IP Telephony news wrap-up for Jan 1 – 2006

Quintum Technologies has introduced Tenor AF switch, a VoIP gateway that supports 8 analog lines in both station side and trunk side configurations. The product supports up to 8 simultaneous VoIP calls.

The gateway features a configuration manager and wizard; real-time monitoring of alarms, call status and CDRs; remote manageability; support of public and unique dialing requirements; and PSTN failover.

The Tenor AF can connect an existing PBX or IP PBX to the PSTN or be deployed as an IP PBX branch office solution.

Configured as a gateway, the Tenor AF is $1000. In termination configuration, the product goes for $1240.

Quintum Technologies
Verso Technologies has launched a hosted IP Centrex solution for service providers serving SMEs. The service solution is driven by the company’s Clarent softswitch.

Verso Technologies
Radvision has released version 4.0 of its SIP toolkit, a development solution optimized for small footprint device designs such as for SIP terminals and IP handsets. The new release includes a SCTP layer and support for ENUM. Other features including support for segmented SIP addressing schemes (by telephony, presence or instant messaging applications), added security via SRTP and MIKEY, and support for mobile carrier applications including IMS mobile registration.

The SIP toolkit can handle millions of BHCAs.

AT&T will deploy Avaya’s Communication Manager and IP Office line of products within its IP Telephony and LAN Service, a managed IP communications service for businesses and government agencies.

ATT Business Services
Corrent has introduced SR770, a VoIP gateway designed for residential VoIP service providers that features advanced security features such as a dedicated, encrypted IPsec VPN tunnel for all calls and NAT traversal.

The gateway handles up to 80,000 concurrent calls at an aggregate bandwidth of 8 Gbps and can be provisioned to support up to 400,000 subscribers. Latency is held below 120 ms.

The SR770 is housed in a 19-inch, 8U, rack-mount, NEBS-3/ETSI compliant platform. All processor blades, security blades, power supplies and cooling modules are redundant and hot-swappable.

The gateway will be available in March.

Interlink Global, a residential VoIP service provider, will use VoIP Connection for CPE fulfillment including device programming, shipping, and lifecycle support of IP phones and ATAs used with Interlink’s netTalk service.

VoIP Connection
Interlink Global
Keynote Systems, a VoIP monitoring solution provider, has released VoIP Competitive Intelligence Study, a report comparing the performance of eleven consumer VoIP services in the U.S., as well as assessing market readiness for VoIP in San Francisco and New York, and evaluating network carrier performance based on end user perceived quality. The service providers measured in the study included AOL, AT&T, Earthlink, 8×8, Primus, SunRocket, Time Warner, Verizon, via:talk, Vonage and Vonics Digital.

The company measured ten performance factors including service availability, average number of call attempts, dropped calls, outage minutes, average MOS, MOS geographic uniformity, average audio delay, percentage of calls within an acceptable audio delay and audio delay geographic uniformity. The factors were aggregated into two indicies including reliability and audio clarity. A total of 190,000 calls were placed during the study, resulting in over 17,500 calls per VoIP service provider and over 30,000 call per network carrier. Data for the study was collected between November 18 and December 31, 2005.

The company finds that among all services measured, service availability was 99.1%, up 2% from June of 2005. Three service providers – Time Warner, Vonage, and Verizon, achieved a MOS of 4.0 or better, with Time Warner leading all with a 4.11. Five of the eleven services had a MOS lower than 3.5, which is not only under toll quality audio but below the standards established for wireless phones.

Audio delay for all VoIP services was twice that of calls placed on the PSTN.

Time Warner ranked first in reliability and audio clarity. The cable operator’s average availability was 99.91%, compared with 95.1% availability from the lowest ranking service provider. Verizon DSL was recognized as the most reliable network carrier in the study.

The report includes detailed results, custom analysis of the data and all raw measurement data.

Keynote Systems
NetClarity has launched Audit My VoIP, a free program for VoIP equipment manufacturers that tests the security vulnerability of devices using the company’s Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) process.

A consortium of Dutch MSOs has chosen XConnect and Kayote Networks to provide a VoIP peering service that will enable the service providers to share VoIP traffic directly. The cable operators, representing 7 million video subscribers and 450,000 telephony subscribers, include UPC Netherlands, Casema, MultiKabel, Essent, and CaiW.

XConnect provides VoIP peering for more than 75 ITSPs in 20 countries. Kayote Networks provides interconnectivity solutions for routing and peering.

Kayote Networks
Dacom, the second largest long distance service provider in Korea, is preparing to launch residential and business VoIP services throughout the country, scheduling rollouts in Seoul and other major cities over the next 2 years. The provider has commissioned CommVerge to deploy Acme Packet’s session border controllers.


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