IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 17 2000

Multi-Tech Files Patent Lawsuit Against VoIP Companies
Multi-Tech Systems announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Net2Phone, Vocaltec, ZeroPlus.com, e-Net, Studio Visia, MediaRing.com, PhoneFree.com, Really Easy Internet, and Dialpad.com. The company alleges that the defendants are violating the use of its patented technology for the simultaneous transmission of voice, data, and video over a communications line, by providing service users with client software that is based on the technology.

The suit was filed on February 15, 2000, at the United States Federal District Court in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Multi-Tech has retained the representation of Ronald J. Schutz of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P.

Multi-Tech Systems

ITXC Introduces Brandable PC to Phone Service
ITXC has announced the introduction of its turnkey web based PC to phone IP telephony service, webtalkNOW!. The service enables web site owners to integrate private branded VoIP calling technologies into web sites. The outsourced offering includes the licensing of a voice enabled web client or standalone PC application, wholesale routing of traffic, network management, and call accounting. All traffic will be routed over ITXC’s global Internet telephony network, which has 185 POPs in 117 cities and 47 countries, and enables other providers to route VoIP traffic to any telephone in the world via the network, ITXC’s affiliate providers, the public Internet or the PSTN.

In related news, ITXC reported that MediaRing, Dialpad.com, and Onebox.com have integrated the technology into their respective offerings.






Net2Phone & Barak Team For Israeli VoIP Service
Net2Phone has announced that it is teaming with Barak ITC to build and develop an Internet telephony service/network throughout Israel. According to the terms of the agreement, Net2Phone will collocate its IP telephony gateways at Barak’s POPs in Israel to offer phone to phone VoIP services. In return, Barak will provide Net2Phone with connectivity between Israel and the U.S. The companies also plan to develop an offering that will enable wireless phone users to place calls over Net2Phone’s IP telephony network.

In a separate announcement, the Republican National Committee reported that it has integrated Net2Phone’s ecommerce and VoIP technology, Click2Talk, into its web site to enable visitors to initiate communications with the organization.


Republican National Committee

Data Connection Introduces Packet Based OEM Product
Data Connection Limited announced the introduction of the DC- VoicePacket, its integrated ATM, SS7 and VoIP hardware/software platform for OEM developers. The product is a voice gateway that can be used to develop connectivity between PSTN, SS7/TDM networks and ATM or IP based DSL or cable networks. It can support up to 2000 calls per chassis, or more than 100,000 simultaneous calls via a multi-shelf, multi- rack cluster configuration. It offers built in signaling, call control, compression, echo-cancellation and transcoding capabilites for technologies including SS7, ATM, MPLS, H.323, MGCP/Megaco, SIP and PacketCable Media processing. The product ships with line cards for TDM termination (nxT1 and T3), ATM (OC3 and OC12) and Ethernet (100Mbps and 1Gbps). In addition, It can be integrated with third party OSS services such as billing, settlement, security and management.

The product is currently available for OEM developers of DSL or cable products, or developers that would like to trunk a TDM based phone network to a packet based backbone. Pricing was not disclosed.

Data Connection

Trillium Introduces MGCP Technology
Trillium Digital Systems has announced the introduction of a MGCP software solution designed for OEM IP telephony gateway and PacketCable based equipment developers. The product consists of the vendor’s Gateway Control Protocol technology, which is an implementation of MGCP, for integration with both media gateways and media gateway controllers. It can also be used to support interoperability with PacketCable’s network based call signaling protocol specification. In addition, it can be used with the vendor’s RTP and RTCP based products to develop gateway products.

The source code for the software solution is currently available.

Trillium’s MGCP Solution

Trillium Digital Systems

CommTech to Develop VoDSL For Network Plus
Network Plus said that is has partnered with CommTech to enhance its DSL network to support VoDSL capabilities. According to the terms of the agreement, CommTech will assist Network Plus in the development of voice, DSL, and VoDSL services by providing and deploying Lucent’s ATM switches, AccessLan’s DSLAMs, and Jetstream’s VoDSL gateways. In addition, CommTech will implement its own Fastflow Suites line of products to enable the provider to activate and provision services.


Network Plus

2-Infinity To Build VoIP System For Griffin Marine Travel
2-Infinity.com, a Lakota Technologies subsidiary, announced that it has been employed to build a VoIP network for Griffin Marine Travel, a London based travel agency. 2-Infinity.com plans to use its own technologies and 3Com’s NBX 100 LAN based PBX system to integrate Griffin’s 18 worldwide telephone systems with its existing computer network to enable it to route both voice and data traffic via the same network.


Cybertel to Collocate Gear At Level 3’s POPs
Cybertel Communications announced that it is planning to collocate IP gateway equipment at 16 of Level 3’s switching centers (Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis and Tampa) to offer IP based voice and data services. The provider plans to have the equipment operational at all 16 locations by this fall.


Level 3

Coyote to Distribute Nuera’s Products
Coyote Network Systems said that it has signed a distribution agreement with Nuera, in which it will market Nuera’s IP based products throughout the world. Nuera’s line of products include packet-voice networking systems and technology for carriers, corporations and OEM developers. The products can be used to provide and support voice and fax services over IP and VPN networks.

Coyote Network Systems


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