IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 26 2003

1. Nuera, Syndeo & Innomedia Offering VoCable Security
Nuera, Syndeo and Innomedia have teamed to offer a PacketCable compliant security solution. The technology includes Nuera’s ORCA BTX gateway, Syndeo’s Syion softswitch, and Innomedia’s MTA 3328-1 single port MTA. The solution employs Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encryption and Multilinear Modular Hash (MHH) for authentication.




3. Cisco and AT&T Develop Stronger Co-Marketing Alliance
Cisco and AT&T have signed a new agreement that calls for Cisco and its affiliates to market the AT&T Managed Services that utilize Cisco’s technology. As part of the agreement, the Cisco sales team and the 3,000 members of its indirect sales channel will market 17 AT&T services to U.S. businesses. The services are in the area of IP VPNs, IP network security, metro optical and Ethernet, managed router, managed hosting, and voice/data integrated access.


Cisco Systems

5. Metropolitan State Univ Deploys NEC’s IP Telephony
Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota has deployed 3 of NEC’s NEAX 2400 Internet Protocol Exchange systems to support VoIP services and 4-digit dialing among university users. The system will also permit the same dialing services with users at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, another institution that has recently installed a similar NEAX IPX-DM system.

NEC Business Network Solutions

Metropolitan State University

7. Infonetics Releases Quarterly Study of VoIP Market
Infonetics Research has released its quarterly study of the VoIP market known as Next Gen Voice Products. The report tracks broadband loop carriers, RAC VoIP gateways, Class 5 packet switches, and trunking gateways, with breakouts for ATM switch, voice gateways, and convergence switches. The report also tracks voice over broadband gateways, media servers, softswitches (circuit based and IP), and voice application servers. Forecasts are updated quarterly and cover worldwide, North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and CALA.

Companies tracked in the service include Alcatel, Broadsoft, Catena, Cirpack, Cisco, CommWorks, Convedia, Ericsson, IP Unity, Italtel, LongBoard, Lucent, Metaswitch, NetCentrex, Nortel, Nuera, Occam, Santera, Siemens, SnowShore, Sonus, Sylantro, Taqua, Tekelec, Telica, Ubiquity, UTStarcom, Veraz, VocalData, and Zhone.

Infonetics finds the worldwide revenue for VoIP products reached $191 million in Q4 2002, a 15% increase from Q3. For the year 2002, revenues totaled $1.2 billion.

The worldwide revenue for the next gen softswitch market reached $58 million in Q4, a 17% increase from Q3. The firm expects the softswitch market to generate $1.72 billion in revenues in 2006.

According to Infonetics, Class 5 packet switches totaled %5.9 million Q4, a 57% increase from Q3.

The firm recognizes Cisco and Lucent as the leading vendors in the RAC VoIP gateway segment in 2002, achieving a combined 83% market share.

Infonetics Research

9. Oki Reduces Gateway Prices
Oki Network Technologies has reduced prices for its single port VoIP TA, 4 port BV1250, 8 port BV7050, and T1/E1 BV7000 VoIP gateway products. The BV gateways connect and operate with standard telephones, PBXs, key telephone systems, PSTN lines and fax machines. The VoIP TA connects with existing residential and small office designs. The VoIP gateways are H.323 and SIP compliant. They support SNMP, remote management, and most routers. The gateways feature QoS capabilities such as TOS, jitter buffer control, and adjustable voice bandwidth.

Oki Network Technologies

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