IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 26 2003

1. ITXC to Use Cisco’s Gear to Drive Global Network
ITXC will deploy Cisco’s AS5000 Universal Gateway and PGW 2200 softswitch to drive its global ITXC.net VoIP network. The Cisco gear will not only be used for new installs but will also replace equipment supplied from other vendors.

In other news, ITXC has said that it has discontinued service for a major customer. The unnamed company owes ITXC approximately $8.5 million. ITXC has also announced that it will be opening a switchless carrier facility at Ancotel’s co-location site in Frankfurt, Germany.


Cisco Systems

3. Brix Unveils VoIP Assessment for Enterprise Deployments
Brix Networks has introduced VoIP Assessment, a pre- deployment evaluation service for enterprises. To assess a network’s suitability for VoIP, Brix deploys performance monitoring appliances at specified enterprise locations. The appliances simulate calls between sites, collect the resulting performance statistics, and transmit the stats back to a Brix server for further analysis. The appliances collect data such as round trip latency, discarded and lost packets, and jitter. Upon the end of the evaluation period, a customized Assessment Summary Report is produced, containing key findings and providing specific technical recommendations.

The Brix VoIP Assessment goes for $5,000.

Brix Networks

5. TelcoBlue Launches Turnkey Reseller System
TelcoBlue has launched a turnkey reseller system that provides partners with a package of tools for offering PC- to-phone services. The package includes a web application that can be co-branded and integrated into the reseller’s web site; a co-branded version of the PC-to-phone client; access to a billing and routing server for authentication, authorization, and accountability for all calls; and a login screen that can be customzied by the reseller.

TelcoBlue’s service allows callers to place PC-to-phone calls, purchase a prepaid calling card PIN, recharge their accounts, check account balances, and access call history.


7. PPL & Gwent Healthcare Deploy Nortel’s VoIP
PPL, a Pennsylvania based energy supplier, has deployed Nortel’s CSE 1000 and i2002, i2004, and i2050 IP phones to support a converged voice and data network. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. Commonwealth Communications is the systems integrator.

Wales-based Gwent Healthcare has also deployed Nortel’s IP telephony solution. The company is using Nortel’s Meridian 1 IP PBX. ITS Technology and BT are the systems integrators for the project.


Nortel Networks

Commonwealth Communications

Gwent Healthcare

9. SIP Forum Launches Web Site
The SIP Forum, an organization established to promote the technology and its interworking, has launched a web site that will provide the latest information about SIP and its applications, as well as offer SIP products and services developed by SIP Forum members.

With the launch of the site, several new working groups were also created.

The SIP Forum currently has 25 company members.

SIP Forum

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