IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 04 2001

Ovum Releases Report Projecting 23% Saturation For PC to Phone Market
Ovum said that it has just released an IP telephony market report entitled, IP telephony: Exploiting Market Opportunities. The study examines the development of the IP telephony market sectors including consumer, business and wholesale, and offers various profiles of many companies. It projects that the PC to phone VoIP service user market will increase from 5 percent of all current Internet users to 23 percent of Internet users (166 million users) by 2006, with revenues from that sector increasing to $6.2 billion. It also goes on to indicate that main drivers of the increase are expected to be the proliferation of services, improvements in quality and simplifying use.

The report is currently available. It is priced at US$4,250, (£$2500 – A$6000).

IP telephony: Exploiting Market Opportunities


Wherever.net Develops Interoperability With Cisco’s VoIP Gear
Wherever.net said that it has teamed with Cisco to develop interoperability between Cisco’s various VoIP platforms and its own VoIP equipment deployed in its networks, enabling the provider to both terminate and originate traffic for other provider’s that are using Cisco’s VoIP technologies.

Wherever is in the process of developing a private managed IP based network throughout China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan and the U.S. It also recently reached agreements with Genuity and Newcall to further develop its offerings in the U.S. and New Zealand respectively, and with China Netcom to develop interconnectivity between networks. In addition, it was recently granted FCC approval to resell services between the U.S. and various international markets.



Seven Firms to Re-sell Vocalscape’s VoIP eCommerce Solution
Vocalscape Communications has reported that it has reached agreements with seven Internet firms including Bad Dog Design, W3 International Media, Ekkon Business Group, iCorp Design, pro.NET Communications, Metropolis Communications and MDI Internet to market and re-sell its web based, VoIP enabled customer relationship management system, VocalConnect – Live Help NOW! The solution can be integrated into call centers and/or web sites to enable web site visitors to communicate with CSRs via text chat, scheduled callback or real time VoIP communications. In addition, the system allows a CSR to manage communications with up to four visitors simultaneously, and it supports push technologies to allow the CSR to steer the visitors around a web site.

In other news, Vocalscape is planning to integrate SIP technologies into its telephony and customer relationship management solutions including the Eyefon and VocalConnect.


CosmoCom Teams With Siebel to Develop Customer Contact System
CosmoCom has announced it is teaming with Siebel to develop interoperability between its IP based contact center platform, CosmoCall Universe, and Siebel’s eBusiness solutions. The combined solution will provide users with a web and telephone based call center multimedia contact and customer relations system that is based entirely on IP-ACD technologies. The H.323 compliant call center solution converts all incoming communications traffic (voice and video, text chat, IVR, email, voice mail and fax) into IP packets. It is capable of integrating IP based telephone communications into a web site or network-based application using an IP based ACD that can route a call to the proper agent location. The multi-server system can handle up to 8,000 agents, supporting up to 50,000 simultaneous calls/messages and/or 200 call arrivals per second. The vendor has also recently developed an enhanced software application, CosmoPhone 2000, for the system, which provides support for H.323 technologies and integrates into the system’s call agent GUI to enhance voice quality for both traditional telephone and PC to PC communications.



San Mateo County Deploys ITXC’s VoIP eCommerce Technology
San Mateo County (California) said that it deployed ITXC’s VoIP eCommerce technology, Push to Talk (PTT), at its Shape the Future web portal to create a virtual election center that will enable visitors to initiate real time voice communications with an elections official to discuss voter registration, polling locations, absentee balloting and ask post election questions. The PTT system can be integrated into web sites and email communications to enable visitors/recipients to initiate real time PC to phone voice communications with a CSR by clicking a call icon/link, without disrupting the existing Internet connection. All traffic from the pay per call based service is routed over ITXC’s global Internet telephony network, which has 309 POPs in 168 cities and 74 countries, enabling affiliate providers to route traffic to any telephone in the world via the infrastructure, ITXC’s affiliate provider’s networks, the public Internet or the PSTN.

Shape the Future

San Mateo County


NACT to Add VoIP/SS7 Capabilities to Its Class 4 Switching System
NACT, the Switching Division of World Access, has announced that it is planning to add VoIP/SS7 signaling capabilities to its STX series switching system. The STX is a Class 4 tandem switch that can support from 2 to 80 T1s or 2 to 64 E1s (48 to 1,920 ports) per cabinet. The product features remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities, and technologies for LCR, fraud control, as well as IVR support in multiple language formats, and prepaid calling card support for multiple currencies.

The VoIP/SS7 capability is expected to be available this month.


O2 to Distribute Nx Network’s IP Based Telecom Equipment
Nx Networks has reported that it has reached an agreement with O2 Oxygen Technologies, in which O2 will market and install its IP based telecommunications equipment, including models 2200 and 6000, in various Eastern European markets including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Turkey and East Mediterranean region.

Nx Networks

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