IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jan, 17 2000

Imagitel Introduces Hardware Phone With VoIP Capabilities
Imagitel has announced the introduction of the Millennium Phone, its hardware IP telephony enabling phone. The unit plugs into any RJ-11 phone jack, and can be configured to automatically route calls over IP networks when a number is dialed without entering additional network access codes. In addition, it can be set up for prepaid long distance services, and has the ability to automatically debit a users account, in real time, when a call is made. The phone can also be used in a virtual assistant mode to gain access to voice mail, fax services, and capabilities such as conference calling, redial, speed dial, etc.

Imagitel is offering a calling plan with the phone that will enable users to place long distance calls from a home base (home mode) for 9.9 CPM, from anywhere outside of home base (travel mode) for 19.9 CPM, and using a calling card (calling card mode) for 19.9 CPM. Access to the Virtual Assistant capabilities will is billed at 19.9 CPM.

The phone is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed. For more information call Jerry Dackerman at 800-870-8918, or Terry Harmon at 800-823-3575.


Millennium Phone

Image Power Launches Web Based Fax Service
Image Power has announced the introduction of its web based PC to fax Internet facsimile service, FaxPC. For $5.95 per month, the service enables users to access the FaxPC web site to build a fax and send up to 50 minutes of multiple page facsimiles from any PC in the world to any fax machine in Canada or the continental U.S. A one time $10 activation fee will apply to new accounts, and additional minutes will be billed at 10 CPM. Subscribers can also visit the web site to retrieve, review and organize email, voice mail, paging and fax messages. In addition, the company is offering a trial of the service, named QuickFax, that will allow users to send a one page facsimile, at no charge, and without setup fees. The service is based on the provider’s own compression technologies.

The service and trial are currently available.



Image Power

CIR Releases VoDSL Report
Communications Industry Researchers reported that it has just released a VoDSL market report entitled, Voice Over DSL-A Market Opportunity Analysis. The report examines the factors driving the VoDSL market and the impact that it will have on equipment vendors, service providers and end users. It projects that by 2005, almost 25 million lines of VoDSL will be deployed worldwide, with only about a third installed in the U.S. It goes on to examine the different kinds of VoDSL services available today and explores how the technology will evolve from today’s rather primitive technology to ADSL support for VoIP to and from the PSTN.

The report is currently available. It is priced at $1,995. For more information, contact Robert Nolan at 617-923-7611 or rob@cir-inc.com.

Voice-over-DSL: A Market Opportunity Analysis

Communications Industry Researchers

Interoute Interconnects With ITXC
Interoute, a London based telecommunications provider, reported that it has connected its networks with ITXC’s global VoIP infrastructure to offer Internet telephony with global connectivity. The provider will initially make the interconnect at ITXC’s New York city hub, with plans to eventually interconnect the networks in Europe as well. In addition, ITXC will purchase PSTN capacity on Interoute’s networks for overflow coverage.

ITXC’s network and interconnectivity service has 165 POPs in 101 cities and 45 countries. It enables providers to route VoIP traffic to any telephone in the world via ITXC’s other affiliate providers, the public Internet or the PSTN.

Interoute hosts its own switches in London and New York, and has operations in 11 countries throughout Europe and the U.S. The company is also in the process of building several national networks throughout Europe, and has over 150 interconnection agreements with other providers. In addition, throughout the past year, the company deployed Ericsson’s IPT VoIP platform to build IP telephony systems in several markets throughout its network including Spain & Portugal.



MTS to Offer XACCT’s CC&B Technology
Mer Telemanagement Solutions (MTS) has announced that it is planning to integrate XACCT’s IP based customer care and billing platform, XACCTusage, into the network management solutions that it offers.

XACCTusage enables providers to define the exact IP session information that they would like to be captured. It collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar to CDRs. It can create usage-based bills using a range of parameters.

XACCT Technologies

Mer Telemanagement Solutions

Rapid Link Receives $10 Million From Vaxa Capital
Rapid Link said that it received a $10 million equity investment from Vaxa Capital Partners. The company plans to use the funding to expand its global IP based network, accelerate the growth of its retail customer base and revenues, and to negotiate IP alliances with major carriers and ITSPs.

Rapid Link

Vaxa Capital Partners

oCen Receives $8 Million in Fourth Round
oCen Communications said that it raised US$8 million in a fourth round of financing with New World Cyberbase, China’s Anderson Group, Hong Kong’s Lotus Asset Management and Barings Private Equity Partners. This round of financing comes on the heels of a US$10 million round of institutional equity and debt fundraising the company secured last month. The provider plans to use the funds to expand its IP communications network, and interconnected the market with its Asia/U.S. network, and Taiwanese operations. It has already opened facilities in Hong Kong.

oCen Communications

AT&T to Build Internet Network for Acer
Acer reported that it is planning to contract with AT&T to build an Internet system. According to the terms of the 7 year US$100 million deal, AT&T will design, build and manage the network. Acer plans to leverage the to be built network to develop software business offerings such as ecommerce and Internet communications.



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