IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Feb, 27 2004

1. Phonom Launches Managed IP Centrex Services to SMBs
Phonom has launched a managed IP Centrex service to small to mid- sized businesses in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. states. The service will be delivered using Lucent’s Accelerate VoIP switching platforms and IP network services provided by Cavalier Telephone. The service will feature 4-digit dialing, web enabled voicemail, web based management, and will support CALEA and e911.

Phonom launched residential VoIP services last month.


3. Motorola Introduces New Multimedia Platform
Motorola has introduced IP Multimedia Subsystem , a platform based on its softswitch that will deliver converged IP-based voice, video, and data applications including advanced applications such as PoC, multimedia messaging, instant messaging and chat, video conferencing, and mutlimedia group call. The platform will run over wireless, enterprise and WiFi network. The platform will support 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards as well as a variety of standards for 2.5G and 3G networks such as GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and CDMA.

IMS will be available to select customers for trials by mid-year.


5. NEC Introduces Small or Branch Office Voice System
NEC has introduced Aspire S Key Telephone System, a voice solution for small or branch offices that supports traditional, IP, or converged communications. The platform can support up to 26 stations and can scale from 1 to 8 lines. The network can be connected to other Aspire networks via VoIP with both digital and analog trunks, and digital, IP and analog stations.

Aspire S ranges in price from $250 to $600.

NEC America

7. Rogers to Rollout VoCable Services in Mid-2005
Rogers Cable, one of the largest cable MSOs in Canada, plans to launch primary line, PacketCable-based, VoCable services in mid- 2005, making the service initially available to approximately 1.8 million households. The provider expects to expand the deployment to cover nearly all of the 3.2 million households its network passes within 2006.

Rogers Cable

9. Missouri Telecom to Launch Residential & Business VoIP
Missouri Telecom, a CLEC serving Southwest Missouri, will launch IP Centrex and residential VoIP over its broadband network this week. The provider has deployed MetaSwitch’s VP3500 switch to deliver the services.

MetaSwitch’s switch supports more than 100 Class 5 features and services. The technology supports from 400 to over 250,000 subscribers in a single rack.


11. Ixia Acquires G3 Nova
Ixia has acquired G3 Nova Technology for $9 million in cash and common stock. California-based G3 provides VoIP testing solutions that fully automate call flow, feature, and performance of IxVoice measures the results and analyzes the quality of voice and quality of fax from correlated calls over PSTN, and IP, while mixing and switching between various media streams such as voice, tones, data, and fax. The technology has the ability to emulate SIP, H.323, MGCP/MEGACO, SCCP, and RTP media streaming protocols.


G3 Nova Technology

13. Interactive Intelligence Unveils New SIP Proxy Server
Interactive Intelligence has introduced SIP Proxy Advanced Version, a SIP proxy server that intelligently routes SIP messages and includes fault tolerance, load balancing, and security features.

The fault tolerance routing supports an unlimited number of routing entries and enables users to monitor the status of servers. When a server is not available, calls are immediately re-routed. The SIP proxy brings servers back into use when they become available again.

The load balancing feature distributes interactions more evenly across servers.

Support for SIP digest authentication provides enhanced security.

The new SIP proxy also includes Pattern Matcher, a routing utility that allows similar numbers to be routed in similar ways. The technology can also be used for enhancing the capabilities of speed dialing, call blocking and call forwarding.

The Advanced Version is configured via a web browser or standard XML files.

The server goes for $5,000.

Interactive Intelligence also offers a free SIP proxy server known as Basic Version. This software can be downloaded from the company’s web site.

Interactive Intelligence

15. Infonetics Releases Results from Quarterly Tracking Service
Infonetics Research has released a collection of results from Q4 Next Gen Voice Products Market Share and Forecasts, a market research service that tracks ATM switch voice gateways, Class 5 packet switches, convergence switches, RAC VoIP gateways, media servers, session border controllers, circuit switched and next generation softswitches, and voice application servers. Forecasts are provided by region for worldwide, North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and CALA.

Companies tracked in the report include Acme Packet, Alcatel, AudioCodes, BayPackets, Broadsoft, Cirpack, Cisco, Convedia, CopperCom, Ericsson, IP Unity, Italtel, Jasomi, Kagoor, LongBoard, Lucent, Marconi, MediaRing, MetaSwitch, Netrake, NexTone, Nortel, Nuera, Pactolus, Santera, Sentito, Siemens, SnowShore, Sonus, Sylantro, Taqua, Telica, Ubiquity, UTStarcom, Veraz, and VocalData.

The firm finds:

  • media gateway revenue grew 13% to $745 in 2003
  • softswitch revenue grew 31% to $380 million in 2003
  • session border controllers revenue grew 359% to $29 million in 2003
  • voice application servers revenue fell 9% to $33.7 million in 2003
  • IP PBX revenue grew 33% to $256 million in 2003
  • IP PBX revenue is projected to reach $830 million in 2007, representing a CAGR of 34%
  • IP lines shipped on hybrid IP PBX platforms were up 52% in 2003
  • IP PBX systems with pure IP lines were up 29% in 2003
  • Lines shipped on hybrid IP PBX platforms accounted for 68% of all IP lines shipped in 2003
  • revenues for Next Gen products grew 21% in 2003
  • revenues for Next Gen products grew 31% over Q4 to $338 million
  • revenues for Next Gen products are projected to grow 305% through 2007 to $5 billion, representing a CAGR of 42%

Infonetics Research

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