IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 11 2001

Amada Introduces VoIP Enabling Device and Service
Amanda has announced the introduction of Smart Indavo, the beta version of its VoIP system. The solution ships with access to the company’s outsourced dedicated network, which enables users to place calls to other U.S. based users at no charge, and U.S. based non-users at 3.9 CPM. The product can support up six telephone lines and 12 extensions, and it features support for voicemail, auto attendant, call waiting, transfer, conferencing, caller ID and select fax applications. The company also intends to provide 24/7 network monitoring for the services.

The firm intends to introduce the system/service on a commercial basis in March. Pricing is expected to begin at $240 per month.


Linksys to Integrate Net2Phone’s VoIP Technologies
Linksys said that it is planning to integrate Net2Phone’s VoIP technologies into its cable/DSL router product, EtherFast. The four-port product will enable users to plug a traditional phone into an RJ-11 interface to place calls over Net2Phone’s IP telephony networks. The unit will also feature technologies for firewall security, IPSec pass thru, filtering, forwarding, DMZ hosting, logging, DHCP server, Internet sharing and speed dialing.

The product, which will be marketed with 160 minutes of no charge calling time, is expected to be available sometime later this month or next. It is priced at $199.

Net2Phone offers IP telephony connectivity between PCs, phones, web sites and facsimile machines or any combination thereof. The combination of its network, which has operations in over 50 countries throughout the world, and its provider affiliate’s networks, enable users to place calls from any PC or telephone in the world to any telephone or PC in the world.



Elthe Launches Flat Rate Unlimited Calling Plans
Elthe Corporation, formerly FreeWebTel, has reported that it has launched one U.S. domestic and two U.S. domestic/international VoIP calling plans (Plan I and Plan II) for its PC to phone VoIP service, ElthePhone. The domestic plan allows users to place an unlimited amount of calls throughout the U.S. for $9.95 per month. Plan I provides users with unlimited call time in the U.S. and to select international markets including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK for $29.95 per month. Plan II includes unlimited U.S. domestic calling and unlimited international calling to all of the countries in Plan I plus Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Finland, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Norway, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and the U.S. Virgin Islands for $39.95 per month. All three plans will also include no charge voicemail and PC to PC calling with connectivity throughout the world.

The U.S. domestic service is expected to be available this week, with the international services slated to be operational next week. The company is also planning to launch an integrated messaging offering sometime this quarter.

Elthe Corporation

Globaltron Secures $10 Million in Private Placement
Globaltron has announced that it has secured $10 million in private equity financing from the Premium Quality Fund in return for an undisclosed amount of newly issued common stock. Further terms were not disclosed. Globaltron intends to use the capital to assist and accelerate its plans to develop IP telephony services between the Caribbean and Central and South American markets, and to develop joint ventures with CLECs in the various regions it plans to offers services in.

Miami-based Globaltron is a next gen telco offering turnkey business communications solutions. It has an ATM/IP switching network with operations in New York City, Miami and several Central and South American markets. In addition, last summer, the provider indicated that it is deploying Lucent’s technologies to expand its network’s capabilities to include support for an array of Internet based services including access, video, data, IP telephony and voice-synthesized unified messaging services.

Globaltron Communications

Lucent Technologies

Upper Side to Host VoDSL Show in Paris
Upper Side reported that it is hosting the VoDSL Europe 2001 Conference at the Hotel Sofitel Paris Bercy from January 16 to 19, 2001. The show will focus on the challenges of deploying VoDSL solutions, and feature an array of equipment/service exhibitions, and a variety of speakers and technical tutorials discussing the technologies.

Pricing for the show begins at US$550 (GBP$350 – EUROs$547.29)

VoDSL Europe 2001

Upper Side

Mapletree Introduces V/FoIP Development Board
Mapletree Networks has announced the introduction of its MTN4096 OEM board, the initial product of its 4000 series of PMC based modules for developing VoIP, FoIP, wireless and remote access communications systems. The product, which can support up to 96 ports of simultaneous communications, is based on the vendor’s UniPorte technology to provide jitter buffer management and echo cancellation capabilities.

The technology is currently available for sampling. Pricing was not disclosed.

Mapletree Networks

Access Power Signs-Up Over 250,000 Users For PC to Phone Service
Access Power said that it has signed up more than 250,000 users for its PC to phone VoIP service, FreeWebCall.com, including over 100,000 new subs in the last three weeks alone. The unlimited, no charge PC to phone service, which is based on Microsoft’s NetMeeting client, enables users to place calls from any PC in the world to traditional phones throughout Canada and the U.S. The provider uses Cisco’s AccessPath-VS3 IP telephony gateway units to route calls to the destination telephones via Sprint’s networks.


Access Power

Mockingbird and e-tel Develop Interoperability
Mockingbird Networks reported that it has partnered with e-tel corporation to develop interoperability between their respective VoIP technologies. The firms have just successfully connected several calls from e-tel’s FreeRide line of VoIP telephones through the PSTN to Mockingbird’s Nuvo 200 voice application switch, and from the PSTN through the Nuvo 200 unit to the FreeRide telephones.

e-tel Corporation

Mockingbird Networks

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