop IP based mediation solutions. MaxBill will integrate the technology into its customer care, billing and rating system to enable users to define, offer and bill for enhanced value added services. Comptel will integrate the technology into its Mediation Device Solutions to enable wireless operators to create usage based bills for voice, video and data services offered over GSM/GPRS networks.

XACCTusage enables providers to define the exact IP session information that they would like to be captured. It collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar to CDRs. It can create usage-based bills via a range of parameters.




Phonecalls.com To Launch VoIP Services
Phonecalls.com, a Tianrong Internet Products and Services (TIPS) subsidiary, said that it has teamed with CC&T Technologies, a turnkey focusing on VoIP solutions, to develop a web based Internet telephony calling network. According to the terms of the deal, CC&T will exclusivly supply equipment and technical support services for Phonecalls.com’s calling network.

Phonecalls.com plans to market services by offering prepaid Internet telephony phone cards from a network of web sites that will enable users to place calls to select Asian markets as soon as the cards are registered and paid for via ecommerce technologies.

The service/web site is expected to begin operation this month.

In a related announcement, Phonecalls.com said that it has reached agreements with both China based 3Jet Network E & S and Linkmax Communications, in which both companies will aid in the development of its Internet telephony service offering. 3Jet will terminate VoIP calls placed to China via Phonecalls.com’s web based Internet telephony service. The company is is in the process of building a network of VoIP gateways throughout the Chinese market. Linkmax will provide Phonecalls.com with international voice transport and termination services. Linkmax provides an array of communication services including Internet, IP and data applications, and local, long distance, and wireless telephony.


CC&T Technologies

3Jet Network E & S

Linkmax Communications

Tianrong Internet Products and Services

Fujitsu & Jetstream Team to Develop VoDSL Solution
Fujitsu Network Communications reported that it is teaming with Jetstream Communications to market a VoDSL system based on Fujitsu’s SPEEDPORT DSL access multiplexer integrated with Jetstream’s VoDSL system. The companies have already developed interoperability between the products.

Jetstream’s VoDSL solution is based on a combination of its CPX-1000 broadband voice services platform, the IAD-801 and IAD Flex integrated access devices, and the JetEMS (element management system). The system can interoperate with traditional class 5 telephony switches and it is capable of supporting over 100,000 telephone lines over a DSL access network, with the IAD-801 providing 8 ports per device and the IAD Flex providing 24 ports per device.

Jetstream Communications

Fujitsu Network Communications

NetSpeak & Fujitsu Team to Develop Products
Fujitsu Business Communication Systems reported that it is teaming with NetSpeak to develop IP telephony, call management and call control solutions under the CLASS+ IP brand. The system will run on Cisco’s platform and be based on the integration of NetSpeak’s gatekeeper, server, and client products with Fujitsu’s communications solutions. It is expected to enable users to offer prepaid, postpaid, and inter-domain calling capabilities, centralized call routing, with IVR support for account and PIN verification. It will support enhanced services such as Internet call waiting, voice mail, voice enabled ecommerce, call screening and call redirection.



GTX to Launch Bandwidth Trading Exchange
The Global TeleExchange (GTX) reported that it is planning to launch a telecom wholesale bandwidth exchange service, Virtual Real-Time Exchange (VRTX). The service, which will be based on the company’s own technologies and Lucent’s equipment, will enable users to buy, lease and sell minutes, bandwidth, dark fiber, rights of way (duct), local loop and collocation services in real time via a web site.

The company expects to initially launch services this summer via POPs in New York and London, with plans to expand the offering throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America by the end of the year.

Global TeleExchange

Lucent Technologies

CommWeb.com to Offer Online Telephony Forum
CommWeb.com, CMP Media’s communications systems and networking community, reported that it is planning to launch an an online chat room for its web site, Open Telephony Server Forum (OTSF), that will enable visitors to discuss issues related to telephony server development, implementation and standards initiatives. It will also feature information on issues such as small to medium-sized business communications systems that handle traditional telephone call switching and messaging, fullscale customer contact solutions, and carrier class enhanced telephony service platforms. In addition, it will offer information regarding developments in emerging technologies such as IP telephony, speech recognition and converged voice and data communications solutions for e- businesses.

The forum is scheduled to be launched this week.

In related news, CMP Media reported that its upcoming Computer Telephony Expo Spring 2000 (March 7 – 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center) will feature four full-day tutorials and five half-day workshops that will educate delegates on a variety of topics including call centers, VoIP, and customer relationship management. The show will also include an IP telephony section (IP Telephony for the Enterprise) that will feature hands-on sessions focusing on the benefits of VoIP, the future impact of Linux based IP telephony, creating and managing a secure VPN, how wireless technologies will effect and integrate with VoIP, and how IP fax compares to LAN fax in the corporate environment.


CT Expo Spring 2000

CMP Media

Computer Telephony Expo Spring 2000

Avana to Use Bell South’s Network & Facilities
Avana Communications, an Atlanta-based provider, reported that it has signed an interconnection, collocation and resale agreement with BellSouth Interconnection Services. According to the terms of the agreement, Avana will be able to offer its own facilities-based local telecommunication services, including DSL services, to BellSouth’s business and residential customers. Avana is currently developing a VoDSL solution, that will enable it to offer integrated access to voice, data and video services. Access to BellSouth’s network will also enable it to offer the integrated services to at least 25 million telephone lines in the Southeast.

Bell South

Avana Communications

ChinaSoft to Resell CCSoft’s VoIP Technology
ChinaSoft, a CBQ affiliate, said that it has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with CCSoft Technology Developing (formerly, Beijing Zhongruan Zhixun Technology Developing), in which it will be sell CCSoft’s VoIP Phone Exchange System, CCS IP LINK.

The CCS IP LINK platform is designed for PBX systems such as those offered by Nortel, NEC and Toshiba. The system ships with a billing system that can track and record the duration of each call placed, and bill for calls made from each individual extension. In addition, the product can be configured to interoperate with prepaid calling platforms, in which it will automatically connect with a carrier’s gateway to enable users to place calls over an IP network in the same manner as placing a traditional call.

CCSoft Technology Developing



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