IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 11 2005

1. PT Introduces High Density Media Gateway Module
Performance Technologies (PT) has introduced MTN4300, a media gateway module in PTMC format that supports more than 2,000 VoIP ports. The stand-alone, drop-in solution for OEM gateways can be used in wireless or wireline media gateway applications such as for trunk gateways, Class 5 replacement switches, digital loop carriers, access gateways, radio network controllers, mobile switching centers and base station controllers. The module can be deployed on OEM proprietary blades or on open system carrier baseboards.

The technology supports conferencing, announcements, recording, CALEA, IPv4, IPv6, and NexusWare and UniPorte software. With PT’s UniPorte software, the module can deliver voice coding, echo cancellation, conferencing, and fax relay.

The MTN4300 includes an IPsec co-processor and an onboard application processor. The product will be in beta testing in Q1, with general availability scheduled for April.

Performance Technologies

3. APconnections Unveils Bandwidth Shaping Tool for VoIP Apps
APconnections has enhanced its NetEqualizer product family to support recognition, protection, and quality guarantees for vendor specific VoIP applications offered by Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Mitel, Tenovis, Alcatel, NEC, Inter-Tel, Toshiba, 3Com, ShoreTel, Vonage, Vertical Networks, Skype, Ericsson, Philips, and Aastra. Inbound and outbound VoIP traffic is prioritized over data traffic via bandwidth shaping within the new product line that uses fairness rules and application recognition features to dynamically and automatically equalize network traffic.

NetEqualizer products include an application recorder for recording a specific application and then adding the footprint of the application to the recognition library. This process allows the company’s resellers and their end users to quickly add new VoIP applications to their networks.


5. SIPfoundry Releases Open Source SIP PBX and SIP Stack
SIPfoundry, a non-profit organization established to develop open source SIP-based communication solutions, has introduced the availability of two new software solutions including sipX, a PBX for Linux; and reSIProcate, a SIP stack. The group has also made its SIP interoperability testing process available to SIP technology developers.

sipX is a complete, fully documented SIP PBX that supports voicemail, auto-attendant and SIP proxy. It is fully interoperable with SIP- compliant media gateways and phones, and is fully manageable via a web- browser. The software can be downloaded from the organization’s web site.

reSIProcate is a SIP stack that provides a set of implementations of multiple IETF RFCs including enhanced security features, NAT Traversal, instant messaging and presence. The stack is currently being used by TelTel, Jasomi, Xten, Jabber, CSP, and Computer-Talk Technologies.

Since its inception, the SIPfoundry has had more than 1,700 companies participate in its set of projects.


7. In-Stat Releases Study of Worldwide Cable Telephony Market
In-Stat/MDR has released Cable Telephony Service: VoIP Finally Shows Up, a report that rpovides forecasts for worldwide cable telephony subscribers, VoIP cable telephony subs, and installed cable telephony lines through 2008. The publication also includes a discussion of strategies, vendor and provider profiles, and updates on the availability of cable telephony by geographic region.

The firm finds that cable companies worldwide provided telephony services to 11.8 million households and businesses in late 2004, with less than 500,000 via VoIP. In-Stat/MDR projects cable telephony subscriptions to grow from 14 million in late 2005 to 22 million by 2008. The figures consider both circuit switched and VoIP based cable telephony solutions.

The report is available for $2,995.


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