IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 26 2001

deltathree Launches IP Telephony Device Partnership Program
deltathree has announced that it has launched the IP Telephony Device Partner Program that will enable manufacturers to develop and manufacture devices that interoperate with its services and technologies. deltathree will provide participants with an API, which will be integrated into the device to facilitate the transmission of traffic over deltathree’s IP telephony networks. deltathree will market the devices directly to its other customers, and list them in a VoIP enabled product catalog that it is developing. In return, participants will be required to market deltathree’s line of VoIP services at point of sale.

deltathree’s communications services include VoIP connectivity between phones, PCs and web sites or any combination thereof, as well as eCommerce, unified messaging, global roaming and calling cards. It routes traffic over its private, managed Internet telephony network, which uses the PSTN to both terminate and originate call traffic and has 107 POPs throughout 40 countries. The network combined with its affiliate provider’s networks, provide connectivity in well over 160 countries.


NeTrue Communications Releases N-Solution Modules
NeTrue Communications has announced the introduction of the N-Solutions product line, its line of VoIP modules/applications including N-Voice, N-Able, N-Service, N-Route, N-Terconnect and N-Sure. N-Voice is a scalable billing program that supports billing for voice and data over IP networks. N-Able provides authentication, authorization and accounting for IP based voice and data services. N-Service is a web-based customer care solution for the self-provisioning of services and customer support. N-Route supports dynamic routing between IP gateways for voice and data traffic. N-Terconnect provides IP telephony network control center functions such as call settlement and traffic management, and also facilitates traffic management between multiple service areas or across multiple networks. Last, N-Sure measures the various parameters of IP network quality in real-time.

NeTrue Communications

HK First Tel to Deploy NetSpeak’s PC to Phone VoIP Technology
Hong Kong First Tel (HKFT) has announced that it is planning to deploy NetSpeak’s VoIP platform in the People’s Republic of China to develop a PC to phone service. According to the terms of the deal, Datacraft Asia, NetSpeak’s Asia Pacific based VAR/Integrator partner, and NetSpeak will team to deploy the PC to phone technology for HKFT to build a network in a phased approach, initially beginning in Beijing and Hong Kong. In addition, the system will be designed to interoperate with HKFT’s web based toll free service, IP800, which enables China based businesses to offer toll free VoIP connectivity to web site visitors.

Honk Kong First Telecom


Datacraft Asia


NetIQ Introduces Network Test and Performance System
NetIQ has announced the introduction of the beta version of its network test and performance product, Chariot. The product is designed to enable users to predict the QoS of voice services by providing a mean opinion score. It also offers detailed network stats including information regarding jitter, one-way delay, throughput and consecutive lost packets.

The vendor is also offering a beta program for the product that will enable participants to test the solution’s capabilities. Beta program participants that decide to purchase the solution before April 4, 2001, will receive the VoIP module at no charge.

Chariot Beta Program


Lucid Voice Introduces Point to Multipoint VoIP/Data System
Lucid Voice has announced the introduction of its wireless point to multipoint converged VoIP and data system, IPico. The H.323/SIP compliant solution, which can be combined with existing wireless IP data networks, telephones, fax machines, gateways, call managers and PBXs, provides the functionality of a router, gatekeeper and call manager. In addition, it offers QoS capabilities by managing network bandwidth resources via dynamic bandwidth sharing between voice and data users, and assigning a dedicated channel to voice traffic, which is prioritized over data traffic. The system is also available in a point to point configuration.

Lucid Voice

Telnet to Deploy Convergent’s Next Gen Broadband Equipment
Telnet Worldwide, a Michigan based CLEC, said that it is planning to deploy Convergent Networks Cohesion line of broadband products to expand its network. The provider initially intends to use the equipment to expand its network’s capacity to handle Internet dial-up traffic, with further plans to eventually develop support for ATM based packet voice services. The CLEC also intends to eventually expand the services throughout the U.S.

Telnet Worldwide

Convergent Networks

BroadRiver to Launch VoIP Services in Atlanta, Nashville and Orlando
BroadRiver Communications said that it is in the process of conducting VoIP market trials over its Cisco equipment based network, and plans to launch commercial corporate services in Atlanta, Nashville and Orlando on March 1. The provider has configured the services to use softswitch technologies to replace Class 5 and SS7 equipment.

BroadRiver Communications

RAD Data Introduces G.SHDSL IAD
RAD Data Communications has announced the introduction of a G.SHDSL (G.991.2) interface for its LA-140 ATM IAD. The product can transmit G.SHDSL at rates of up to 2.3 Mbps over a 2-wire, 24 AWG copper pair.

The system is currently available for testing. Pricing was not disclosed.

RAD Data Communications

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