IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 09 2002

1. AT&T Extends Enterprise VoIP Offerings
AT&T has announced that it has extended service offerings within its Managed Internet Service and its Managed Router Service . MIS customers may opt to create VoIP extranets by defining businesses as on-net. The on-net community would be eligible for credit against the monthly flat rate channel charge. The new offering also includes a PRI handling 4 to 46 voice channels providing ANI for on-net calls and tracking calling party numbers for off-net calls. Dialing plan options have been extended to range from standard 11-digit dialing to private plans with short prefixes.

AT&T’s MRS has been enhanced with added support for DS3 Frame Relay speeds at U.S. headquarter sites, enabling hub-and-spoke VoIP architectures that can reach sites in more than 40 countries. The services are enabled by Cisco’s 7200 router series, a new component to the service that previously utilized Cisco’s 2600, 3600, and 1750 series routers.

The company has said that it plans to further improve its services in the future by supporting SIP.

AT&T VoIP & Data Networking

3. Zarlink Introduces VoIP Processors
Zarlink Semiconductor has introduced two VoIP processors including the MT92210, a TDM-to IP network processor and the MT92220, a network processor converting TDM to either IP or VoATM. The products are assembly and disassembly processors that simultaneously convert both PCM and ADPCM voice channels to IP packets or ATM AAL2 cells. They can convert 1,000 full duplex voice channels. Translation functions, implemented by hardware rather than software, include silence suppression, comfort noise injection, and RTP processing.

At the TDM interface, Zarlink’s processors communicate via a H.110 TDM bus carrying voice in PCM, ADPCM or HDLC for compression schemes such as G.729 or G.723. AT the network interface, the devices offer multi-purpose packet interfaces carrying IP/UDP/RTP packets over 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, POS, and IP over ATM, using AAL-5 cells. A 16-bit Intel/Motorola interface allows the processors to be configured through an external CPU.

The MT92220 includes a complete AAL2 SAR block at the network interface. The processor converts TDM voice traffic to 53-byte cells for transmission via a UTOPIA port to ATM networks.

Both processors are sampling. Volume production is scheduled for Q’2. The MT92210 is priced at $245 in quantities of 1,000. The MT92220 is priced at $65 in quantities of 1,000. Both devices are packaged in a 528 PBGA. Full API software is included.

Zarlink Semiconductor

5. Motorola Introduces Hybrid MCU/DSP Controller
Motorola has introduced a family of 16-bit controllers that provide that functionality of a microcontroller and a DSP. The 56800 series controllers feature 120 MIPs at 120 MHz, 12K bytes to 80K bytes of program memory, 8K bytes to 48K bytes of data memory, external memory interface up to 6M bytes, 6 channels of direct memory access, time of day functionality, COP/watchdog timer, general-purpose 16-bit timers with D/A conversion functionality, synchronous serial interface with network and surround sound features, synchronous and asynchronous communications interface, serial and parallel host communications, fast interrupt capability, JTAG/enhanced once port for real-time debugging, and a programmable general purpose input/output line.

Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment is the development platform for the controllers. The technology is Windows-based with a C Compiler. It provides navigation, editing, and debugging functions that include such features as an intuitive graphical project management and build system optimized C compiler, assembler, linker, debugger, and instruction set simulator.

An embedded SDK is also available. The kit includes a re-usable set of peripheral software and application specific software such as voice coders, voice recognition, MP3 decoders, and a full-duplex speaker phone.

Volume availability of the product family is expected next quarter. Pricing will start at $3 per unit for the cheapest controller in high volumes.


7. Telemate.Net Introduces VoIP Reporting
Telemate.Net has introduced Telemate 5.0, a reporting solution that supports multi-customer reporting in shared VoIP infrastructures through CiscoWorks Voice Manager. The software provides over 200 out-of-the-box reports and includes functionality that enables users to create custom reports that measure and manage network resource usage and QoS.

Verso Technologies

9. Paltalk Acquires Remaining Assets of HearMe
Paltalk has said that it has acquired the remaining assets of HearMe, a liquidated company that provided support for VoIP conferencing, VoIP calling, and VoIP CRM services. Paltalk picked up software, technology, patent rights, trademarks, domain names and equipment.


11. BT Extends Deal to Resell Octave’s Conferencing
BT Conferencing has signed a 4-year extension to resell Octave Communications’ conferencing system. The agreement, valued at $50 million, follows BT’s initial contract with Octave cut in December of 2000. BT conferencing has recently expanded its MeetMe conferencing service into 9 countries including the U.S.

Octave Communications

BT Conferencing

13. Apollo Offering Gemini’s VoIP Service
Apollo Broadband has announced that it will work with multiple wireless broadband providers to offer Gemini’s VoIP services including domestic, long distance, and international calling as well as local second line number services with a full suite of CLASS and custom calling features. The service will initially be deployed in Kansas City, Missouri.

Gemini is a voice ASP offering turnkey VoIP solutions to broadband operators. The company has an agreement to provide services over WideOpenWest’s networks.

Apollo Broadband

Gemini Voice Solutions

15. Quintum Awarded Patent for Failover Technology
Quintum Technologies has been awarded a patent for its SelectNet technology, which automatically re-routes calls from IP network connections to the PSTN if conditions threaten call quality. The technology is instantaneous and transparent, capable of re-routing during an active call without disrupting the conversation. SelectNet provides vital failover to IP end-points such as IP phones, PC soft clients, conventional phones, and PBX equipment.

Quintum Technologies

17. Polycom Included in Alcatel and Artisoft Solution
Polycom has said that its SoundStation IP phone is being shipped as part of both Alcatel and Artisoft’s respective IP PBX systems. Alcatel will be shipping the SoundStation IP 3000 phone with its OmniPCX 4400 IP PBX. The IP PBX, based on a client/server UNIX architecture, includes scalability from 50 to 50,000 users, telephone handsets, one number mobility, unified messaging, and VoIP networking with QoS and network management. Artisoft will be shipping Polycom’s Soundstation 400 IP phone with its IP PBX solution that includes its own software and Intel Dialogic’s computer telephony boards. The system will support circuit-switched and VoIP switching on the same system.




19. Intel to OEM Building Block Servers
Intel has announced that it is shipping building block servers designed for handling VoIP traffic to OEM customers. The company will sell the chassis with the hard drive and other componenets already inserted into the case. The PC manufacturer will insert the memory and processor and burn the OS. The Pentium III-based kits will come in 1U and 2U sizes. Future generation kits will be based on Xeon and Itanium processors.


21. PCCW to Test Syndeo’s Softswitch
Syndeo has said that Pacific Century CyberWorks is testing its Syion 426 softswitch in a three month lab trial. PCCW offers telephony and data services to more than 2 million residential and business customers in Hong Kong. Syndeo’s softswitch supports an extensive set of CLASS 5 features.


23. Hanaro to Deploy Telco Systems’ Routing Switches
Telco Systems has said that Hanaro Telecom will deploy its T-series routing switches in South Korea. The order has an estimated value of $5 million. Telco plans to begin shipping the gear immediately.

Telco Systems

25. ATM Networks to Resell Kagoor in Korea
Kagoor has said that ATM Networks will resell VoiceFlow, its VoIP traffic management platform, in Korea. Kagoor won its first Asian-Pacific customer, Link Televideo, last September.

Kagoor Networks

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