IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 15 2002

1. 8×8’s SIP Awarded JAIN Certification
8×8 has announced that its eSIP SIP stack has been JAIN certified. JAIN is a component of Sun’s Java Technology for Service Providers Initiative, a framework for using Java APIs. eSIP is available as a part of 8×8’s Enhanced Service Logic Execution Environment or may be licensed separately. eSLEE provides a framework for deploying applications over IP networks. The software supports SIP, JT API, XML and JMX interfaces. It runs on Java virtual machines on Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems.

Centile, a 8×8 subsidiary, plans to integrate eSIP into its hosted iPBX solution.


JAIN initiative

3. Telenor & Jazztel to Interconnect with iBasis
iBasis has said that it has signed interconnection agreements with Telenor and Jazztel. The agreement with Telenor AS, a Norway based carrier, includes European and Southeast Asian markets served directly by Telenor and its more than 70 wholly or partially owned subsidiaries. Jazztel will be providing interconnectivity in Spain and Portugal.



5. Cybertel to Acquire 3S
Cybertel Communications has said that it has signed a MOU to acquire 3S Technologies, a company that has proprietary technology enabling broadcast fax, email, and voice messaging. Message processing via 3S tech is handled through an all RAM database. Cybertel is a VoIP provider building a network throughout the U.S. The company has carrier agreements MCI/Worldcom, Bell Atlantic and Level 3.

In a separate announcement, Cybertel has reported that it will be the telecom carrier for Ameriplast, a provider of pre-paid telephone cards.


7. Shanghai Bell & NEC Using Radvision’s Technology
Radvision has said that Shanghai Bell and NEC are using its technology. Shanghai Bell is using the company’s SIP, MGCP, and MEGACO toolkits for the development of softswitches. NEC is using the company’s H.323 toolkit and H.450 supplementary services module for use with its enterprise gatekeeper and softphone products.

In a separate announcement, Radvision has said that it has released a new MEGACO/H.248 toolkit that provides support for mobile 3G, wireless and ATM networks.


Shanghai Bell

9. WorldQuest to Acquire Money Transfer Company
WorldQuest, a VoIP provider, has announced that it has acquired Clicks2India.com, a web-based international money transfer company that handles transfers from the U.S. to India.



11. Solunet & Roots Become NexTone VARs
NexTone has announced that Florida-based Solunet and Singapore based Roots Communications will resell and integrate its multi protocol signaling switch. The switch enables VoIP peering between carriers and interconnects H.323 networks that use Cisco and Clarent equipment. The switch also provides a SIP proxy server, SIP/H.323 interworking function and VoIP firewall control proxy.



Roots Communications

13. HelloSoft Introduces VoIP on CE for Mobile Devices
HelloSoft has introduced VoIP software to run on Windows CE .Net RTOS for smart mobile devices. The technology runs all of the DSP software for voice processing on RISC microprocessors such as MIPS, StrongARM, ARM, and ARC. Targeted applications avaialable for licensing include G.711, G.729A/B, G.723.1, G.726, G.727, G.728, LEC – G.165/G.168/G.168 2000 compliant, Signal Classification, Caller ID, Acoustic Echo Canceller, DTMF – Tone Generator and Detector, VAD/CNG, Jitter Buffer, SIP, RTP, RTCP, and Directory.


15. IR’s VoIP Management Tool Compatible with IBM
Integrated Research has announced that Prognosis IP Telephony Manager, its software based VoIP management tool, is compatible with IBM’s xSeries and Netfinity servers based on IBM’s partner program dubbed IBM ServerProven. Prognosis has also achieved Cisco Systems Verified and CT Labs Tested status.

Integrated Research

IBM ServerProven

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