IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 14 2005

1. Infonetics Releases Study of Wi-Fi Market
Infonetics Research has released Service Provider Plans for Wi-Fi and Wireless Broadband: North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific 2005, a study that examines the strategies, technology requirements, and network implementation plans of 24 fixed line and mobile service providers and wireless ISPs.

Of the providers participating in the study, 50% plan to offer VoIP in 2006 and 33% plan to offer services over WiMAX next year. WiMAX will be used for backhaul for Wi-Fi hotspots, replacement for broadband fixed wireless connections, portable wireless Internet access, and DSL/cable broadband replacement technology for consumers.

Adoption of Wi-Fi is being led by North America, followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. The leading markets in Asia Pacific include Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. The leading European markets include Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Infonetics has identified the top network management challenge for Wi-Fi to be authentication of users and controlling network access.

Infonetics Research

3. NewCross’ Softswitch on the USDA’s RUS List
The United States Department of Agriculture has included NewCross Technologies’ Multi-Class Converged Service Solution Service Manager softwitch on its list of approved products for Rural Utilities Service, a program that enables rural U.S. phone companies to get low rate financing on certain equipment.

NewCross’ Class 5 softswitch supports e911, CALEA, LNP, call waiting, call transfer, caller ID, call screening, and personal call control.

NewCross Technologies

5. PCTEL Introduces IP/Cell Client for GSM & Wi-Fi
PCTEL has introduced Roaming Client VE, a phone client that supports both cellular and IP calls over GSM and Wi-Fi networks, allowing users to maintain calls while moving between network environments.

The technology includes connection management, profile management, Wi-Fi hotspot authentication and 802.1x / WPA security. The client features a voice dialer and for authentication, uses SIM-EAP.

Roaming Client VE includes a backend central configuration server that enables carrier control over the contents and use of the client.

The vendor currently supplies roaming products to a set of leading service providers such as T-Mobile, Cingular, SBC, NTT, DoCoMo, NTT, and GoRemote.


7. IDC Releases Study of Softswitch & Media Gateway Market
IDC has released Worldwide Softswitch and Media Gateway 2005-2009 Forecast: What’s Next for the VoIP Equipment Market, a study that examines the market for core products, market trends, opportunities and inhibitors, and provides revenue forecasts with breakouts for geographic distribution, legacy vs next generation switching sales, and wireless vs wireline revenues.

The firm finds the worldwide market for softswitches and media gateways will generate revenues of $9.3 billion in 2009, growing at a CAGR of 47% from 2004. Revenues from this segment are expected to exceed revenue from legacy systems for the first time in 2009.

By 2009, wireless softswitch revenues will account for 27% of the total segment revenues.


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