IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 25 2002

1. Cisco Enhances IPCC & PIX OS; Offers VoIP Blueprint
Cisco has added the Cisco Agent Desktop and Cisco Supervisor Desktop to its IP Contact Center (IPCC), an integrated suite of VoIP and contact center solutions that provide intelligent call routing over an IP network for single site or multi site enterprise call centers. The new applications provide contact center agents and supervisors with a packaged and deployable IP-based desktop solution with an adminsitrative interface. The applications are designed for extensions to existing call center operations, greenfield installations, or extensions to branch offices of enterprise call centers. The new add-ons start at $900 per seat.

Cisco has also released a set of new and enhanced security products including enhancements to its PIX 506 and 515 firewalls, an upgraded version of its PIX firewall OS, and the SAFE blueprint for IP telephony. New features of the PIX OS release include PAT services for SIP and H.323v2 and several DHCP options for communication with Cisco phones. The OS supports Stub Multicast Routing, technology that supports videoconferencing and e-learning with low bandwidth requirements.

The SAFE blueprint, based on AVVID, is a guideline for integrating security solutions throughout VoIP networks.

Pricing for the PIX 506E starts at $1,695. The 515 starts at $3,495. The new PIX OS will be a free upgrade for current SMARTnet customers. The blueprint is free and can be downloaded from Cisco’s web site.


SAFE blueprint

3. AudioCodes Introduces Media Gateway for Wireless
AudioCodes has introduced Stretto 2000, an enterprise cellular media gateway for use in GSM, UMTS and CDMA 2G/3G networks. The technology, targeted at OEMs, is a 1U chassis system that supports various capacities from 2 to 16 E1 (T1) PCM spans for a total of 60 (48) to 480 (384) VoIP cellular calls.

The Stretto 2000 is currently being delivered as a beta version. A commercial version is expected in Q’2.


5. Yahoo! Implements Voice Recognition for Voice Services
Yahoo! has introduced voice recognition capabilities in Yahoo! by Phone and Yahoo! Phone Card. Yahoo! by Phone users can use voice commands to navigate through email, voicemail, and news. Users of the Yahoo! Phone Card can use voice commands to access their address book and dial numbers. Net2Phone is providing the VoIP network and voice hosting infrastructure for the phone card services’ voice-activated dialing capabilities. Yahoo! develooped the voice-activated dialing application that interfaces with Net2Phone’s platfrom using Voice XML. SpeechWorks is providing text-to-speech technology, and Nuance is providing speech recognition technology and consulting.

Yahoo! by Phone is available for $4.95 per month. Yahoo! Phone Card provides flat rate U.S. long distance for 10 cents per minute. The cards are sold in increments of $10, 25, and $50.


Yahoo! by Phone

Yahoo! Phone Card



Nuance Communications

7. Wave7 Optics Using Radcom’s VoIP Testing Solution
Wave7 Optics, a FTTx system developer, is using Radcom’s VoIP Performer System to generate a large volume of circuit switched calls and then analyze the signaling and media performance of the calls over a packet network.

In other Radcom news, the company has introduced Cellular QPro, a tool for measuring end-to-end call quality analysis as expereinced from the subscriber handset. The technology reports audio quality data such as set-up times, post-dailing delay, listening quality (MOS), background noise and insertion loss. The QPro can test voice quality in different configurations including mobile station to mobile station to PSTN and mobile station to VoIP.

Wave7 Optics


9. Armstrong Group to Deploy Syndeo’s Softswitch
Armstrong Group, a cable MSO, will commercially deploy Syndeo’s Syion 426 softswitch platform, following a 8-month trial of the technology in Western Pennsylvania. The softswitch provides Class 5 capabilities over broadband networks such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller id, call blocking, and regulatory services such as lifeline (E911), operator, and directory assistance.


11. PingTone Introduces Managed SME VoIP in D.C. & NYC
PingTone Communications has introduced a managed Cisco-based VoIP service for SMEs in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, and has plans to bring the service to New York City and northern New Jersey in March. The service, offered for a flat monthly fee, includes IP phones, unified messaging, a desktop GUI for call control, high-speed Internet access, and unlimited local and domestic long distance.

PingTone Communications

13. NEC Introduces Family of IP Phones
NEC has introduced Dterm, a family of IP phones featuring a large color display, Java support and web browser. The company is introducing 8 and 16 button IP phones as well as a softphone (SP-10).

NEC America

15. Dynamic Alliances to Distribute Faxport & Winport
Dynamic Alliances will exclusively sell Faxport and Winport, FoIP software, in North America.


Dynamic Alliances

17. Singapore Court System Testing Innomedia’s Gear
Innomedia has said that the Supreme Court of Singapore along with a group of law firms in the country are testing its IP Videoconferencing solution. The technology will be used for matters heard in chambers before a registrar, and in particular, ex parte cases including pre-trial conferences. Lawyers will be able to appear before the court for their law offices.

Blumice will providing systems integration, support, and management for the project.



19. Sitara’s QoS Used in Siemens’ HiPath Architecture
Sitara has said that its QoS platform, QoSWorks, will be included as a part of a new family of access points belonging to the Siemens HiPath enterprise architecture. The HiPath AP 2500 family of access points is a set of tools that complement the HiPath portfolio by enabling SoS at the LAN/WAN edge of the network.

Sitara Networks


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