IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 16 1998

USA Global Link Teams With 3Com for Internet Telephony Deployment

USA Global Link and 3Com have signed a letter of intent providing for 3Com
to supply network infrastructure to USA Global Link’s worldwide Internet
telephony network, Global InterNetwork. According to the terms of the
proposed agreement, 3Com will deploy 500 of its Total Control multi-service
platforms in global locations over the next three years. USA Global Link
will pay in excess of $500 million for the first phase of 3Com’s
development. The Initial deployments will begin in Brazil, Germany, the
Netherlands, Japan, the U.S., Switzerland, and Hong Kong, with other
countries in Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim to follow.

3Com’s Total Control platform is engineered for standards based,
interactive, multimedia communications. The system incorporates 3Com’s
HiPer DSP technolgy to support T.120 & H.323 protocols to ensure
compatibility with other systems. The system will support voice, fax, and

The Global InterNetwork system is a multi-path, multi-protocol global
telecommunications network which will ultimately encompass over 1000 POPs
in all major metropolitan centers of the world. The projected total
capital investment for the network is $1.2 billion.

USA Global Link




Open Port Patents Least Cost Routing System to Deliver Messages Over the Internet

Open Port Technology has announced that it has been awarded a patent for
the least cost routing (LCR) of messages over the Internet. The patented
method (Patent #5712907) routes any message type (fax, voice, video, etc)
over an intranet and/or the Internet to the lowest cost point/node on the
network. From that point/node, the system routes the message to its final
destination using a local call over the PSTN. The LCR system bypasses
long distance PSTN services. The LCR system is
implemented in Open Port’s Harmony Pro and Harmony NSP products.

Open Port has deployed IP messaging services for customers including
Charles Schwab, Motorola, Swiss Bank, and WorlCom. Its software is also
used in UUNET’s UUFAX, an Internet fax service.

Open Port Technology


Access Power to Introduce Internet Phone & Telephony Service

Access Power has announced the release of its branded version of VocalTec’s
I-Phone for use with its Internet telephony service. Access Power’s Internet
telephony service will enable connectivity from phone to phone, PC to phone,
or PC to PC. It will support voice, data, video, fax, website initiated
calls, videoconferencing, and teleconferencing. The company plans to
deploy 50 gateways both nationally and internationally to further enable the PC to
phone and phone to phone connectivity. Access Power will sell franchises
to deploy the gateway servers.

Access Power


Digitcom Secures Investment to Expand Internet Telephony Offerings

Digitcom has secured an agreement in principal for a staged investment of
up ot $60 million by the Dharma Group Corporation, an international
investment company. The Dharma Group will accumulate a minority stake in
Digitcom as its participation grows from an initial $12 million investment
within the first half of this year. Digitcom will use the investment to
build out its Internet phone and switched international long distance
network infrastructure.

Digitcom is planning to deploy online Internet long distance facilities in
Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Digitcom is also discussing the
deployment of its voice compression technology on current international
long distance services in Taiwan, Tokyo, and the U.S.

In a separate announcement, the Russian Central Science Research
Telecommunication Institute, ZNIIS, will test Digitcom’s Internet
telephony technology for certification in the Russian Federation.

Digitcom provides Internet voice communication technology and is marketing
its Internet based telephony products including FAXport, NetCall, VOXport,
and Mobile Callback.

Digitcom Corporation


NEC & Cisco Team to Integrate Voice and Data Networks

Cisco System has announced that they have signed a memorandum of
understanding with NEC America to provide solutions for the integration of
PBX and internetworking technology. According to the terms of the
agreement, the first in a series of planned initiatives will be the
deployment of a full voice over IP enabled PBX utilizing NEC’s NEAX 2400
IMX platform. NEC will contribute expertise in the area of voice
communications, PBX technology, and vertical market application development.
Cisco will provide expertise in data communications and Internet

The NEAX 2400 will utilize a network technology called Fusion Call Control
Signaling to deploy a new transmission signaling protocol that will be
compatible with IP networks and Cisco’s routers and switches. The
application will allow a voice network to be integrated into an IP network
without major network restructuring.

Cisco and NEC plan on developing other applications including network
management systems, tools that reduce the costs of network ownership, and
systems to accelerate the development and deployment of integrated
multimedia networks.

Cisco Systems


NEC America


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