IP Telephony news wrap-up for Feb 21 – 2007

Avaya has introduced two new versions of its IP Office IP PBX including the Standard Edition for small businesses (supports up to 32 users) and the Professional addition for SMBs (supports up to 270 users). The versions are supported by the vendor’s new IP Office 500 communications server, which supports a wide array of new features.

The new software release 4.0 acts as a SIP gateway, enabling businesses to optionally subscribe to SIP trunking services. The software also includes remote diagnostic tools allowing problems to be identified and resolved remotely. The new systems also feature multi-site hot desking capabilities that enable workers to use any networked phone to have calls and voice messages follow them. Also new, the systems support multi-site hunt group capabilities, allowing workers at any networked location to be part of the same call routing group.

Aastra Telecom has introduced 5i, a new series of SIP phones including 4 phone models and 2 expansion modules.

The new phones include the 53i, a phone with a 3-line/16 character display and 6 programmable keys. The 55i features a 144×75 backlit LCD display. It supports up to 20 programmable functions and is compatible with up to 3 536M expansion modules. The 57i featurs a 144×128 backlit LCD display and supports up to 30 programmable functions. It is compatible with up to 3 560M or 536M expansion modules. The 57i CT includes all of the features of the 57i as well as an integrated cordless base that provides VoIP mobility employing 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum technology.

The 536M expansion module features 36 programmable keys and the 560M module includes a LCD screen and 60 programmable keys.

All of the phones include productivity enhancement features such as embedded XML browsers and full duplex speakerphones.

The phones, available now, are interoperable with select VoIP platforms.

Aastra Telecom
DeltaThree has acquired Go2Call, a VoIP service provider based in Illionois, in a combined cash and stock transaction. The value of the terms were not immediately disclosed.

Go2Call, a veteran in the VoIP market, has both business and consumer service provider divisions as well as global infrastructure. The company has provided hosted VoIP solutions to more than 200 providers in 100 countries.

Further details on the acquistion are expected to be included in DeltaThree’s next financial report.

Toshiba Canada will require that its 80 distributors throughout the country use Apparent Networks’ AppCritical network assessment technology before deploying Toshiba’s Strata CIX family of IP PBX systems.

Toshiba Canada
Apparent Networks
Mike Sandman Enterprises has introduced Echo Stopper Line Impedance Matcher, a small device that reduces echo and fixes DTMF recognition problems in systems where the problems can be duplicated for a technician. The product enables a technician to adjust the impedance of a phone line to match the hybrid transformer on the CO line card on a phone system. The impedance is improved from approximately 600 to 1200 ohms.

In addition to individual VoIP lines, the Echo Stopper may also improve DTMF recognition on auto-attendants and voicemail systems. Other problems that possibly can be solved through impedance adjustment include volume, distortion, modem speed and connectivity, and cellular to POTS adapters such ones supplied by Telular.

The product comes with a 2 foot solid copper mod cord that can be cut and punched down on a 66 or 110 block. The Echo Stopper is available for $49.

Mike Sandman Enterprises
Ascom Wireless Solutions has enhanced its i75 model VoWiFi handset to support SIP. The new release features power save, improved security, and messaging capabilities.

Ascom Wireless Solutions
The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has granted Cablemas a license to offer VoCable services in 9 markets in Mexico, where it already offers video and cable modem services. The government first awarded Cablemas a license to offer Vocable last July, when it allowed the MSO to offer telephony in 13 cities.

At the end of September, Cablemas reported 20,616 VoCable subscribers.

Cablemas S.A. de C.V.
AT&T is now offering hosted webconferencing based on Microsoft’s Live Meeting, which uses SOA and web service interfaces to deliver TDM and VoIP audioconferencing in combination with broadcast visuals of any type. The conferencing service allows users to access and display Microsoft’s portfolio of Office software.

Ditech Networks has introduced Experience Intelligence, a voice quality measurement solution for TDM and VoIP based networks. The solution consists of EXi Agent, EXi Collector, and EXi Reporter, which measure, collect and report call quality metrics including speech and noise levels, signal to noise ratio, echo, and network delay information.

Experience Intelligence uses several approaches for measuring voice quality including the use of MOS, R-Value and Objection Rates, as well employment of graphical trend analysis.

The new product incorporates Ditech’s VQA technology.

Ditech Networks

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