IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 10 2000

Pronto Secures Satellite VoIP Deal with ATC Teleports
Pronto announced that it has entered into an agreement with ATC Teleports, a subsidiary of American Tower Corporation, in which ATC will provide it with satellite VoIP connectivity between the U.S., Africa and Latin America. According to the terms of the deal, calls will originate in the New York market and be uplinked at ATC’s Alexandria, Virginia POP for termination in Senegal, Kenya, Guinea, Cameroon, Zambia and the Ivory Cost using ATC’s New Skies 803 satellite located at 338.5 degrees east. ATC will also host Pronto’s switch equipment at its New York POP.

Pronto plans to leverage the agreement to offer wholesale international termination services to U.S. domestic carriers. For more information, call 514-935-4733.

ATC Teleports

American Tower Corporation

Level 3 Launches Voice Service Over its IP Network
Level 3 Communications has announced that it has officially launched a commercial voice service, (3)Voice, over its U.S. domestic private IP network. Users will be able to access the network without dialing additional access numbers and call can be placed using existing equipment. At the call’s destination, Level 3 will use its softswitch technology to transfer the call to the appropriate local telco’s network for termination. In addition, the company will continuously monitor the network for low latency, jitter, and packet loss; if QoS drops below acceptable levels, the traffic will be switched over to the PSTN.

The provider initially plans to offer the service to resellers, carriers, CLECs, fax and wireless service providers on a wholesale basis. It expects to begin offering the service this month in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Detroit, Seattle, and Tampa, with plans to expand the offering into another 25 U.S. markets by May.

In addition, the company stated that it has already landed a service contract with Network Enhanced Technologies, a Los Angeles based telecommunications provider.

Level 3

AudioCodes Introduces 192 Port Compliant VoIP Board
AudioCodes has announced the introduction of the TrunkPack- VoIP/600-cPCI, its compactPCI IP telephony board. The product can support up to 192 channels of voice, fax and data services (8 T1s or 6 E1s). It features echo canceling technology and can handle H.323 protocols such as G.723.1, G.729A, G.711, and T.38 fax relay. The board also has built in interfaces to support connectivity with PSTN, CAS or PRI signaling protocols.

The unit has successfully completed compatibility tests for North American NI2 (National ISDN 2), Lucent 4ESS, Lucent 5ESS and Nortel DMS100, and it has received CTR4 approvals for pan-European ETSI EuroISDN.


Cable & Wireless HKT to Use Open Port FoIP Gear
Cable & Wireless HKT announced that it is planning to use Open Port Technology’s Internet services creation platform, IP LaunchPad, to develop and launch IP Fax service offerings throughout the Asia-Pacific and U.S. markets. The provider expects to offer a variety of capabilities with the service including web to fax, email to fax, fax client, fax to fax, fax to email, and broadcast in both Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and English compliant formats.

The services are expected to be commercially available by summer.

Open Port

Teltran & DappaNet Develop Enhanced Service Offrings
Teltran reported that it has entered into a value added service development agreement with UK based DappaNet plc. According to the terms of the two year deal, Teltran will provide ISP services, VoIP services, and long distance resale services to DappaNet and its customer base throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. DappaNet will reciprocate by providing services such as Internet access, backbone connectivity, ISP facilities, and long distance resale opportunities. Teltran has already launched the value added service package for one of DappaNet’s customers.

In other news, Teltran reported that it is offering Net2Phone’s PC to phone IP telephony client and service from its web site. The service enables users to place calls from any PC in the world to any phone in the world.

Teltran International


Czech Telecom to Terminate Ursus’ VoIP Traffic
Ursus Telecom reported that it has entered into an agreement with Czech Telecom, in which Czech Telecom will interconnect its network with Ursus’ to terminate VoIP traffic in the Czech Republic. Czech Telecom has approximately 4 million telephone lines deployed serving both residential and corporate customers throughout the market.

In other news, Ursus Telecom is planning to add additional capacity to its IP telephony network to handle an expected increase in traffic this quarter. Last quarter, the provider routed approximately 10 million minutes in VoIP traffic, and the company anticipates that the traffic load will increase to over 40 million minutes this quarter.

Ursus Telecom

Czech Telecom

Global Transmedia to Expand Venezuelan Services
American Diversified Group announced that its provider subsidiary, Global Transmedia, reported that it is planning to expand its Venezuelan services. The company expects to specifically focus on launching new services in the metropolitan markets of Maracaibo and Valencia.

Quicknet Receives Investment Funding
Privately held Quicknet Technologies reported that it has received an investment from Rare Ventures. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Quicknet Technologies

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